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Scene 1
Parmindar says to Rekha that your Sakshi is very clever, first she trapped my Monty then made him run then married him again, this is all your trap to not give us dowry, Rekha says did you ask dowry from Devika? Parmindar says dont try to pretend that you dont know anything, she leaves.
Sakshi asks Devika why she is blushing? did she exchange hot promises during pheras with Ravi? Devika says are you mad, its because of Lohri fire, Sakshi says you dont need to hide, your feelings are on your face and your eyes shows how much you love Ravi, tell me, Devika says to say truth, i have started RAvi alot, i love him so much that i cant live without him, i want to spend every moment with him, i want to bask in his color of love, Sakshi says i always wanted to listen this from you, Ravi is waiting

for you, go and tell him, Devika says i also thought to tell Ravi everything, i will go and tell him, she leaves, Navi listens all this and thinks how can Devika love him? if she confesses her feelings infront of Ravi then Ravi will think he doesnt have any option and will accept Devika, i have to tell my feelings to Ravi before her.
Rekha is finding Devika, Sakshi comes to her, Rekha says Devika hided such a big things from us, you know Monty’s family asked dowry from Devika, they asked her to give her mother’s property to them, the property which is her dream, she accepted their demand and gave property to save our respect but i have to talk her, i cant let her do this, she is mad, she was going to sacrifice for us, i have to stop her, she leaves, Sakshi thinks that i have to Rekha, Devika has gone to tell Ravi about her feelings and if she doesnt do it today then it will be problem for Devika, her mood will be off, Sakshi stops Rekha and says this is not right time to talk to her, today everything is going to be fine between Devika and Ravi so dont spoil it for them today, Rekha agrees.
Devika comes to Ravi and sees him talking with guests, she says i cant tells this infront of him, i will tell him later, she is about to leave but then thinks that she has to confess it today, she has to listen her heart, she has already made Ravi wait so much, today i will confess my feelings. she comes t Ravi, Manju comes there and asks Ravi to break coconut, Ravi and shower its water on everyone, he finds Devika looking him, Devika says to Ravi that i have to talk to you, she takes Ravi with her, Navi goes behind them.
Devika brings Ravi in corner, Ravi asks if she wanna say something? Devika says actually.. she turns away and thinks what happens to me? why cant i confess my feelings when he is infront of me but i have to tell him today, she looks at Ravi, Ravi asks what you wanna say? is it same thing which you wanted to tell me in trial room? Devika says yes, Ravi says this is same thing which you wanted to tell me last night thats why you lied about snake in lounge? Devika says i didnt lie, there was snake for real, i am already tensed and you are making more tense, in function, i couldnt say it as Navi or some other disturb us, Ravi puts hand on her mouth and says i am yours, fully and only yours, Devika says i want you to become mine completely, i want to finish this gap, Ravi says say it what is in your heart, Devika says i thought to say so much to you, i want to tell you everything which is in my heart, i will tell you everything but you have to promise that you will not make fun of me nor will get angry, Ravi says i promise i wont. Devika says when you married me by cheating, i started hating you, i didnt want to see your face, i didnt want to be around you but with time that hatred vanished, you small stupid things to make me laugh made my anger go away, you remember when you called me Miss Kach Kach for time? i was so angry that i wanted to.. but now when you are not infront of me and i miss you, i call myself Kach Kach, you remember when you use to irritate me, i used to feel like going away from room but now i understand you used to do it to irritate me and now i smile at those things, you remember when you held my hand for first time? i felt like slapping you, Ravi holds her hand and says now what? i am still holding your hand, how you are feeling today? Devika blushes and looks down. Navi comes there and sees them holding hands, she says if i am late? did Devika say i love you to Ravi? no it feels like they are just talking but i have to stop it somehow, what to do? should i call Ravi? but he will say that he has to listen to Devika, this wont work, if their talk is completed then my plan will fail, how to stop them? what do i do? she finds Lohri fire, Navi takes one wooden stick which is burning, she thinks that this is my chance, i have to do this, Shweta comes there and says why you seem tensed? Navi says i am doing some important work, Shweta says people can see you from this way, go from backside, Navi thanks her and says dont interrupt me again, Navi leaves, Shweta says i feel like burning her face with this fire.

Scene 2
Ravi asks DEvika what she feels? if she wants him to leave her hand? Devika says no, i dont want this at all, i want you to hold my hand for whole life, Ravi says dont waste time, say what you want, i want to listen, Devika says 6months back, i used to feel that my life is in dark and there was no hope from life or from you but now everything is good, i love life now, now i know reality of everyone, my blindfold has gone away, Ravi says what are you saying? whom you are talking about? Devika says its not important, you, me and this moment is important, our togetherness is importance, i just wanna say whatever happened, it has increased my respect for you, i have realized your purity, i have got to know your goodness, Ravi says what more? Devika looks away being shy. Navi comes there and thinks that this time my shadow is separating them but soon i will come inbetween them, Ravi will become mine, how dare Devika love my Ravi? she will get punished for it, i have to do this, Devika will burn live here today, Devika has to die today, Navi sets Devika’s dupatta on fire with wooden burning stick, she smirks, Ravi and Devika has back towards it. Devika says to Ravi that i know whom i to you, whats my importance in your life, you cant see me sad for a moment, you cant see me crying, whatever you did till now, it has no selfishness, you did it as you couldnt see me tensed, i want to say.. she looks at him.

PRECAP- Monty says to Ravi that i saw Navi with burning wooden stick, Ravi comes to Navi and slaps her hard.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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