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Scene 1
DEvika says to Pallavi how dare this Ravi call me, Pallavi ask her to leave anger.
Saket comes to DEvika’s house, he meets Devika’s father and says you are like my father, if i knew, i would have brought gift for you, Father asys i dont believe in gifts and all, you are marrying my daughter that is enough for me, Saket says Devika is very nice, she is different, Father ask what is different in her? Saket says i mean she is innocent, Devika comes there, Saket ask Devika how was your first day in college, did someone irritate you, Deviak says no, it was good day, Savitri says i met Pundit, he told me that after one week, one date is good, so i have decided Roka will happen that day only, Saket is happy, Saket says Devika you seem tired, we should go out for dinner, Dada says

let her rest, Savitri says she is fine, before marriage, girl and boy should spend time to understand each other, she ask DEvika to go and change, DEvika leaves.
DEvika comes in her room and asys i cant believe it is same dadi, if girls go out late in night then she would make issue of it and now she is asking me to go out with him. Saket thinks that i will get closer to Devika today, she has to set her mood right, she should know what i want from her, Devika comes there after changing, Saket glances at her with lust, Rekha says before going you both should take blessing of Ambe Maa.
Devika comes in Mandir and prays to Maa, Saket comes there and looks at her, Rekha comes and is about to give aarti to Saket, his hand gets burned with Diya, Devika ask you fine? he sys yes, they leave, Rekha is tensed.
RAvi is with Sherry, she says i am happy meeting you, i recall our college days, she ask whats up? Ravi says i will go home, she says its boring, lets go for dinner, she says i want to have good day, RAvi says ok my bike is ready, sherry says you will never change, she sits on his bike, she ask him to not drive fast else she will have to hold him tight, he says then i will drive fast only, they leave.
Saket ask Devika are you nervous, Devika says not nervous but i dont know what to talk, one beggar comes there, she seem mad, she says to Devika what this man(saket) is doign with you? you shouldnt be with him, he is not for you, someone else is for you, you have light inside you and he is a bad person, just dont go near him, he is devil, leave me, run away, Saket shoos her away, DEvika is tensed, Saket ask her to not listen her, she is mad, mad women comes again and says to Devika that dont go with him, he will destroy your life, he is not you fate, Saket warns her so she leaves, Saket says to Devika that she is totally mad, just come in hotel, Devika is tensed.

Scene 2
Rekha gives milk to Dada, he ask you seem worried, she says i dont know i am feeling uneasy, i feel Devika is not safe with Saket, i took them in mandir, the time Saket entered Mandir, it felt like some filth is coming in mandir and his hand got burned too while taking Parsad, Dada says i took him in mandir and same happened, is Devi Maa trying to give us hint? Rekha says then we should talk to Savitri, Dada says she will not listen, for her Saket is angel, she just want to get Devika married, REkha says so we will sit quiet? Dada says there is one person who can help us, i will talk to him.
Saket and Devika are sitting in restaurant, DEvika is tensed, Saket says she was mad women, dont think about her, waiter says that women look mad but she talks truly, her predictions are true mostly, saket ask hom to go away else he will beat, he leaves. Ravi and Sherry comes in hotel, she says you brought me here as date, he says your fiance must have brought you here? she says i want to live freely, he says you will get married soon, she says but before getting married, i want to live every moment, Ravi says i am with you, she says lets get drunk, Ravi says i have left drinking, i cant concentrate on work because of hangover, Sherry says i know you see me as Rithvik’s fiance but cant we spend time like we used to do in college, how you used to make me feel special, Raiv says ok, he ask waiter to bring drinks(wine).
Saket says to DEvka that i was interested in politics from college days, all used to be afraid of me, Saket says if someone go against me or not listen to me then i get angry, i cant control my anger and cross my limit.

Scene 3
Anuja recalls how Pundit said that Devika’s father have 10 crore’s property, Vikas comes there, she ask how can we get loan for 10crore ruppees, he says if you got some lottery, she thinks that girl is lottery, i have to do something.
Saket says to Devika that i will not get angry with you, i love you, Saket ask Devika did you have any boyfriend? it is common these days, and you are beautiful too so you must have some ex boyfriend? Devika says no i dont trust boys, they play with emotions so i dont get close to them, SAket sys even then there must be someone who would affect you, whom you recall in your dreams? DEvika recalls her moments with Ravi, Saket says you are thinking about it? that women was mad, leave her, Devika thinks why i am recalling that Ravi, he always did bad to me, i have to stop this, i have to not think about him.

PRECAP- Devika gets hi-cupps so Ravi comes there and supports her, she looks up and finds Ravi there, she moves away and is about to fall but Ravi holds her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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