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Scene 1
Nivi comes to Vikas and says see shooter is still not waking up, we should give him to police, its not our work, police will decide it so i am calling police, Vikas says no, he cant runaway, Nivi says you dont know any law, i am calling police. Janki comes and snatches her phone, Janki says i should slap you, what is your problem? why you dont want to know who is behind all this? why you are tensed, i doubt you seeing your state, Nivi says i just wanted to help, you are not member of this house, i am doing right thing, Janki says did you forget that i am owner of this house, you have no right on this house and you have no link with Garewal family, i can throw you out of this house in a blink so keep your mouth shut, i will decide what to do with shooter, Nivi is stunned.
Rekha says

to Devika that i am tensed about Sakshi. Devika says she will be fine, our Sakshi will be fine, drink water, Rekha says i dont want to drink or eat anything, Devika says if you think me as your daughter then drink water, Rekha drinks it. Monty and Gurvindar comes thre, Gurvindar says to Rekha that i am sorry about Sakshi, Monty looks away, Gurvindar says i will pray for Sakshi. Devika thinks that why Monty is behaving weird? he is not talking to anyone, i have to talk to him about Sakshi. Devika brings Monty in corner and says why you are behaving weirdly with Sakshi? you know you are in hospital but didnt even ask if she will be alive or not, she is in danger but you dont care, you have no humanity, she is your wife, when Sakshi came in party, you didnt get happy, infact you looked worried that she got fine, i feel like you were forced to come here, you didnt want to come here? Monty says yes i was forced to come here, i have no interest in Sakshi, i have forgotten that i have wife, i have moved on in my life, keep your lecture to yourself, i wont listen, Devika says you think marriage is joke? i know Sakshi was ill but you were not there for her, you didnt bring any doctor for her, you are husband, how could you leave her like that? what if you were in her place? she would have tried to make you fine, its not too late, we are praying for Sakshi to be fine then you both can start life again, Monty says this is my personal matter, i dont accept Sakshi as my wife so mind your own business, he leaves.
Doctor comes out of OT and says operation was successful, patient is out of danger, she is not conscious, wait and she will be fine, Rekha is elated.
Nivi comes to her room and says how dare she? she insulted me, she has ego of money and wealth, once i kill Ambika then i will not spare Janki. Saket calls her, Nivi says why you are behind me? Saket says you get mad after sometime? Nivi says get lost from my life, Janki insulted me because of you, Saket says did you do my work? did you send Raghav to police station? Nivi says i went to convince her but she humiliated me so much, why did you send me to her? Saket says have you gone mad? you think this is insult? what if Raghav wakes up and tell everything to Janki? wont that be insult? you cant do small work, Nivi says you think you are intelligent then go to Janki and do this work, Saket says you are mental, he ends call. Nivi shouts that he is stupid. Saket says this woman is mad, first i have to do something about Raghav soon.

Scene 2
All family members are in Sakshi’s room, Sakshi is awake. Pallavi says we were worried about you. Devika says what was the need to put your life in danger? what if anything happened to you? you have become normal after one year, you should start your new life and you put your life in danger again? what if anything happened to you? then i would have died, all suspiciously looks at her, Devika that they might doubt me, Devika says you should have thought about your family Sakshi, we are just friends and have humanity relation so dont do this again, just think about Rekha and Pallavi, dont do this again, you did wrong, you should have let me get shot, just take care of yourself, Ravi asks Devika to calm down. Sakshi says shooter’s target was not you Ambika, Ravi was shooter’s target, all are shocked, Sakshi says Ambika was beside Ravi but target was Ravi, Devika says why would anyone target Ravi? Ravi says i dont understand who is behind it, there is someone who doesnt want us to be happy but i will find that person soon. Ravi says to Sakshi that i am your brother and i should protect you but you saved my life by putting your life in danger, i dont know to pay for this favor. Doctor says patient needs rest, only one person can stay here with her. Ravi and Devika offers to stay, Rekha says i will stay with Sakshi, Devika says you should go home and rest. Ravi says yes, you should leave. Sakshi says i want Rekha Maa to stay with me, i will like it, Rekha says i will stay then, Pallavi says doctor can i stay here too? i will stay out of room, doctor says fine and leaves.
Doctor checks Raghav, Nivi thinks that if Raghav takes my name then i would stoop in Ravi’s eyes. Doctor says this man has taken drugs and his brain veins are weak, thats why he is still unconscious, he would become conscious till morning, if he doesnt wake up then i will check him again. doctor leaves. Nivi is tensed. Devika asks Janki to go and rest in guest room, Janki says i cant leave this person alone, he might try to run, Ravi says i will stay night with him, Vikas says no you must be tired, you go and sleep, i will stay with Raghav, Nivi says dont bother anyone, i wills stay night with Raghav, all look at her confused and with doubt, Nivi thinks that why did i take Raghav’s name? Ravi says how you know his name? Nivi sees tattoo of his name on Raghav’s hand and says thereis tattoo of his name on his hand so i presumed that its his name, i want to rest, she leaves.
Nivi says if Raghav didnt have tattoo then i would have been caught, till when i keep getting saved? doctor said Raghav will wake up tomorrow, what should i do? she is about to call Saket but says we fought, we are stuck because of him, he has brought these stupid killers, he has to find solution, i will call him, she calls Saket. Saket is drinking wine and is drunk, he sees Nivi calling and says she is donkey, i wont take her call. Nivi is shocked that Saket is not taking call.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Devika that what if i had got shot and i would have died.. Devika puts hand on his mouth and stares at him, she says dont say it even as a joke.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think Ravi and ambika need to employ a scientist to help them figure out who hates them, who would conspire against them and who doesn’t want them to be together. Also, I dislike Monty ‘s character. I’ve almost certain I’ve never see an expressionless husband as him, he looks so clueless as to how a husband should react to his wife’s shooting, he doesn’t love her but does he have a shred of humanity within him? I think his character is redundant in this serial, writers should send him to where his wife was spending some time….in the loony bin. So the story goes on and on and on…….same crap, different days. So hopeless……..

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