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Navi comes in function too, Shweta says so you have come too? to complete triangle, like husband, wife and woh(other women), Navi stares her. Navi says to Shweta that she knows everything she and her brother Saket did to destroy people, she warns Shweta that if she doesnt stop then she can tell everyone about her deeds, she asks Shweta to take her side else.. Shweta says i am on your side only, just tell me what to do? Navi says will tell you later.
Devika is holding beads tray, she strikes with Ravi and beads fall, Ravi’s head bangs on her head, he asks if she fine?Devika says i was not fine but now i am fine as you are with me, Ravi says i was always with you, how can i stay away from my life? they both sit down to pick beads, Devika says to Ravi that by mistake, some special moments slipped

from my hands, Ravi says so we can collect them together again? Ravi and Devika collects beads which fell off, Ravi holds Devika’s hand, Devika blushes, Navi comes there and sees this, she gets angry, Ravi looks at Devika, Ankhon hi Ankhon main plays. Manju comes to Navi and says you here? you are looking very nice, you just bring life to functions, she asks Navi to come in, Navi stares Ravi and Devika. Devika and Ravi shares eyelock. Monty sees this and smiles, he holds Pallavi’s hand thinking its Sakshi, Pallavi smiles and says you are missing Sakshi so much that you are thinking all girls are Sakshi, she says i will bring Sakshi, she leaves, Monty looks at Pallavi and thinks that i cant look at her, i am married now, i cant think about any girl now, this s wrong, i have to make place for Sakshi now in my heart, he is tensed, Sakshi comes there and asks whom you are looking for? i know you were looking at some girl, wives get to know about husband looking out for other girls, Monty says no i was just.. Sakshi laughs and says look at your face, i was just joking, you look cute when you are tensed, Monty says Ravi is calling me, Sakshi says go and if you like some girl then tell me, Monty thinks that Sakshi is very nice, i cant do this with her, he leaves, Sakshi smiles and says he is very innocent and cute.
Tai ji asks Manju to bring Ravi and Devika. Ravi comes, Tai ji asks to bring Monty, Sakshi and DEvika. Devika comes there and touches her feet, she blesses her, she says this is first Lohri, i will tell you meaning of Lohri, Lohri has importance for newly married couple, husband and wife light fire to Lohri and take rounds around it, getting married is easy but it takes time to adjust with each other, its difficult to get used to each others thoughts, small fights are part of it but if one is angry, other should calm down and pacify partner, trust should always be between couples, Navi thinks that this old lady is wasting time, i have to take Ravi from here. Tai ji ask them to take rounds from heart then your relation cant be broken by anyone. Sakshi looks Ravi and asks Ravi to hold Devika’s hand as said by Tai ji, Ravi says same goes for you both too, Sakshi says no big deal, she holds Monty’s hand, Ravi and Devika are shy, Ravi holds Devika’s hand. Sakshi asks Monty why his hands are cold? Monty thinks that you almost caught me when i was looking at Pallavi. Ravi asks Devika why your hands are hot? because i am close to you? DEvika smiles and thinks yes as you have taken my heart too.
Tai ji asks couple to start taking rounds, Devika-Ravi, Sakshi-Monty starts taking rounds, Navi thinks this is too much, Ravi is whole time with Devika, this way he will be with Devika only, i want Ravi to be with me tonight. Shweta comes to her and says your eyes are showing your jealousy, ladies will recognize it, you should be taking rounds with Ravi, see how Ravi is holding Devika’s hand, Navi angrily looks at her, Shweta leaves, Manju stares Navi, Navi sees her and thinks that was Shweta right? did Manju notice anything on my face? Manju thinks why Navi seems so tensed? for whom did she come here? Ravi and Devika are taking rounds, Ravi thinks that we took rounds on our marriage but that time your consent wasnt there but today my Devika is taking rounds with me as per her will, i will fulfill all promises, Devika thinks that earlier i didnt know you were taking rounds with me but today i promise to be with you, i will fulfill all promise, i will keep holding your hands till end, i will be with you without any doubts, Ravi thinks that i promise to be with you, i will always love you, i will not see any other women, only you will be in my life, Devika promised that i will always trust you, i wont listen to anyone, i wont let my trust break, Ravi promises that i wont let anything happen to you, i will fulfill your wishes, both promises that they will be with each other from now on and will trust each other, navi thinks that Devika can take rounds as much as she wants but tonight they wont be of any importance.
Rekha comes to Parmindar and says i know you are angry and its fine, i know our kids took wrong way but we can do much, they are our kids thats why i have forgive them, i request you to forgive them too, its pious day so we should leave animosity, Parmindar says i know everything, you were involved in this marriage drama too, Rekha says i know you are miffed but kids do mistakes, they are innocents but we should be mature, lets end anger, Parmindar says you did all this drama, if first time marriage had happened then we would have got Devika’s property, she even signed papers but Monty ranaway, this time you people didnt give any dowry, Rekha is shocked to listen this.

PRECAP- Navi have fire torch in her hands, she looks at Devika and Ravi and thinks that Devika has to die, she comes closer to set Devika on fire.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. oh ravika scenes soo cute…dis idiot navi..plszz show deir romance vry fastly………vry habbie 4 ravika …one of mah bez cuplszz nd made 4 each odr…:):)

  2. Is navi mad or what

  3. superrr.ravika eye lock scenes are very nice.the devil navi collopse ravi and devika life.we ‘ll wait and watching

  4. ooooh ravika’s moments are tooo cute !! … but navi character … the role of a person suffering from delirious disorders is really well played πŸ˜‰ hats off !

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