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Scene 1
Ananya thinks to cal Saket and tell him that some goons are following her, she calls him but he doesnt pick up, she says why he is not attending call? how to tell him? i think i should go to his house, she leaves.
Devika comes in lounge, Rekha makes her sit in center, Sakshi says i will apply Haldi to Devika first, Pallavi says no i will apply first, Rekha ask them to not fight, Savitri says Saket have right to apply haldi first, Rekah says as per ritual he shouldnt be here, Savitri says these are old fashion thoughts, if he wants to apply haldi to his would be wife then he can, if Devika says no then i will stop him, Saket ask Devika you have any problem? Devika gets silent, Savitri says silence means yes, Saket smirks, he sit beside DEvika, takes Haldi bowl from Rekha, he applies haldi

on her hands in cheap desperate manner, Devika looks at Ravi, Saket pulls her face towards himself and says till i am with you, you dont have to look anywhere else, just see me, Ravi thinks he is a jerk, Ravi leaves, Monty thinks i wish i could help Ravi, Saket is rubbing DEvika’s hand, Monty silently takes Saket’s phone from his pocket and leaves.
Ravi comes out and says Saket will not leave his cheap tactics and i am helpless, how to find Ananya, if she doesnt come then Devika’s life will be spoiled, she said she will come but why didnt she come? Monty comes there and gives Saket’s phone to Ravi, Ravi sees Ananya’s miscall, he message her that i am busy, Ananya message back that i want to meet you, Ravi messages that i will meet you after 1 hour, Ananya message back that i am going to your farm house, come there, Ravi says to Monty i will go there, he ask Monty to put phone back and keep an eye on Saket, i have to bring that girl here and tell truth to everyone, i have to stop this marriage at any cost.
Sakshi thinks that Saket is applying haldi so that he can touch her, DEvika is worried but cant even say a thing, she comes forward and pushes Saket’s hand away from Devika, Sakshi says there is limit to madness, Saket says what? Sakshi ask Savitri who are we to DEvika? Savitri says you are her sisters, Sakshi says so we have some rights? Savitri says yes, Sakshi says we all are waiting to apply haldi to Devika but this Saket has gone mad, he is applying haldi and not moving back, i have not seen mad groom like him, cant he wait? he has not married her and he is behaving like this, he will not allow us to meet Devika after marriage, Saket thinks i wish i can slap her, he says this not madness but love for Devika and i am not that mad, i will respect Devika’s relatives in my home, Sakshi says i know importance of love but there is difference between madness and love, Sakshi makes Devika sit and says we will apply haldi now, she wipes haldi from Devika hands and face which was applied by Saket, Saket leaves.

Scene 2
Ravi comes to Saket’s house, Gayetri ask him why did you come here? if you want to meet SAket then.. Ravi says i know he is not at home, i know he is at Devika’s home, applying haldi to her, Gayetri ask what you want? Ravi says Saket has sent me, he asked me to bring necklace which he brought for Devika, i will go to his home, Gayetri says i dont believe you, Ravi says ok i will go to Saket and will tell him that you didnt allow me, i will ask him to come and take it, Gayetri thinks if Saket has sent him then he will get angry on me for not allowing Ravi, she ask Ravi to go to his room and take necklace, Ravi goes to his room and finds door locked, he says i cant even ask for key as then they will know i am lying, he thinks how to go in his room, he sees the window close too, he says i have to reach Saket’s farm house but how?
Devika is in her room, Sakshi says to her that Saket is shameless person, she ask Devika why were you silent? were you liking all that? DEvika says you cant even know what i was feeling, the way he was looking at me, touching me, i felt disgusting, DEvika says to Sakshi that when Saket is around me, i feel like suffocating, its not case with Ravi, even when he is close me, he never makes me feel uncomfortable, i never felt he has wrong intentions but when Saket comes close, i feel uncomfortable, you cant understand my helplessness, i cant even stop him, Sakshi says we have to stop this Saket, Pallavi says what we can do, there is only 2 days in marriage, he will rule over DEvika after marriage, Sakshi says he is not good guy at all, i wish some miracle happen and this marriage stops, he will destroy Devika’s life, DEvika gets worried.

Scene 3
Ravi takes flower vase in his hands and breaks window, he looks around if anyone is seeing him, he opens window and goes in Saket’s room, he searches his room but doesnt find any paper which have farm house address, he finds reception card of Saket and DEvika, he finds Farm house address in it, he takes and goes out.
Devika looks at Ambe Maa’s picture, she says you can see how worried i am , i am feeling weird, i cant even say all this to anyone, after 2 days it will my marriage, i said yes for marriage because Saket allowed me to do job after marriage too but when Saket comes close to me, i feel uneasy, why i am feeling like this? i have no feelings for him so is it right to marry him? she says to Ambe Maa that i dont know what is happening with me, all i know is that you have always brought me out of every problem and you will help me this time too, help me and tell me whats right and whats wrong.

PRECAP- Ravi comes in farm house, he finds someone siting on chair and thinks its Ananya, he says to her that Saket is fooling you, he is doing haldi ceremony, come with me and tell truth, chair turns to him, Ravi is shocked to see face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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