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Scene 1
Devika says to Ravi that why you are silent? you give lectures sometimes and sometimes so silent, you must be thinking why i am not scolding you for misbehaving that night, i know you were drunk so i understand, i dont take these things seriously, you are going to my best friend’s husband, she is like my sister so you are my.. Ravi asks where is Nivi? Devika says missing her that much? you have to spend whole life with her, dont worry, Ravi says Nivi loves me a lot, she wont let me go, Devika says she wont leave your side, she is clingy, i just wanna ask if you care for her? you can change colors easily, you can stop loving people in an instant, Ravi says its none of your business, Devika says i was just thinking why you are not happy? Ravi says i am fine being angry, smiles are fake,

it can facade to hide wounds, you must be sad, Devika says why would i be sad? i am happy for nivi and Ravi, Ravi says i would want to see how much happy you would be seeing me marry Nivi, Devika says i will be happy like this, She starts to move but slips, Ravi catches her in his arms, they recall their past moments, Zarorat plays, Ravi makes her stand, Devika moves away, Ravi says i want to say one thing, you didnt learn to stand properly, i might not be able to give you balance so stop slipping and take care of your heart, he leaves. Devika thinks that this wont happen, i wont let you go, not Nivi but Devika will marry you, you will get shock of your life today.
Saket comes to wedding house, Manju is tensed to see him. Saket says congrats, Manju thinks he is acting nice, Shweta meets him. Saket asks where is Ambika? Janki says she is with Nivi, you have anything important to say? Saket says i will go and talk, he leaves. Janki thinks that i have to handle Saket, he can destroy our plan, he is always behind Ambika, i also think that Manju and Shweta doesnt any plan, if Saket is behind Ambika then how will Manju make her bride.
Saket meets Vikas, Saket asks him to not smile much, i will win this challenge, vikas says your problem is that you dont think what will happen if you lose it, Saket says i have work, he leaves.
Nivi comes in her room and sees Shweta there, she asks what are you doing here without my permission? Shweta says are you thinking that i am stealing? there is nothing to steal here, i came to take cloth for shagun, Nivi says take it from cupboard and get lost. Shweta takes cloth, Nivi asks did she her tablets? Shweta says its in drawers. Nivi takes out tablets, she asks Shweta to get out, Shweta says yes, she starts leaving. Shweta thinks that Nivi doesnt know that what tablets these are, i have changed tablets, i wont let this wedding happen, your bad time has started, get ready for your destruction.
Servant says to Devika that Janki is calling you in room. Devika comes in room. Rose petals are showered on her and I love you is written on mirror. Saket comes there and says my love, i was waiting for you, you know what these flowers think seeing you? they think why they are not beautiful like you? they dont know that you are miracle from God, you are my dream, your one glance makes me wounded, i get crazy seeing you, your name is love for me, this life is for you, i will live and die with you, my heart just wants to be with you, he offers her rose, she stares him. DEvika says what is all this? these roses and poetry? Saket says people become poet in love, i wrote it whole night, Devika says its nicely written and these roses? Saket says roses present love, just say yes, i will keep you like these roses for life, Devika says you have crushed these roses under your feet, if you loved them then you wouldnt have plucked them from stem, Saket says sorry, i didnt know about it, now you come so i will bring whole pot of roses from next time, just say yes. He shows her necklace. Devika sees Ravi and thinks that i know Ravi will get jealous seeing me with Saket. She says to Saket that this is beautiful, i liked your surprise. Ravi says i sorry to disturb, i want to take things from cupboard, Devika says go ahead, we are not disturbed. Devika thanks Saket for writing poetry and surprise, Ravi stares them. she goes out with Saket. Saket says i wont let anything get less for you, Devika thinks that try to impress me more, once i get married to Ravi, you will get shocked too, you keep showering roses, soon it will all be crushed, Saket asks if he said anything wrong? Devika says you dont say anything wrong, you just do things wrong. Vikas comes there, Saket puts hand on her shoulder and says we were talking, Devika sees his hand on her shoulder, Saket asks if he needs help in anything? Vikas says do what you have come for here to do, i will see everything, he leaves, Saket says he is useless, Saket leaves, Devika thinks that only Vikas cares for Ravi, he seems to be requesting me to stop wedding, he doesnt want Ravi to married to Nivi.
All guests have come for wedding. Manju and Shweta are tensed. Janki thinks that they are still here, wedding will start, why they are not doing anything? Pundit asks to call groom and bride, Janki gets worried.
Devika bring Nivi down who is dressed as bride, all are looking at them. Ravi comes there dressed as groom, he sees Devika smiling, Saket thinks that i am dying to marry Ambika, i have to wait. Janki thinks that if Manju doesnt do anything then my plan will fail, do something Manju. Garlands are given to Ravi and Nivi. Nivi makes Ravi wear garland, Ravi thinks that why my heart is sinking? this is my defeat not wedding. Manju hints to Shweta, she shrugs, Ravi thinks that Devika is not hurt, only i am hurt, if she doesnt care then i will do this wedding.

PRECAP- Janki says to Devika that Manju was telling Shweta that she mixed intoxicating powder in Nivi and your juice, she will have heavy doze and you will have light doze so you will be in their control and they can get you as bride, Devika says this is good, its going as per we want.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think this is going to go very badly…
    I don’t know how much more I can watch.

  2. Still no wedding so predictable don’t hold your breath for it to happen in any of this weeks episode’s. Let’s drag when writers have no direction to take the storyline. Sorry ekta

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