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Scene 1
Pallavi is tensed and says what is happening in house, what should i do, what if Rekha hurt herself? what has happened to Sakshi? why she didnt agree to marry Monty, he is a nice guy, what should i do? she says i should call DEvika and tell her everything, maybe she will make Sakshi understand, she calls DEvika, DEvika says everything is fine now, Pallavi says notthing is fine, Devika says why you are worried? did Savitri said anything? Pallavi says dada stopped her and said that this marriage will happen for sure but Sakshi said no for marriage, Rekha tried to do suicide, i dont know why all this is happening, Devika says i am coming, i will talk to Sakshi, dont worry, she ends call.
Monty comes in room and recalls Sakset’s words that you are doing mistake by marrying someone

else and loving someone else, why you wanna sacrifice your love? Addy comes and ask what is happening? why you said yes for marriage? Monty says if Sakshi’s respect is saved by this then its not wrong, Addy says i know you love someone else, Monty says it doesnt matter, Addy says if you tell Ravi that you love someone else then he will do everything for you, he loves you alot, Monty says i love me too or maybe the girl i love doesnt love me, dont know what she thinks about me after all this, promise me you wotn tell anyone about all this, Addy says i wont but you will regret you decision.
Savitri says to herself that this Manju is my problem, she is makign relation with my family, she is winning their trust so that she will get Devika’s property easily and i am not able to do anything, SAket said Monty will say no for marriage then how he said yes? i should talk to Savitri, she calls Saket, he take it, she says you have broken my trust, i used to think that you do solid work but you didnt, Saket ask what? Savitri says you were saying Monty is your puppet, he will do what you want etc but nothing of that sort happened, Monty said yes for marriage, all are happy in house, Saket is stunned.

Scene 2
Devika comes out of house, she is waiting for auto, Ravi comes there on bike, he ask where are you going? she says i have to go to home, its urgent, he says what happened? DEvika says Rekha tried to do suicide, Sakshi said no for marriage and Rekha took that step, i have to talk to both, Ravi says ok we will go, sit, Devika is hesitant and sit behind Ravi on bike, they leave.
Saket is calling Monty but he doesnt pick up, Saket thinks Ravi must have pressurized Monty for marriage, if this marriage happens then my plan will fail, he finds Ravi and Devika going, he says if they are going then only Manju and Shweta will be in hoouse, i have to talk to Monty at any cost, he calls Shweta and ask if Monty is in house? she says yes, he send Manju out of home, i have to meet Monty, she says ok you come, i will do something.
Shweta comes to Manju and says spices are empty, Monty is not going to market, Manju ask her to go and buy it, she says shopkeeper bicker about old debt, i dont wanna go, if you wanna bring then go, Manju leaves from house to bring spice.
Ravi and Devika reach house, she comes to Dada, he says you both here? Devika says i listened that Rekha tried to do suicide, is it true? he says yes, dont know what is happening, Devika ask where is Rekha? he says in her room, Devika goes to meet him,, dada says to Ravi that i am sorry, you tried to solve everything but things are not sorting, we cant force Sakshi, she can take drastic step too, i wont be able to see all this, we cant force her marriage, Ravi ask can i talk to Sakshi? dada says why not, Ravi leaves.
Saket comes to Ravi’s house, he is about to meet Monty, Manju comes back and says oh MLA has come, you sent me to bring your brother in, Shweta says i didnt know he is coming, Mnaju says you are so innocent, she ask Shweta to make tea for him, she ask Saket why did you come here? you are not here to ask for vote, Saket says i was goign from here so thought to meet.. Manju says you wanted to meet Monty so that you can know about hsi court case, Saket thinks thank God monty didnt tell her anything, Saket ask what can i help in Monty’s case? Manju says i dont need your help, i know you, dont try to be close to Monty, i know your mentality, its better to be away from relatives like you, Saket leaves, Manju taunts Shweta.
Ravi comes to Sakshi, she says jeeju.. Ravi says you said no for marriage? it was my fault, it was my proposal, i came here with it, Sakshi says you want me and Monty to marry? how can you think like that? Ravi aswys i promised you, Rekha and Devika, i saw tension on faces, i wanted to solve things, Sakshi says what about me? i have some dreams, i dont wanna marry but now i am forced, Ravi says what you think i was ready when i married Devika? i had dreams too, i wanted to make money, i wanted to make career, i had many things to do but i married Devika to save her from Saket and you took my side in that, this is life, we have to take sudden decision, i had to marry Devika to save her from Saket, now you are in bad phase and to save you and Monty, i took this decision, mayber there are other solutions but i am thinking about whole family, your mother tried to do suicide and your father is broken, if your one yes can give them life then why not? he says i know you may have dreams regarding life partner, you may meet him someday but it will be late, you can lose the person you love the most for the person whom you have not seen, our family matters to us most, dont know your ideal partner will love you or not, what if your family doesnt support you? when i married Devika, no one supported me but it was you whose support helped me alot, i have said what i wanted, one more thing, our parents means to us most, they do evrything to raise us, they give us all happiness, all they want us is to be happy, one day you will have your family, you will have daughter and what if your daughter go against you in one thing? your present is important more than future, dont do mistakes for the future.

PRECAP- Sakshi says to Rekha that i love you most, i cant live without you, both hug, dEvika is happy, she looks at Ravi and thanks him silently.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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