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Scene 1
DEvika finds night dresses in her luggage and says this must have been done by Sakshi, i cant wear all this, she finds a nighty and says i will wear it as there is no one in room, Ravi outside room says that i have been insulted everytime, i should be in world record for bearing so much torture, where i will spend night, what wife have got that threw me out of room, she gives money to waiter and says clean washroom in morning, he ask for room, waiter says ask reception, DEvika shouts in room, Ravi runs and ask DEvika to open room, he brings another keys and open room, Devika is shouting, Ravi takes her in his arms, Devika hugs him and says there is cockroach in room, he laughs, both realize that they are close, she gets down from his arms, she ask how dare you come in my room? Ravi covers

her as she is in nighty, she ask why did you come in? Ravi says you were shouting so i came to check, DEvika says its all your planning, you must have send cockroach so that you can come in, Ravi ask are you mad? DEvika says why didnt you knock? Ravi says i knocked but you were shouting and asking for help, you are biggest problem of my life, i will not come to help you again, he leaves, DEvika says what has happened to me, i am fighting all the time, she says no i cant come in his talks, i will not trust him again.
Monty says to Manju that i will call Ravi, she says donjt disturb them.
Ravi ask for big room, Receptionist says we cant give you any room as all rooms are booked by one person, he is standing there Ravi looks at him to find its Saket, he comes to Saket, Saket ask what you are doing outside room? Ravi ask what you are doing here? he says i have come for party meeting, he ask Ravi if you are following me? Ravi says i have other work too, Receptionist says he is on honeymoon, he wants a room, Saket says i will talk to him.
DEvika thinks that this is room is so small, Rekha calls her and ask did you reach safely? DEvika says yes, Rekha ask did i disturb you? DEvika says you cant disturb me, Rekha says i have sent you both as you were not able to give time to each other, now spend time together and understand each other, dont fight with Ravi, when husband is hurt then wife is hurt too, she ask DEvika to give phone to Ravi, DEvika says he is in washroom, Rekha says i will talk to him later call me when he comes out, she ends call and says now i have to find Ravi as Rekha wants to talk to him.
Saket says to Ravi that you must showing off to your family that you are honeymoon. you need room? DEvika is finding Ravi and says why i scolded him so much, she ask waiter did you see person with me? he ask your husband? she says yes, he says he is near reception. Ravi says to Saket that dont say rubbish else i will beat you alot, Saket says i have body guards with me, i will send you to hospital then i will celebrate honeymoon with Devika, they are shocked to find DEvika standing there, Saket ask you need room? she says will manage for a night, Saket says if you need any help them tell me, Ravi says i am here to take care of her, DEvika says i want to talk to Ravi alone, Ravi takes Devika from there, Saket thinks what she wanna talk to him?

Scene 2
Ravi ask DEvika why did you come out of room? i am finding other room, DEvika says i had to come, Ravi says you could have called me, DEvika says i am not kid that i will get lost anywhere and you phone was switched off, he ask why did you come out? she says Rekha called me, Ravi ask is she fine? DEvika says dont show fake concern, she wanna talk to you, he ask why? she says she wanted to talk to you, i said that you are in washroom, DEvika says to Ravi that close your mouth and call Rekha, he says what if dont talk? she says why no? you have to talk, Raqvi calls Rekha, she ask about them, he says we are enjoying here,m Rekha says weather is cold there, DEvika doesnt take care of herself, please protect her from cold, Ravi says DEvika’s mother is still alive she didnt die, Ravi says to Rekha that DEvika’s mother is still alive, you love her more than a mother, if DEvika’s mother was alive then your and her love would be same, DEvika gets emotional listening this, REkha says my DEvika has got best husband, Ravi says you dont worry, i will take care of DEvika, DEvika thinks how smart is he? he can impress anyone with his sugary talks, ike he did to me, Saket listens all this and thinks that i have to do thins fast.

PRECAP- Ravi and DEvika falls on bed, DEvika is under Ravi, Ravi looks at her and gets close.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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