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Scene 1
Devika gets ready. She shows janki the dolls. Janki says when a girl is married she goes throw the best moments of her life. Devika says I will tell ravi after the party. I can’t wait to tell him. I am so excited. Janki says where is ravi? Devika says he is ready. He went out for some work. Janki says I want to give you something before going downstairs. She gives devika a gun. Devika says I don’t need it. Janki says you need it. Nivi is in this house and we don’t know her intention and what about Monty? He is really jealous of Ravi. We can’t take any risk. Keep it.

The party starts. Ravi and Devika welcome the guests. Monty looks in anger at them. Janki notices him. Manju and Gurwinder come downstairs too. Manju says Devika is so nice. She brought me this

sari. Gurwinder says you are very lucky. Manju says I am here you can ask me for anything. Manju says I really miss shweta. He asks Vicky what did Shweta say? Vicky her aunt is being operated today. She can’t come today. Manju says we miss her. Vicky says so do I but she has responsibility there. Lets enjoy.

Monty is angry. He says bhai was so good before marriage. This is all Devika’s fault. Janki comes and says why are you here? Monty says you go enjoy. Don’t disturb me. Janki says you have no manners. He says I didn’t invite you to talk to me. Janki says I don’t like talking to you either. You are jealous of Ravi and Devika. Better be on right track on time. Or you will be spoiled in jail forever. Monty says I am not scared of anyone. Go from here. Janki says i am just giving you warning. I can do anything to save my daughter’s happiness.

A guest says to Ravi we are so glad to see you succeed. You came for an interview at my company. And I regret not hiring you since you were fresh graduate. Ravi says thank you so much. I really needed a job that time. Nivi says at that time my company hired him because I recognized his talent. And see where he took my company. The man asks how are you now? She says I am glad. Nivi says can I talk to Ravi in person. He says sure. Nivi says to Ravi I am very sorry.. He says I don’t care about you. Just stay away from me and Devika.

Palavi says to Sakshi what happened to nivi? She is smiling all the time.
Janki asks devika are you okay? She says I just felt a little weak. I dont’ wanna worry anymore. Janki says you really have to take care of yourself. Ravi says what happened? Janki says she feels weak. She didn’t eat anything. Ravi says but we have to dance. janki says she can’t dance. Ravi says why? Devika says but I haven’t eaten anything. Ravi says waiter.. He gives her food. Ravi makes her eat. She says why are you not telling me clearly? Devika says I am fine. Janki says take care while dancing. Ravi says I am here to take care of her.
Vicky says the couple that is an example of love for all of us is here on the floor. They all clap. Ravi and Devika dance on a slow song. Sakshi says in heart I hope monty loved me like ravi loves devika. He has been drinking all the time.
Ravi brings her award. He says I want to tell you all that this award is dedicated to my wife. She deserves it. She stood by me every moment. He gives her the award. Devika says I hope every girl gets a husband like Ravi.
Manju says they look so good together. Janki says yes it makes me so happy.

Sakshi is upset. Palavi asks what happened? She says why you are upset? Do you miss your dress? SAkshi says no you look so good in it. Palavi says then why are you so upset? Sakshi says I was thinking about Monty. When will he realize that he has a wife who loves him. He doesn’t behave normally. I am so sick of all of this. Why he does this to me. Palavi says what can I say about it. I have no idea why he does that. Monty doesn’t deserve you.

Precap-Devika is in her room. Nivi comes in and says you have to come with me downstairs. Monty and Ravi had a quarrel. He can harm ravi. He is not in his senses.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Read in spoiler that serial ends on 17/3. Sake the comes back and Ravi is jailed for shooting monty at this party I think. But I think it’s nivi’ planning.


    So nice episode.. i hope atleast this show show happy ending but i doubt as per like ok’s previous records

  3. Aishwarya yadhuvanshi

    I think nivi is now a good person and may be she helps devika to clear all the problems and make ravi out from jail

  4. Guys I’m so pissed off with Monty, what the hell is his problem, instead of blaming Ravi and Devika, when in actual fact, he is at fault, he should work more harder than Ravi, and Ravi has better qualifications and experience, so Ravi had to get the award, Monty is seriously a fool, when he rudely talked to Janki, I was hoping that she gives him a tight slap because he deserves not 1 but hundred more, I just hope that Devika and Nivi manage to stop the fighting in time, I don’t want anything to happen to Ravi, Just Monty should die,
    That’s gives me an idea, anyone who supports me in this campaign, please give your comment in favour of this, you really don’t have to do much, Just carry a gun with you or knife, because one of these days I will go in the TV screen and kill Monty with my own hands, I wasn’t even this angry with Saket or Nivi, Monty is annoying, do anyone with me, Just support #Monty should be murdered ASAP campaign, God will bless you all

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