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Scene 1
Ravi cries, Manju consoles him and says we cant go behind dead people, Ravi says i cant live without Devika, she cant leave me, i have to find her, give me some time, Manju says we all have to leave world oneday, we cant change fate, you can roam around but she wont comeback, you have control yourself, Sakshi is in bad state, Monty is broken down too, we should leave from here and return to our house, Ravi says i wont leave without Devika, she is here, Manju says she is not anymore, you wont find her, you have to work and be support of your house, Ravi says no i wont go without Devika, Manju says enough, you are not kid anymore, we cant stay here, Nivi is bearing all expanses, if you keep like this then we all will die, then i will die too, Ravi says dont say like this, Devika is here, Manju

says accept what is truth else you will lose your mother, Ravi says dont say like this, i will go back but let me try once, Manju says she wont return, Ravi says please let me go, Nivi comes and says let him go, if he want then let him try once more, i will go with him, Ravi thanks her, Nivi says we will go if it has your happiness, Ravi leaves, Nivi says this story will end once we reach Ambala.
Devika is crying, Janki comes there and asks her to calm down, Devika asks who are you? how did i come here? Janki asks her to calm down first, Devika cries, Janki hugs her and consoles her, she asks who has given you so much pain? how did you get hurt so much? you know you were floating in river when i saw you, did someone pushed you from cliff? Devika recalls how Saket, Nivi and Manju pushes her off cliff, Janki says you have enemy? your silence is saying that someone close to you have done this with you, Devika recalls how Ravi stood near cliff and saw her falling off silently, Devika cries, Janki hugs her and thinks that she didnt lose her memory thats why she is so much pain, she is not able to handle it, i wanted her memory to lose and live like my daughter so that she forgets her pain and i would give her so much happiness that she will live happily but she remembers everything and is in so much pain, i have to take away her pain, this is challenge to my motherly love, Janki says to Devika that you are blessing to me from Ambe Maa, you know i had daughter of your age, somedays back she died in accident, i lost everything, i fought with Ambe Maa and asked her to return my daughter then you came to me floating on river, you were breathless but i did everything to save you, you are blessing for me, we are mother daughter now so tell me everything, Devika says my husband have done this all with me, he tried to kill me, a husband whom i loved more than my life, a husband who was my life, we had so much problems in life but i never lost faith in him, our love didnt fade away, i thought he loved me more but it was all fake, he was doing all this as fake act, i thought our relation would never break even after many problems, he broke that relation for his selfish motive, if he had told me that he doesnt want to be with me then i would have left him silently as whom we love, we have happiness in fulfilling their wishes but he never said truth to me, he kept lying, cheating on me, he has backstabbed me, he has given me so much pain, my life used to revolve around him, he broke my faith, my love, everything, he has killed me alive only, she cries, Janki hugs her.
Ravi comes to mandir, he folds his hands and says to Lord that only you can make me meet Devika, i know she is around but why you are not helping me? make me meet her, Devika made me love, she made me live life, she made me learn importance of relations, she made me have faith on you, our relation is very strong, we are two bodies and one soul then how can our relation break like this? if you dont make me meet her then i will lose faith on everyone, i will lost faith on you which DEvika made me learn, please make me meet her, she sits on knees and cries, he says i beg you, please return my Ambe Maa to me. Pundit comes there and asks Ravi what happened? why you are so sad? why you are begging to her? Ravi says why she is not listening my request, why she is not helping me, my wife used to praise her all the time, she is lost in mountains but Ambe Maa is not making me meet her, why she is not making me meet my Devika? Pundit says no one know what Ambe Maa is doing and why, if she has done this then your wife must be safe somewhere and you will meet her soon, Ravi says she has taken my life from me, she has snatched my Devika, she has to make meet her else i wil die, he cries, Nivi comes there and says we should leave. Pundit asks Nivi what happened with him? how he lost his wife? Nivi says fate has played game with me, tell me to control himself, ask him to move forward and forget his past, please its a request. Pundit comes to Ravi and says remember when Mata takes someone then she returns them in other form, if you have loved you wife then she will return you, go back to your home, she will comeback to you, keep faith on Ambe Maa, trust me she will find you, he asks about his wife, Ravi asys her name is Devika, this incident happened 3days back, Ravi leaves. Pundit prays to Ambe Maa that return his wife to him, how can she be lost here when you are here? i request you to give him his wife back. He recalls how Janki brought a girl which she found in river, he says she came here at sametime, she was his wife? she was Devika? Janki took her as his daughter, i should tell this to Ravi, i should tell him that his wife is alive, Mata has listened to me, he runs behind Nivi’s car and ask them to stop car, Nivi sees him coming behind car, she thinks that he would waste time in pooja and all, she asks driver to drive fast, car leaves. Nivi thinks is good chance to go near Ravi, she holds Ravi’s hand and says dont cry, i understand, i am with you, i will not leave you, he takes off his hand and says no one can come in my life except Devika, she is in my life and heart, i think we should go back, there is nothing left here, Nivi thinks onc av for ambala, i will make him forget everything.
Janki calls doctor and says my daughter is crying alot, give her some medicine that will ease her pain, do something to reduce her mental torture, come here soon.
Devika recalls how Ravi made her sign papers, how he said that dont tell Devika about property plan, she says Ravi didnt want me to be alive then what i will i do by living? he wanted me to die so i wil die, he didnt love me but i have loved him more than life and i will give him last gift by dying, she looks at ceiling fan.

PRECAP- Devika has locked door of room, servant tries to open it, Janki comes there too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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