Kalash 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ravi teases Devika that i will Rekha that you are calling me stale person, Manju ask about Navi, someone says that Navi has already left, Manju thinks that i have to go by taxi now, she takes Devika with her.
Manager ask Saket if he likes the place? Saket warns him to leave else he will beat him, Ravi comes there and says to manager that he didnt come here to buy this property but he wanted to destroy the function which he couldnt, manager leaves, Ravi says to Saket that you will get many chances to be angry, you go, drink and break few things then you will be fine, you must be angry to see my dance with Devika, i am giving you one more chance, lets forget everything and start a new, you should stop thinking about Devika, are you ready? Saket stares him and leaves, Ravi says this devil

will never change.
Navi comes in her room and recalls how Ravi was dancing with DEvika, he says to herself that i used to think, i am so pretty that any boy can go crazy for me but i am nothing, i couldnt impress a middle class boy Ravi, he proposed me and now has become Devika’s husband for money, she thinks that Ravi is with Devika for10crores, what if i give him 100crores, i will do anything to get Ravi, she finds Ravi’s picture in her room and thinks what if Sia had seen it?
Shweta comes to meet Saket and ask why he is tensed? Saket says i have one work from you, you have to keep eye on Devika and Ravi, you have to make sure that they dont come near each other, you have to keep eye on them at night too, Shweta says how will i do it, Manju will taunt me alot, Saket says i dont know anything, you have to do this, shweta thinks how i will keep eye on them at night?

Scene 2
Devika says to herself that i couldnt talk to Sakshi in function, she calls Sakshi and says i didnt get time to talk to you, she ask did you like the function? the performances? Sakshi says it was good, your and Ravi’s dance was best, Devika says we didnt have any plan but you wished that i and Ravi dance so i decided to dance, Sakshi says me? i didnt request for it, if i wished then i would have told you, Devika thinks that this means Ravi lied to me, she ends call and says all Ravi knows is that to lie, let him come then i will show how angry i am , there he was saying that Sakshi has wished that we both should dance together, he should not play with my emotions, Ravi comes there, he thinks that i have done so wrong today, to show Saket that Devika will dance with him, i lied to Devika, i want her love but she she should feel for me herself, i should not be lying to her, Ravi comes to Devika and says i wanna confess something, i lied to you that Sakshi is wishing to see our dance, i am sorry, i shouldnt have lied to you, Devika says it has become your habit to lie, you dont feel repent, why did you ask me to request you for dance infront of all? Ravi says i thought you will like it, Devika says you are saying as if i was dying to dance with you, Ravi says i thought Sakshi will smile to see us dancing, Devika says then why were you touching me while dancing? i have told you many times that dont touch me then why you do that, Ravi says ok i will not touch you from now on, i will keep distance from you, i will not do anything which you dont like, i will do everything as you say, Devika looks at him, both share eyelock, sadqe tere plays, Devika goes to sleep.
Its morning, Devika comes in room, Ravi is sleeping in bed, Devika says Manju asked to wake him up and he is sleeping, Ravi is sleeping shirtless, DEvika is about to touch him to wake him up but she moves away and feels awkward, Ankhon hi ankhon main plays, Ravi is smiling in sleep, DEvika says he must be flirting with someone in sleep too, Devika wakes him up by moving newspaper on his face, he wakes up, Devika says Manju has asked to wake you, you have to go somewhere, Ravi looks at her and thinks her face is so glowing that i want to keep seeing her all the time, Devika ask Ravi to get ready, she turns to leave but slips and falls in Ravi’s arms, Yeh Moh Moh ke dhaage plays, both are looking in each other’s eyes, Shweta comes there with breakfast and ask Ravi to do it, Devika composes herself, Shweta thinks that Ravi and Devika are getting close, i have to do something else Saket will be angry on me.
Navi wakes up and thinks that if Sia had seen Ravi’s picture then she will ask thousand of questions from me, Sia comes there and ask Navi to check her phone, Navi thinks how to ask her, she says to Sia that i destroyed your party plan, i am sorry, Navi ask did you find any file here? there was designer profile in it, there was picture of him too, Sia says no i didnt see it, Navi have sigh of relief, Sia leaves, Navi says Sia should not know about Ravi, i cant this risk, Ravi will go away from my hands, its time to take action.

PRECAP- Navi ask Manju’s relative that where Manju has gone on Karva chauth’s eve? they say we dont know anything. Devika thinks its weird that Manju has gone somewhere on Karva chauth and where is Ravi ‘s father?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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