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Scene 1
Devika comes out dressed as bride, Saket eyes her up and down and says thank you my darling, i never thought you would do something sensible. if you didnt do it then we would have to have night before wedding only, i dont like that option too, Devika thinks that what to do, i am scared but i had to get dressed because if i said no then this animal can stoop to any low. Saket grabs her hand and pulls her to mandap, he orders to sit. Devika sits in mandap beside Saket, she is tensed and fidgeting with her hands, Saket eyes her and whispers that dont be so worried, we arent doing anything, we should have done this way back, its like we are correcting our mistakes, i know you are angry with me now but soon you will start loving me as i am like that. Pundit asks who will do gadh bandhan and do

Kanyadan? who is her family? goons say we will do gadh bandhan, Saket says i will do it, he does gadh bandhan(tying dupattas together), he says i will ties us together so tightly that we wont break apart for seven births, Devika is tenses listening this.
Janki is crying, Ravi calls her, she takes it, Ravi says i got shocking es about Ambika, its serious, Janki says what happened to my daughter, Ravi says i stalking Saket, i doubted that he will go to den where he is hiding Ambika, he tells her how Saket bought dress for his bride, Ravi says i lost him, i tried finding him but i couldnt, i dont know where he went, dont worry, i will find him before he tried to marry her, i will find him, Janki is shocked and says no no, this cant happen, devil marrying my daughter? she will be destroyed, do something but save my daughter, try to reach Saket , i will try, our minutes are important, i am coming, she ends call. Ravi says Ambe Maa tell me where is Devika, you know i love her alot, tell me.

Scene 2
Pundit starts wedding ceremony, Devika thinks that this way i will get married to Saket, Maa, Ravi someone come to save me. Saket thinks that after so much time, i will get what i wanted. Saket gets Shweta’s call, he looks at Devika and says dont worry, nobody is going to come, this is your sister in law Shweta calling, we will tell her and whole world later that we got married. Pundit says concentrate on marriage, he asks him to take bride’s hand in his hand, Devika doesnt give her hand so Saket pulls it and clutches it in his hands, Devika eels pain.
Janki prays to Ambe Maa and says what game is this? dont let this happen, if i did anything wrong then punish me not my daughter, you have given her life, i have given her strength to fight evil, you know our relation is stronger than blood, dont do such torture on her, if this happens then she will breakdown again, dont destroy her like, give strength to Ambika so she can fight evil and give them answer, protect her, she cries.
Nivi says dont know where is Ravi, if he is finding Saket then he must have a plan, what if he knows where is Saket? then it will br problem. She calls Ravi, Ravi says i will talk later, Nivi says just tell me where are you? i am worried, tell me , share with me, Ravi says i am finding Saket, he is going to marry Ambika, try to understand, he ends call. Nivi says they must have married till now, you have lost Ambika like you lost Devika on that cliff. She smirks and says now Ravi and i will live together, nobody is going to come between us, it will be you and me in this house together forever.
Saket is getting married with Devika. Devika recalls her wedding with Ravi. she thinks where are you Ravi? save me from this evil, she recalls how Ravi saved he earlier from kidnapping. Pundit asks Saket to take bride’s hand, Devika doesnt give it, he grabs her hand forcefully, Pundit says leave it, rituals are done from heart not by forcing, you do all rituals alone Saket. Saket leaves her hand. Pundit continues. Pundit ask them to stand up for exchanging garlands, Deviak doesnt get up, Saket asks Deviak get up, she doesnt, he forcefully pulls her up and says i dont have time for all this, this marriage has to happen today, he makes her wear garland, gives garland to her and asks her to make hism wear it, she stares him, Saket makes her forcefully makes her ut around his neck, DEvika recalls how Saket used to torture, how he pushes her off the cliff. Pundit says now pheras will be taken, Saket starts taking pheras, Devika moves with him to take pheras. Devika recalls how Janki said to never be scared and lose infront of your enemy so even if you have to take weapon to fight then do it. Pundit asks Devika to comes forward in pheras. Saket moves her forward, Devika sees wooden stick with cotton on it, she recalls how janki said that you are given name ambika as you are given life by Ambe Maa. Devika takes off her garland and says i wont marry you, do whatever you can but i wont marry you, Saket says enough, i am tired of talking to you with love, i am animal and now i will make you understand in my language. He tries to hold her hand but Devika grabs wooden stick and lights it on fire with havan kund, and shows it to Saket. she sas dont even dare to come near me, the man who doesnt respect women doesnt deserved to be called a man like you, i know your language, today i will break your power, come to me, i will finish you, today nobody can save you from me, Saket says i dont have time for all this, throw it away, Devika moves forward with burning stcik, she tries to hit Saket with it, Saket moves and falls on floor, Devika says i told you that i am Ambika, Devima might be weak that you killed her but i am Ambika and i am not weak, Ambe Maa has given me birth so i will kill you, She is about to hit him with burning wooden stick but goons throw it away and grabs her hands, Saket gets up and says enough with your drama, now i will tell you how bigger evil i am. Ravi kicks wooden walls and comes inside, he shouts Saket. Devika is happy to see him, Saket is shocked to see him there. Ravi comes forward. Saket asks goons to beat him, Ravi fights with goons, other goons leave Devika and tries to fight with Ravi but Ravi fights them, goons grab him and beats him with wooden sticks, Saket is happy, Ravi frees himself and beats them, now Devika is happy. Goons fall on floor, Saket says beat him, four men cant handle one man? goons runaway, Saket says i wont spare you all. Ravi stares Saket angrily, he comes to him and clutches his fist, he punches Saket and beat hims hard, Devika is elated and emotional, Ravi doesnt stop beating Saket, he keeps punching him, Devika says Ravi.. she tries to stop him, he pulls him away and says i am fine, see, Ravi looks at her, they emotionally looks at each other, Ravi hugs her tightly, she hugs him back being emotional, both close their eyes and are in embrace.

PRECAP- Saket sees Ravi and Devika hugging, he sees gun there and grabs it. Saket points gun towards Ravi and says i wont spare you today, i will marry her infront of you today.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. thank God Ravi showed up! soon Ravika will be together and Manju, Saket, and Ms. Luthra will be behind bars!!!! ??


      I don’t think so… as Devika thinks that Ravi was also involved in her murder plan with all of them…

      1. Oh ☹️ But shes going to have to realize that he wasnt involved!

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