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Scene 1
Manju have won 20rs in casino, she dances with Shweta and Gurvindar and this is my first income from betting and i am going to win 20crores from this 20rs. Nivi comes there, Manju says you celebrate with us too, i have won money in casino, Nivi says this is different to listen, how much money did you win? Manju says i wont 20rs, Nivi spits drink listening this, Manju says this is my ace note and i am going to win 20crores with this 20rs, Nivi says even i have ace card which i will use against my enemy, she says i am going to wear red saree for Ravi today, Ravi will be mesmerized seeing me, she leaves. Shweta says this is true that Ravi likes red saree but dont know if he will like this Nivi in red saree but he will be mesmerized seeing Ambika in red saree for sure, Manju says talk slowly, Nivi

can listen this.
Nivi comes in room and says tonight i will on date with Ravi, this room will be decorated with candles when we will return from dinner, its going to be amazing, she looks in mirror and says this glow on my face is because of going out with Ravi. she sees Devika’s reflection in mirror, Devika in same red saree which she was wearing on her death day, she sees Devika staring at her and blood on her forehead, she is shocked. she turns out to see no one standing there, she says i have started imagining things, there is no one in room. She brings out red saree and says when Ravi will see me in this saree then he will go crazy and he wont be able to stop himself from coming near me. She sees Devika standing behind her with candle in her hand, she is shocked. Devika starts coming near her, Nivi is terrified. Devika comes infront of her, Nivi says you are dead right? Devika says i died but my soul is still in this world and i will take you from this world with me, its time to say bye to this world and come with me to my world, she gives her hand to Nivi, Nivi screams no and runs from there, Devika smirks.
Nivi comes in hall and starts shouting, everyone comes to her, Nivi hugs Ravi and says i saw Devika’s ghost in my room, Ravi says what are you saying? Nivi says she was wearing red saree, she had blood on her face, she came to kill me, Ravi asks her to come to her senses, Nivi says trust me, i am saying truth, please save me. Shweta says no one came here, Gurvindar says you must be drunk, Nivi says shut up, she came to me and said that she has come to take me with her, Ravi says dont talk like this, you are educated, Nivi says its her ghost, i am telling you. Ravi says lets go to your room, all come to her room. Devika runs out of her room through balcony. Ravi says to Nivi that see there is no one in your room, Nivi says she was wearing red saree, i felt her presence, why dont you people find her, Ravi says there is no one here, Nivi shouts Devika come out, you want me to fear you? where are you Devika, she starts looking around in whole room and says i will not spare her, she is here only, Ravi says there is no one here, Nivi says i am not lying, she was here, Manju says you brought out red saree to wear, Nivi says you are mad, yes i brought out saree but.. Ravi says enough, dont talk to my mother like this, there was no one her. Nivi shows him candle and says Devika was holding this candle, Vikas asks if Devika lit candle herself? Nivi says no i lit it, Vikas asks why? Nivi thinks how to tell them that i wanted to set romantic mood for Ravi, she says i lit it as i felt like it, Vikas says Devika scared you with your candle only? Nivi says you think this is joke? you think i am mad? Ravi says no one is mad, he asks everyone to leave, all leave. Ravi says to Nivi that what has happened to you? you are thinking about Ambika too much thats why this is happening with you, you take rest, i will take this saree with me, he takes red saree and leaves. Nivi thinks that maybe Ravi is right, it must my mind’s reflection, i brought out saree and lit candle myself, there is no ghost around, its just my imagination, i have gone mad.
Devika comes out of Nivi’s house and sits in car with Janki. Janki asks her to wipe her face with tissue, they leave from there. Devika hugs Janki and says your plan was great, Nivi was so terrified, she ranaway calling me ghost, she had lit candles in whole room to set romantic mood and i used one candle against her, you must have seen her face, i felt like i have started my revenge today, she wont be able to sleep tonight, Janki says Nivi will know what she has done with Devika. Janki says to Devika that its easy for her to kill others but when it came to her life then she got terrified, she will realize her mistakes, i am happy you completed 1st step of revenge.
Vikas says to family that Nivi make people afraid and i liked seeing her scared face, Monty says you dont have right to make fun of her, you people cant laugh on her, Vikas says atlast her bodyguard started speaking in her favor, i am going to sleep, if scene like this happens then call me, i like to watch it, he leaves.
Ravi looks at red saree, he remembers how pretty Devika used to look in red saree. He hugs Red saree and recalls how Ambika came in his life, Main dardon ko pas son plays. Ravi cries feeling alone, he recalls how Ambika held his hand, how she ate gol gappas, he wipes his tears and hugs red saree.
Janki says to Devika that have patience, you will get many chances to break her ego, i just hope plumber and recorder reaches there on time, Devika says everything will happen on time, dont worry.
Nivi comes in washroom and says what i saw as truth or my imagination? i dont know and i dont want to think about it. She listens some haunting sounds and says i must be imaging this too, there is no sound. Nivi opens tap and instead of water, blood starts coming out of null, she is shocked and screams, lights are switched off too, she gets afraid and starts screaming. she comes out of her room, all family members come to her, Nivi says to Ravi that i saw blood in null, lights were switched off too and i listened some sound, Ravi says what has happened to you, Nivi says come with me if you dont trust me. She brings everyone to her washroom and says lights cameback but you will see blood, she opens tap again, water starts flowing from it, Vikas asks if blood color is white? Nivi is shocked to see water coming instead of blood from null.

PRECAP- Ravi comes out of Rekha’s house and sees Devika standing outside house, she is stunned to see him, she starts leaving from there. Ravi goes behind her and says Ambika.. she doesnt stop, he says Devika, she stops, he puts hand on her shoulder and says Devika its useless to run from me now, your truth has come out, Devika gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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