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Scene 1
Devika says to Ravi that what he was thinking? there are many cars on road, Ravi says i was thinking about you, fate is making us meet again and again, maybe fate wants us to meet, Devika says you are right, fate wanted something else but someone planned different thing for me, according to that person, i shouldnt be here today, infact i shouldnt be anywhere but see i am alive and here, Ravi asks what she means? Devika says i mean my mom wanted me to go to London for studies but i met you and your mad girlfriend, Ravi thinks if she is lying? Devika asks her driver to start car, he says there is some problem in car, let me check, Devika asks him to give water, he says its finished, Ravi asks if he can help? she says no need, Ravi says we have gol gappas here, its very tasty, Devika says i will

become ill eating this roadside gol gappas, Ravi says its very tasty, girls like this spicy water, Devika thinks that i want it too, she says okay lets go.
Ravi and Devika comes to gol gappa stall. Ravi asks to give gol gappas, he asks to make one plate spicy for her. Ravi recalls flashback how Devika used to stop him in middle of road and used to eat spicy gol gappas and Ravi would feel it too spicy, flashback ends. Devika gets gol gappa, she is about to eat but sees Ravi noting her reaction.
Rekha and Nivi are going in car, Rekha says i never liked you but you think so much about us, i slapped Ravi when he told me that he is going to get engaged to you then you threw us out of house, i thought you are egoistic but you are nice, Nivi says i misunderstood you that day thats why i threw you out of house, i really want you to meet Devika thats why when i got to know about her, i came to you directly, i just want to see Devika hugging you calling you chachi, i would give me so much peace.
Devika eats gol gappas and says its so spicy, i cant eat it, Ravi gives her sweet to eat, she says how can you eat this much spicy food? Ravi says i will bring water, he brings water. Devika says you had water in your car? Ravi says water was not cold, Devika says you brought me here to eat this spicy thing? you could have given me this water, driver comes and says to Devika that car is ready. Devika says to Ravi that you said fate wants to be together? you are wrong, we can be at one place but we cant share anything, we cant be together, she leaves. Ravi thinks that i failed today again, Devika used to like spicy gol gappas, is she so smart that she is acting all this.
Devika says to Janki that you should have been there, Ravi’s face got pale seeing my reaction, he keep trying to prove that i am Devika, you should have seen my acting, i acted like i am not liking spice and he got so worried, he brought sweets, brought water for me, he was so worried and i was enjoying seeing his face, you should have been there, Janki says you still love him alot, this is one thing you can change right? when you talk about him, you have this innocent smile, Devika says yes i have loved him alot, he lives in my soul and thats why i hate him this much, Janki says be away from him, door bell rings. Devika sees from hole that its Rekha outside house, she is stunned and says to Janki that i cant meet her, i cant pretend to be Ambika infront of her, what if she called my name? i wont be able to control myself, i should go from here, she says what if Rekha need me? i need to talk to her, Janki says dont talk to her, you wont be able to control yourself, i will talk to her, Devika says ask her if she is fine or not, Janki says okay, Devika goes in room. Janki opens door, Rekah comes in house and calls out Devika’s name, Devika sees her from room and cries, Rekha says Devika see i have come, janki says what do you want? Rekha says i want to meet my Devika, Janki says you are mistaken, no Devika lives here, you seem tensed, you want money? Rekha says no i dont have tension, i dont want anything, my Devika is lost, everyone used to say that she is dead but i never believed them, someone told me that she lives here, please call here, Janki says no only me and my daughter Ambika lives here, Rekha says i know she lives here, someone gave me this address, please just tell her that her chachi have come to take her, she will come listening my name, Janki is tensed, Devika cries seeing all this, Rekha shows Devika’s photo and says she is my daughter, she is pretty, isnt she? look at her, Janki says i have not seen this girl anywhere, Rekha asks if she is saying truth? Janki nods, Rekha gets dejected and says i am sorry to disturb you, Janki says dont worry, if you need money then tell me, i will be happy to help you, Rekha says we can live without money but my life is empty without my Devika, i am begging you, just tell her that her Chachi is waiting for her, i cant live without her, tell her that i am waiting for her, please find her, Janki says if i find her then i will tell her about you, Rekha starts leaving, Devika sees her and thinks that i am sorry Chachi, if it was in my hands then i would have hugged you, Rekha leaves from there, Devika cries and comes to Janki, she hugs Janki, Janki consoles her and says i will come in a minute. Janki comes out of house and sees Rekha talking to Nivi, she says now i understand, my doubt was right, Rekha couldnt come here alone, it was all done by Nivi.
Rekha and Nivi are in car, Rekha cries, Nivi says i must have done some mistake, when i saw that girl, i thought it was Devika, dont worry, you will find your Devika soon, i feel that she is Devika only, i will find out truth for sure, i think they are lying, this is challenge for me, when i find out truth, i will come to you first, if you have any problem then give me call, Rekha says i was wrong about you, you think so much about me, thank you, Nivi says you are like my mother, i will find out Devika for you, i will keep in touch with you, if i call you then take my call urgently, she drops Rekha to her house.
Janki comes to Devika and says to Devika that you know who brought your chachi here? it was Nivi, she was outside house, she wanted you to take off Ambika’s mask infront of Rekha, she knows your weakness and is aware that you wont tell this lie infront of Rekha, if i had not stopped you today then Nivi would have won this challenge, Devika says my Chachi should not be involved in all this, i cant give pain to her, its enough of defensive, before she can do anything else, we have to attack Nivi now, Janki says she is smart, we have to shake her confidence, we cant wait now, Devika says i am ready, just tell me what to do.

PRECAP- Nivi is in her room, she sees Devika in same saree which was wearing on her death day, she sees Devika staring at her and blood on her forehead, she is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Loving this track first serial where I’m not annoyed about the separation of Devika and Ravi but still want them to reunite soon so that navi manju and saket are jailed

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