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Scene 1
Ravi points gun at goons and says dont move a bit else i will shoot, he open ties of Devika’s hands, Devika hugs Ravi, Ravi says nothing will happen, Devika says lets go from here please, Ravi asks goon to pass water, he does, Ravi opens bottle, Devika caresses Ravi’s face, Sadqe tere plays, she cant believe he is with her, he offers her water, she says no, he makes her drink water, Devika makes her drink water too, she hugs him tightly and cries, Ravi kisses her foreheah, DEvika says please leave from here, please, Ravi says we will go, they have made you cry alot, now i will kill them, i will take revenge, nothing will happen to you, he kisses her forehead, Ravi asks goons to sit down, they do, Ravi points gun at dildar and says now you speak what you were saying sometime ago,

what happened now? why are you afraid now? this gun is good, i have held is first time but now i know its power, you all are standing in line because i have this, i gave you chance to kill me but you didnt, Dildar says Ravi bhai lets talk calmly, i am goon, this is my work but you are from good family, why you are killing me? you will be in trouble, it will be costly for you, Ravi says why didnt you say it before? Dildar says dont kill me, you and your wife can go from here, Ravi says you people cant stop me from taking my wife from here, why are you so afraid now? what you said that you like people begging to you for life? you wanted me to ask forgiveness from you right? i will fulfill this dream of yours now, he asks Dildar to sit on knees, Dildar does and says why you are getting angry? i was not going to kill you, i beat you as i got angry but i swear i wont do this again, please dont shoot me, Ravi says i wont allow it from now on, he points gun at him and says i will leave you and your partners but you have to answer me truly, if you dont answer me then i will kill you and i am serious about it, tell me who is behind this kidnapping?
Addy comes to Sakshi and Monty with police. Monty says to Addy that we are not able to locate Ravi, policeman asks about Ravi, Monty says he went to find Devika, policeman says he must be in godown, Addy says if you know the place then take us, policeman says dont worry, we will find them, they go.
Ravi says to Dildar that i know its some big businessman, just tell me, Dildar thinks that if i take boss’s name then he will kill me or if i dont take his name then he will kill me but he is innocent man so he wont kill me, i have to take this risk else MLA Saket wont leave me alive, Ravi asks why are you silent? Dildar says you know your enemy so why are you asking me, Ravi says you dont know how much mad i am rightnow, you have made my Devika cry so just tell me who is your boss, he ask other goons but they say they dont know it and its Dildar who knows it, Ravi says to Dildar that if you dont tell me then i will kill you. Ravi says i will count till 10, if you dont tell me before counting ends then i will kill you. Ravi starts counting 10..9..8..Ravi asks him to speak up, Devika says you are right Ravi, they have to tell who is my enemy, she asks Dildar to tell, Ravi says my home minister has ordered too so now i will kill you as i dont say no to her.
Shweta says to Saket that all are tensed about Devika, i thought to tell you, if you put power in it then i can make place in my house, i told you that we got to know about Devika’s death but now we have got to know that she has ranaway from goons den, Saket asks how does she know? Shweta says she called Ravi, Saket says means they both talked? where is Ravi? Shweta says Ravi, Sakshi and Monty have gone to find Devika but Ravi is missing too, Saket says why you didnt tell me all this? Shweta says why are you getting tensed? Saket says because its all my plan, i did this kidnapping on Navi’s saying, now i get it why Navi is not picking up my call as she knows everything, she wants to trap me, Shweta says you didnt tell me all this, Saket says stay silent, he calls Dildar.
Ravi counts 8.. Dildar’s phone rings, Ravi takes phone from him and says your man must have been calling, Ravi takes call and says call him later, dildar is on hot seat and answering me, he ends call, Saket ends call and says it was Ravi who picked up call, Shweta says you will be caught now, your MLA seat will be taken from you and i will become servant in my house, she imagines herself as maid of Manju and Manju taunting her to send her to jail like her brother. Saket says my life is at stake and you are thinking about yourself? i can be jailed.
Ravi asks Didar to tell Boss’s name, Devika thinks what if Ravi shoots him in real? i cant let this happen, this way Ravi will fall in problem himself, i have to stop him, Devika comes to Ravi and says listen to me, dont shoot them, make them afraid but dont shoot them, dildar tries to run but Ravi holds his collar and says where are you running? she is my wife, you people gave her so much pain, made her cry but look what she is saying, she is saying to not kill you, how dare you touch my Devika? i will not leave you, i will kill you, the pain which you gave to my Devika, i will give you more pain than that, he asks Dildar to tell boss’s name, he counts 6..5..4..3..
Police is searching for Ravi.
Ravi asks Deepak to bring something to eat, Deepak leaves. Ravi asks Dildar to tell name of boss, he points gun at dildar and says i told you that i will shoot as soon as counting ends, Dildar closes his eyes, Ravi fires gun, all are shocked.
Sakshi listens gun’s sound, police says Ravi and Devika can be in danger, we have to be careful.
Devika opens her eyes to see Dildar alive, Ravi has shot in air, Ravi angrily looks at dildar and says see your face with gun sound, what if i have killed you? police will catch you, they will beat you so much that you will spit truth, he calls a goon and says why did you break my phone? who asked you to do it, goon says i am sorry, Ravi you touched Devika with these hands? he beats him and says you are feeling pain? my wife must have felt pain too, he hugs Devika and says i will give you pain too. he makes goon to hold Dildar’s hands, he asks other goon to beat Dildar, if he doesnt then he will kill him, goon starts beating dildar. Ravi hugs Devika, Ravi says one minute, Ravi cleans Devika’s face, she says i am fine, she cleans her wound and says i am really sorry, i always misunderstood you, i never thought that you love me so much, i knew you will come to save me, you can scold me as much as you can, i dont deserve anything, i have understood that you love me most in this world, you have done so much for me, just take me from here, Ravi says we are not calculating of who did what for other one, you know how much i missed you? your eyes, your smile, i cant tell you what i felt i listened about your death but i knew nothing can happen to you as then i would have died too, Devika says dont say this, see we are together and will live together, in all these days, i didnt know when they would kill me but all i wanted was to meet you once and tell you how much i love you.

PRECAP- Ravi is tying goons when Deepak comes and points knife on Devika’s neck. Ravi leaves gun to save Devika. Dildar points gun at Ravi and ask goons to take them to cottage and separate them, goons try to break Ravi and Devika’s hug.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    I just loved that how Ravi reacted and saved devika….
    But i hope ab kidnapping ka drama jaldi katam ho jaye… now tried of this drama..

  2. I hope monty and the police find Ravi and Deviika before they are moved again. Been going on for too long now.

  3. En Indha over scene devika va kootitu poradha vitutu over pechu udambuku agudhu thambi. Marubadiyum mudhala irundha!!!!


  5. Atiba
    can u pls update today’s fast

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    Update 29 feb episode fast…

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