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Scene 1
Saket stops waiter from throwing intoxicated drink and says you know how important this is? you got money to do this work and you got more money so forgot loyalty, he shows him gun and says do this work or else you know what will happen. Waiter goes with drink. Saket comes to Janki and asks how are you? i feel like praising you, should i? she glares him, Saket says you think you are clever and can turn any game? PRECAP,, understood? not? he smirks and leaves. Janki thinks what was he saying? he changed direction of my arrow? did he threaten waiter? if Ravi drinks that juice then it will be problem.
Waiter comes to Ravi and Devika, he offers juice to Ravi but he says i dont want it, waiter says your lover has sent it, Ravi asks who? waiter says Nivi, she said its your favorite drink,

she will feel bad if you dont drink it, Ravi takes spiked juice, he is about to drink it, Janki, Nivi and Saket are watching him, Manju comes to Devika and Ravi and says you didnt eat anything since morning, i have brought sweets for you, eat it, she gives sweets to her and leaves, Ravi says you should eat sweets before starting any new thing, its good omen, Devika eats sweets and coughs, Ravi offers his juice to her and says drink it, you will feel better, Devika drinks whole spiked juice, Nivi says to Saket that Ambika drank whole juice, she will not be in senses now and will do anything. Janki is shocked seeing Devika drank all juice.
Janki calls Manju and Shweta and says i brought some gifts for you, Manju takes gifts from servants, she says i told you we dont need dowry, Janki says i will not give such small things in dowry, i will give bungalow and cars, this is just gift. Manju and Shweta goes to open gifts. Janki calls her man, he has camcorder and goes behind Manju and Shweta.
Janki comes to Devika and says are you fine? Devika says i am fine, why? Janki says you must be stressed meeting so many guests, are you sure you dont have headache? Devika says yes, she says to Ravi that take care of her tonight, i mean she is your wife, so take care of her every day, Ravi says i will take care of her, Janki says she can behave senseless sometimes, Ravi says what you mean? Janki says she is moody, she looses her mind sometimes. Devika says to Janki that when did i loose my mind? Janki says you were not in senses when you lost mind, it happens, i just want Ravi to take care of her like he did at pheras time, he says i will take care of her, Janki says will you handle her on marriage night tonight? Devika is stunned, and takes Janki to corner, she asks Janki whats wrong with her? you are talking about marriage night with Ravi? she says i am doing this for you, DEvika says you know i have married for revenge, not to have marriage night, Janki says i am not asking you to go for it, you and Ravi will be in one room and Nivi will get shock of her life, she will be so jealous, Devika says you are right, i just have to pretend and i should live in one room with Ravi to make Nivi jealous. She comes to Ravi and says i behave weird sometimes, you will handle me right? he says yes, Janki says good.

Scene 2
Shweta and Manju are seeing gifts given by Janki, Shweta says i am going bad, this suit is nice, i will keep it, Manju says i will keep it, it suites me, i will keep it, Shweta says its of my size, i will keep it, Manju says i am mother in law, i have made this marriage happen, Shweta says dont forget that i was your companion, and made this marriage happen too, Manju says i made plan and did everything, Shweta says how would you switch brides without me? Janki’s man is recording everything on recorder, Manju says i made plan so i have right on Ambika’s wealth, Shweta says if i was not with you then you wouldnt have got anything, Manju says i made all plan, you didnt do much, if i didnt give spiked coffee to Nivi and spiked juice to Ambika then this marriage wouldnt have happened, Shweta says i changed Ambika and Nivi’s clothes and tamed Saket too, Manju says but i made plan, Shweta says dont fight, you can keep suit, i will keep this saree, this is nice, Manju says it will look good on you, man leaves with recorder.
In party, Janki says to guests that today is important day for me as this is my daughter’s reception, she is blessing for me, my mind, my dreams everything are attached with my daughter, i dont know how i will live without her but as mother i will have to do it, i didnt know when my fairy grew up, like other girls, she has seen dreams too for her lover and life, she is starting new life and i pray that she get happiness of world and on this special occasion i want you all to see something. I will show you memories which i captured in pictures, i want you all to see how my daughter was cute and sweet in childhood too, Devika thinks that we dont have any video like that, Ravi thinks if she is Devika then what video Janki is talking about? Video plays, Manju says to Shweta that i made plan and got Ravi and Ambika married so i have right on her wealth, all are shocked to see it. Janki says close this video, Nivi says wait, i want to see this video, Janki says no this is wrong, Nivi says just play it, Janki says dont make issue here, this is our family matter, Nivi says mine and Ravi’s wedding broke infront of everyone, all should know how i was cheated, if Manju and Shweta did it then their faces should come to world, she asks to play video. Video plays, Manju says i did everything, Shweta says if was not with you then you couldnt have changed brides. Manju and Shweta comes to party, Shweta says all are watching something. She comes there and sees her confession video going on, in video Manju says i made Nivi and Ambika drink intoxicating drinks, Shweta says i changed their bridal clothes to get Ambika to mandap, video ends. Nivi glares Manju and says you mummy? you did it? i trusted you so much, i cant believe it, i thought you wanted me happy and wanted to see Ravi and me together, why did you do it? she shouts why? Manju jumps and says trust me this is some trick, i didnt do anything, Nivi says you are lying even after everything was shown in video? Ravi says Nivi to calm down, Nivi says you are asking me to calm down? i lost everything, i got destroyed, i lost you because of her and you are asking me to remain calm? this is how they paid my favors? Manju says i didnt do anything, Nivi says are we deaf or blind? everything is clear and you are lying still? you want me to play video again? accept that you did it. She asks Ravi why he is silent? why she did it? ask her, i have no expectations from Shweta, she doesnt like me so doesnt want my happiness, i did favors on her but she wont accept it but why Manju did it? Ravi if you care for me little then ask her why wrong i did that she cheated me like this? she says betrayer and cheater, why are you silent Manju now? accept that you did it, Manju shouts that yes i did it, all are shocked.

PRECAP- Janki says to Devika that this wont only affect Nivi but it will affect all four of them who were involved in your murder, they will become enemies and will blame each other, i just ignited spark and whole fire broke out because of Manju’s greed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So boring serail?Plzz endvthis serial bullshit its going to hv d lowest trps

  2. Devinder.singh uk

    We should stop making comments as they aren’t being taken notice . Stop watching this crap. Ekta probably enjoys her own stupid tracks and calls its creative. So mummy’s and shewta baby’s truth is out how are they going to expose invite and sakets truth. Maybe one of them will be given a drink and end up in bed wow so much for her wanting Ravi and him Deviika Now that would be a slap on their plans backfiring. Lol!. I think this is grand conclusion. What say you all.

  3. No not so early……ekta will end the serial on 500th episode… ….right now it is only 415….

    1. Devinder.singh uk

      Lol that’s punishment

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