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Scene 1
Saket sees Nivi calling him, he is drunk and says i wont take your call, keep calling me. He drinks more wine, Nivi keep calling him but he is not picking, he says maybe Raghav woke up, i have to pick it, he takes call and asks Nivi if Raghav woke up? nivi says are you drinking? i thought you would be finding solution, Saket says i would pull your hair if you fight with me, Nivi says i called you to tell you that they called some doctor and Raghav will wake up tomorrow, lets celebrate now, you wont all this in jail, Saket says really? Nivi says i am not joking, i dont understand how you can drink wine in this situation, Saket says everyone is asleep? Nivi says no Vikas will be outside shooter’s room whole night, Saket says we have to hide Raghav, Nivi says how? Saket says you dont

have any idea, give me sometime, i will come there then i will tell you what to do, he ends call.
Monty is lying in bed and recalls Devika’s words that he is her husband, how can he not take her responsibility? Monty says Ambika has no right to involve in my life, she is not Devika then why worry for Sakshi? i wont let her interfere in my life, i have to do something before she force me be with Sakshi, i will live my life as per my will, i wont bow to anyone, i dont want Sakshi in my life, i have to tell Ambika that i am not her servant.
Devika is tensed in her room. Ravi comes there and says why you didnt sleep till now? Devika asks Sakshi is fine? Ravi says all are fine, go to sleep. Devika says i cant sleep. Ravi says dont worry, Sakshi is fine, we will know real culprit too, take rest, Devika says this incident has shook, i know your life is in danger and someone is behind, how can i sleep now? Sakshi is so nice that she put her life in danger to save you, what if anything had happen to Sakshi? what if you got shot? i am scared, i dont understand who is this and who is behind all this? Ravi says can i ask one thing? what if i got shot and i died? Devika puts hand on her mouth to stop him, they share eyelock, Devika says dont say words like this again, Ravi says okay, i meant to say if i was in hospital then would you care for me? Devika says i would have left you in hospital and would have arranged party, now happy? Ravi says i just asked would you take care of me? Devika says there are no answers for these things, you can feel answers, ask your heart that if anything happened to you then what i would have done, i am tired now, she turns to go to bed but Ravi holds her hand, humdard song plays, Ravi hugs her from behind and says i am sorry, i wont question again, i cant see you worried, i asked my heart and he said that you are my wife and would take care of me and would love me to make me fine, i asked m heart if Ambika Garewal loves me? heart said that she love you a lot, like crazy, you know our heart beats sameway, ditto so my dear wifey, dont worry at all, relax. Devika emotionally looks at him.

Scene 2
Saket stealthily comes in Ravi’s house, he thinks that if Ambika sees me like this then what would she think about me? i should meet Nivi soon and leaves. He sneaks in house, and comes to Nivi’s room. Nivi says i was scared, she says i am too stressed, what we have to do? Saket says we would take Raghav away from here. Nivi says Vikas is outside his room, Saket says i have brought solution for Vikas, he shows her chemical bottle, Nivi asks what is this? Saket says make Vikas drink it then Vikas will go to sleep for a longtime, Nivi says i want to believe you but my mind is not working, you tell me and i will do exactly, Saket says how you run such bg business? you ask so many stupid questions, he pours some chemical in water and says give this water to Vikas, Nivi says i can try but i cant promise he will drink it, Saket sits on her knees and says where is Nivi the great? they confidence girl? be old Nivi, Nivi says i promise i would do this work, become stable, youa re drunk, Saket says i am waiting here, you go, Nivi leaves with water.
Vikas is sleepy and thinks that i cant sleep, i have to keep eye on Raghav. Nivi comes there and says you are still here? Vikas says yes, why you didnt sleep till now? are you planning something else? you seem tensed, Nivi says i dont have any tension, i went to bring water from kitchen then i thought to check up on you, you must be sleepy, Vikas says i am human so would get sleepy but i know how to control it, i wont be careless about Raghav, Nivi says keep drinking water. Vikas shows her bottle and says i already have water with me, Nivi thinks that i have to exchange water with chemical mixed water but how? Vikas says go and sleep, Nivi starts to leave but kicks Vikas’s water bottle, she says i am sorry, Vikas says i i will bring another one, Nivi says you cant leave, i mean you have to keep an eye on Raghav, have my jug of water, she puts chemical mixed water jug on table, Vikas says okay, Nivi leaves. Vikas thinks that she is behaving nicely today?
Nivi comes in room and sees Saket sleeping on floor, she tries to wake him up but sees chemical in his hand and says did he drink it? Saket hugs her in sleep and says Ambika.. Nivi pushes him away and says leave me, Saket wakes up and says sorry, i was thinking about someone, did Viaks sleep? Nivi says you will give me heart attack one day, i did my work, Saket says i dont i would win elections this time, Nivi says i have given water to Vikas, we should keep an eye on him, when he drinks water and sleeps then we will take Raghav away from there.
Saket and Nivi hides and keep eye on Vikas who is sitting outside Raghav’s room. Saket acts like throwing sandal on Vikas. Nivi says wait for sometime, he will drink water, Saket says you didnt make him drink water? you cant even do one work, Nivi says i did what was practical, i asked him to drink water too, we have to be patient, Saket says okay, you wait here, i am going to sleep, Nivi says dont dare leave me, i need you, dont irritate me more. Vikas pours water in glass and drinks it, Nivi gets happy seeing it. Vikas tries to remain awake but dozes off, Nivi is happy.

PRECAP- Devika tells Ravi that Vikas was sleeping outside Raghav’s room, i tried to go inside Raghav’s room but door is locked from inside? if Raghav is unconscious then who locked it from inside? who is in his room? Ravi is stunned hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Raghav’s going to escape just watch…every single time Saket or Luthra hire someone than that person escapes…

  2. It’s a really good serial but Miss Luthra and Sakets drama has gone on too long. Ambika already got her revenge from Shweta and Manju now nothing is happening…speed it up, the biggest culprits are Nivi and Saket, at least get one of them out
    Can’t wait until Ambika finally tells everyone that she is Devika!!

  3. Yes Kelly, you are right. But I think I can understand what the writer is doing. He is making situation amidst Raghav, Saket and Nivi. Thereafter Devika will somehow, with help of Ambe maa get evidence against Nivi and Saket and convict them with jail sentences and they will get punished after Devika gets their confessions of their crimes, I’m hoping it happens like this because it would be practical and excellent. Loved Ravi and Devika’s romance again. Vikas couldn’t you understand that whenever Nivi acts good then she is up go something, how could
    You drink the water, that was a careless mistake and now they will take advantage. Anyways can’t wait to see what happens tonight.

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