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Scene 1
Ravi and DEvika are in room, Ravi says i will sleep on chair, she says i will sleep on it, you sleep on bed, he says i will sleep, he goes to washroom. Ravi goes in washroom and comes out, he says its so dirty inside, he sleep on chair, he falls off, she says i told you i will sleep on chair but i am not going to share bed with you, Ravi says we have already shared it in your house, DEvika sys there were two single beds, you were in limits, Ravi says you are afraid that if i sleep near you then you wont be able to control yourself, Devika says lie, i cant bear you near me, he says you are liar, i am leaving, she stops him and says i will prove today that nothing happens to me when you sleep close so you will sleep on bed, be away from me, Ravi ask why you feel something when i touch you? she

says you are an idiot. Saket is outside room and says to girl that Ravi will come out as bed of this room is every small and DEvika wont allow him to sleep in same bed.
Devika brings her suitcase, he ask are you going to change infront of me? she ask him to shut up, she gives him one end of saree and ask him to tie it on wall so that they can divide bed in two half, Ravi ties one end on wall, DEvika is tying other end on wall, he ask you need my help? she says no, she tries to tie but falls on Ravi, both get close, Ankhon hi ankhon plays, Ravi gets close and kisses her neck.. it turns out be his dream, he shouts DEvika.. she says why you are shouting? he says i was seeing good dream but you cant see me happy, she says sleep on your side, he says i am seeing this use of saree for first time, Devika and Ravi sleep on their side of bed, Devika turns toward his side, Ravi stares her, she turns toward otherside, he turns too, song plays, Ravi wakes up and says if i touch her by mistake then she will fire with mouth, he looks at her and says she slept, how can i sleep? if i touch her in lights off then she will scold me, its so small bed, my back is aching, he finds cockroach in room and recalls how she fell in his arms seeing cockroach, he talks to cockroach that you helped me in my honeymoon so sleep here peacefully, he thinks how to sleep here? Saket is here too, i have to be careful, he thinks that i should go out and see if there is any sofa in lobby, he says but DEvika will be alone here, i should lock room from outside and takes keys with me, she can open room from inside.

Scene 2
Saket and girl are waiting for Ravi, Ravi comes out of room, Saket ask girl to go and do her work, girl leaves.
Girl comes to Ravi and says i need help to bring blankets from store room, can you help me? Ravi says okey, he goes to store room with her, she stand on stool and ask Ravi to help her, Ravi ask her to get down, i will take blankets from shelf, he stand on stool, girl takes out his mobile from pocket stealthily, Ravi gives her blanket and tries to open door of store room, she says i think its jammed from outside, i dont have keys, Ravi says what will we do then.
DEvika wakes up and doesnt find Ravi beside her, she says he must be in washroom.
Ravi thinks DEvika is alone, he says i will call DEvika, he doesnt find his phone, he ask girl if you have phone? she says no, Ravi is tensed.
Its morning, Devika wakes up in room and doesnt find Ravi, she opens washroom and doesnt find him, she says where he went?
DEvika comes in lobby and is finding Ravi, she says he is very careless, where i will find him, Saket comes to her and ask if you need anything, Devika says Ravi left and i dont know where is he, Saket says he is very careless, he left you alone in new place, he calls housekeeper and ask to find Ravi, he goes, Saket says to DEvika that dont worry, if he doesnt care about you then why you care about him, Saket thinks that i will do what i want, i just have to show some sympathy, Saket ask DEvika did he fight with you? she doesnt answer, he ask her to call him, she calls him but he doesnt pick up, they listen phone ringing from store room, Saket says i think he is inside, Saket ask housekeeper keys of store room, housekeeper gives it to him, Saket opens store room, Ravi is sleeping with girl arms in arm, Devika is shocked seeing this, Saket wakes up Ravi and girl, Girl leaves, Saket says to Ravi that you didnt think about your wife, you left her and sleeping with other girl, you are digusting, Ravi says nothing like this Devika, DEvika leaves, Saket sys to Ravi that whats all this? you were telling me that i use girls but what you were doing? you are on honeymoon with wife and having fun with other girl, shame on you, police comes there.

PRECAP- Ravi says to policeman that someone is framing me, my wife is inside, let me talk to her, police takes him from there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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