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Scene 1
Devika looks at ceiling fan, she locks her room’s door, she ties cloth to fan. Servant comes outside her room and sees from lock’s hole that Devika is preparing for suicide, he calls Janki. Devika says Ravi wanted me to die, the heart which used to beat for him will have to stop beating, you didnt want me to live so i will end my life. Janki comes outside her room and sees from hole that Devika is trying to do suicide, servant breaks door. Janki comes to Devika, Devika says please let me die, she goes hysteric, Janki slaps her and says what were you doing? you are my daughter and nothing can happen to you, she hugs her and says dont do this again, Devika cries in her arms.
Ravi comes to his room and recalls moments spent with Devika in room, he sees Devika and his portrait,

he caresses Devika’s picture and cries, he finds Devika’s dupatta on bed and gets emotional, he finds CD there, he plays it. Devika has recorded it, Devika says in recording that after we comeback from mandir, i want to give birth to our child, i want to become mother of your child, he will be proof of our love, he will complete our love, he will make our relation more stronger, he will be like you and me, i want to pray to lord for child, i promise you to become nicest wife and mother as i know i have best husband in world who loves me alot, not only life but even death cant separate us, i love you Ravi, recording ends, Ravi cries and says you lied to me Devika, this is all lie, comeback Devika. He puts dupatta on Devika’s picture and applies sindoor on picture, he hugs picture and cries, he says you remember i filled sindoor in this room only, i used to see you getting ready infront of me, how will i live? please comeback Devika.
Janki asks Devika to eat medicine, Devika says i dont need it, it can fill my outer wounds but what about my inner wounds? those nice moments who were my life was all lie, what would i do live? the husband i loved but he never loved me, he wanted someone else, he kept cheating on me, all took advantage of my trust, i wanted to die but why didnt you allow me die? Janki says i am feeling your pain but suicide is proof of coward, this life is given by God and you have no right to take it, your name is Devika means sent from Devi, how can you be so weak? Devika says i am weak, did anyone did same with you? the one who was my life did all this with me, how will i live? i have no one, with whom i will live? Janki says dont say again that you are alone, i am with you, you are my daughter, accept me as mother, i am with you, i will ease your pain slowly, Devika says what about those bitter memories? i keep remembering those faces and i ask myself why they did this with me? what was the reason? Janki says you will find reason, just wipe off your sadness and think if Mata Rani saved you then why? you believe in Mata Rani right? Devika says yes, Janki says she sent me to save you, you will know reason why you were saved, she gave you another life to complete something, tell me everything, who did all this with you? Devika it was Nivedita Luthra, Saket Kapoor and Manju Aunty, she is mother in law and.. she recalls Ravi’s cheating, Janki asks whose name you are not taking? i know he has cheated you bigger way, i wanna know his name, Devika says my husband Ravi, i didnt know that money was more important to him, i loved him so much that if he asked me about my property then i would have given it to him without questioning, if he told me that he wanted to be with someone else then i would have left my life, he didnt tell me anything, he kept lying that he loved me, he knew how much i loved him then why he did it? Janki says you need to find answers of all this, find out why you were cheated, find out truth of those criminals to take revenge, Devika says but.. Janki says weak people dont do anything but Janki’s daughter cant be wake, promise me that you will find answers to every questions, this will be first step then revenge will start, i will be with you, your mother will be with you, find out who was biggest cheat in all this, Devika thinks.

Scene 2
Ravi is distraught and hugging Devika’s picture. Rekha comes there and cries seeing him like that. She comes to Ravi, Ravi cries, Rekha asks him to control himself, Rekha says she promised me to not leave me ever, to be with me for life then how can she leave leaving me alone? she knows how much i love her, i cant live without her then how can she leave me alone? Rekha cries, Ravi says i am sure, she is alive, she will comeback for sure, you ask her to comeback, i cant live without her, he cries, Rekha says she wont comeback. Sakshi comes there too and cries, she hugs them.
Manju comes to Nivi and says Ravi is very sad, he doesnt know anything, he keep in his room, he doesnt do anything, doesnt eat anything, he keep talking to devika’s picture, i will lose him, Nivi says no i cant lose all this, i have to do something, i will come, she leaves, Manju says dont know what she is upto.
Nivi comes to Ravi’s room and sees Rekha, Ravi and Sakshi crying, Rekha asks Ravi to get up, he does, Nivi says its not good to not see Devika here, she was like my sister, she was nice girl, i became friends with her on trip, its sad to lose her, i am arranging prayers meet for her tomorrow, Ravi is stunned.

PRECAP- Nivi calls her goon and asks him to burn down whole house of Ravi. Goon pours kerosene in house and burns it. Family is outside house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. Shraddha Sharma

    I understood everything but why devika is saying that ravi is culprit?? How can she even think that??

  4. I think that all this is nonsense I am going to stop watching this program good is not winning its only about bad and they are getting what ever they want

  5. Devika should punish nivve, saket n Manju soon.. she should know the truth that ravi is innocent…

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