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Scene 1
Ravi sees Devika’s dupatta on fire, he says fire? Devika gets tensed and asks Ravi to blow it off, Ravi takes off Devika’s dupatta and tries to blow off fire, Devika asks him to be careful, Navi thinks that i cant let this happen, Devika have to die, she thinks to leave before anyone sees her, she leaves from there, Devika becomes unconscious, Rvi holds her and calls Monty or Sakshi, he lifts Devika in arms and takes her from there.
Rekha says to Sakshi that you are right, Devika did good, if she had not done it then your marriage would have stopped and if she had told us then we would have done some mistake, my Devika set everything right, she must have gone through alot, i dont wanna talk to her now, Shweta comes to them and says Devik’a dupatta has caught fire,

they run to see her, Parmindar asks Manju come too, Manju says what will you do there? even if she is saved, she wont give me property but if she is not saved then property will go to Ravi, they go to see her, Shweta thinks that all have fire in heart, all are enemies of Devika here, its good for me, lets see whats happening there.
Ravi brings Devika in room, all run to her. Ravi puts her on bed and says she fainted. Rekha covers with blanket, Ravi asks Devika to open her eyes, Ravi says i dont know how her dupatta caught fire, Savitri asks if someone called doctor? Vikas says Addy has gone to bring him, she asks to leave Devika, Manju smirks at her and leaves, Savitri thinks Manju has no care for Devika, she is cunning.
Doctor comes and checks Devika’s wounds, he says there is no big problem, she will be fine, Navi sees this and thinks that atleast my plan got successful, Devika couldnt confess her feelings to him, Shweta comes to Navi and says i have to agree, you are dangerous, Navi says Ravi is my love and i can go to any length to get him, Shweta says i am with you in removing this DEvika from your way and no one will know about it, Navi says dont talk about it infront of anyone.
Doctor checks Devika, he leaves. Devika becomes conscious, Ravi says i am with you, dont worry, you will be fine, i am with you, DEvika holds his hand and calls out his name. Rekha asks Sakshi to make turmeric milk for her, Sakshi goes. Rekha says i dont understand you both were away from Lohri fire then how did this happen? Ravi thinks she is right, there was no stuff there which can catch fire then how this happened? he takes Monty from there.
Ravi says to Monty that i am sure someone has done it deliberately, Sakshi says maybe a spark came there, Ravi says why it would hit dupatta only and spark cant turn into such big fire, i am sure someone has done this, he asks Monty to find out who was there, i know someone has done this deliberately, Monty says someone must have seen that culprit, i will find out, Ravi says i wont leave him/her, Navi listens this and thinks if someone had seen me? what if Ravi gets to know about it? i should leave before Ravi gets to know about it. Ravi, Monty and Sakshi comes there, Monty says to Ravi that Navi was holding burning stick, Ravi calls Navi, she turns and thinks Ravi is in anger, Ravi comes to her and slaps her, he says how dare you do this? you tried to kill my Devika, i never thought you can stoop so low, you proved that you dont deserve to be my boss or my friend so i leave your job rightnow, i wont see you from now on, he drags her out of house, she says no, it turns out to be Navi’s dream, she comes in house and sees Ravi talking with Monty, she is relived, Ravi asks Navi to sit down, Navi have sigh of relief and thinks what i did? if i had to kill Devika then i would have hired a criminal so that nobdy can doubt me but i took such a big risk, i couldnt control my jealousy and that Devika is still fine, i have to control my anger else my real face will come to fore, i dont know why no incident takes place in which Devika die and i get Ravi.

Scene 2
At night, Ravi comes to DEvika and asks her to drink turmeric milk, she says i dont like it, Ravi says Rekha has said that wounds heal fast by it, i want you to become fine soon, i cant see you in pain, he makes her drink it, Banjara plays, Devika looks at Ravi, Ravi wipes her lips after making her drink milk, he smiles at her, Ravi says i will put ointment on your wound now, he brings ointment and sees her wound, he is stunned to see it and recalls how her hand got burned by fire, he leaves her hand and looks away, Devika asks Ravi what happened? Ravi gets teary eyed and tries to leave but DEvika asks him what happened? she says you have tears in eyes, Ravi says something must have went in eyes, Devika says dont lie, what happened? Ravi says i cant see your wound, i get pained when i see you in pain, i cant bear it, Devika cups his face and you love me so much? Ravi says even more than that, i dont know how much but alot, Devika gets emotional and says i wanted to say something to you, i tried but couldnt say it, today i will say it, actually.. i.. Ravi stops her and says no, not now, this is not right time and i want you to take rest only and if talk is deep then it will remain in your heart and i will wait for day when you confess it, you have kept in heart for so long and i wanna listen it too but you should take rest now, he applies ointment on her wound, she winces in pain, Ravi gets conscious, she stops him but Ravi applies it, Devika smiles, she wipes his tears, Devika thinks that Ravi you are so nice, i should have understood it before, i am so lucky to get you as partner, i love you so much Ravi, Ravi cups her face, Ankhon hi ankhon main plays, Ravi applies ointment and blows air on her hand, she smiles.

Scene 3
Navi comes in room, she is jittery and recalls Ravi and DEvika were close, she recalls how Devika said to Sakshi that she loves Ravi. Navi says Devika loves Ravi? no she cant love my Ravi, she used to hate him and Ravi? Ravi married her as he sympathize with her, he loves me, he proposed me infront of all, he married her for money but he loves me, she says i decorated my room for Ravi, i would have made Ravi mine tonight, he would have known how much i love but Devika destroyed my plan, Devika is culprit, i hate you. Saket comes there and says how dare you harm Devika? if anything had happened to Devika then i wouldnt have left you, Navi says you have forgotten that you tried to kill Ravi and Devika hates you now, Saket says this is my and Devika’s matter, i will win her by any mean, Navi asks how you got to know that i did all this with Devika? Saket says my sister told me, Navi says your sister’s tongue works more than required, i told her clearly to not talk about it, she must have called from, what if someone had listened it? what if Ravi finds out that i did all this, what if i get trapped because of your sister? Saket says you would be in my position too, Saket says sometime i feel nothing can happen to our story, Ravi and Devika love each other and are together, nothing can workout for us, Navi shouts no, she breaks glass bottle, she says i will win Ravi, he is mine and only mine, i can do anything to win him, i will never lose to that Devika, she thinks that by confessing her love, Ravi can become hers but i wont let it happen, Ravi is mine and will remain mine, she cries.

PRECAP- Navi says to Saket that hire anyone but you have to separate Devika from Ravi, Saket says first you have to set your plan, Navi says i just want Ravi at any cost, Saket says i want Devika.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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