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Scene 1
Goons separate Ravi from Devika, they beat Ravi, Devika cries and says you have animosity with me, dont beat him, Dildar shouts at Devika, Ravi says dont say anything to her, Dildar says i will finish you now, Ravi says leave Devika, Dildar says you tried to beat me? now i will take revenge, he beats Ravi and says you think you are filmy hero? now shout at me, i will beat you so much that you wont be able to speak, he beats Ravi, Ravi falls on ground, Devika is shocked.
Navi sits in her car, she sees marks on her neck and says someone sees me with these marks then they will doubt me, i should leave from here, she leaves.
Dildar says to Ravi that your ego must have gone now, Ravi spits at him, Dildar says you wont agree? you have to say sorry to me, Ravi says you have kidnapped

a girl and think you are a man? leave girl then i will show you manliness, Dildar gets angry and beats him, Dildar says say sorry for mistake else i will shoot you, you will be dead, Ravi looks in his eyes.
Sakshi and Monty are finding Ravi, Monty says i dont know where Ravi is, Sakshi says i am worried what if he is in problem? Monty calls Ravi. Dildar asks goon to take out his phone, he does, goon says seems like his family is calling him, dildar says they can track our location from phone, break phone, goon breaks Ravi’s phone. Monty calls Ravi again but its switched off, Sakshi says i am worried, what if he is in problem? Monty and Sakshi goes to check him.
Dildar asks Ravi how many people you told that you are coming here? Ravi says i have told whole Ambala, police will come here at anytime, Dildar laughs and says you dont know me, i have killed 27people, nobody can dare to catch me, i have played this hide and seek alot, if you try to make me angry then i will kill your wife, Devika says i am sorry, please let him go, your animosity is with me, keep me here but let him go, Dildar says they love each other alot, they are Laila-majnu, he laughs. Dildar says to Devika that lets finish your lover today, Devika cries and says no please, Dildar says he has put his life at stake for you so he has to die, lets show him heaven today, Devika says please let him go, Ravi says dont plead to him, Dildar says you both are lucky that you got chance to meet each other before dying, he says today is valentine’s day, lets kill him today, he says to Ravi that you said your wife lives in your heart? i will shoot in your heart only, you will be called as great lover too, Ravi puts gun on his head and asks Dildar to shoot, Dildar points gun at him, Ravi gets up and says shoot me.
Navi is going back, she says i didnt want it but Ravi and Devika has met, i saw Ravi hugging Devika, he has gone mad and that too for that Devika?
Monty and Sakshi are finding Ravi, Navi’s car comes there and stops seeing them, they are stunned to see her there, she thinks that they both have seen me, Navi covers her neck with scarf, she comes out and says you both here? where is Ravi? you all went to find Devika, did you find her? Monty says no, Ravi has gone to see her, Sakshi asks what you are doing here? Navi says i have come for business, i came to check out lodge booked for my client, Saket calls her, she says my client is calling, Sakshi asks in which lodge he is staying? Navi says its near village, i am finding it, she asks for location, Monty tells her, she asks if she should drop them somewhere? Monty says we have car, Navi says tell Ravi to talk to me, if he needs help then tell me, she leaves. Sakshi asks Monty if she was saying truth? he says maybe, Sakshi says it cant be coincidence, she cant be here on this time coincidentally, we have to keep eye on her, Monty says first we have to find Ravi.
Rekha’s family comes to Manju’s family, she says i am worried about Ravi and Devika, did you get to know if they are fine? Vikas says Ravi has gone to find Devika, Sakshi and Monty ha gone too, Rekha says we should call Sakshi and ask her if everything is fine.
Monty is finding Ravi, Sakshi gets Rekha’s call, Monty asks her to pick it up, she doest, Rekha asks if everything fine? did you find Devika? Sakshi says no we are finding her, Rekha says to Sakshi that till when Mata Rani will keep taking our test? she asks Sakshi to make her talk to Ravi, Sakshi gets worried, Rekha asks her to let her talk to Ravi, Sakshi says Ravi is not with us, Rekha says so where is he? Sakshi says we are finding on this side and Ravi is finding on otherside, we are trying to call Ravi but he is not picking it up, Addy takes call, Monty takes call, Monty tells him location and says we are not able to find Ravi, addy says i will come there with police, he ends call. Addy says to family that i will go there, Vikas asks if he should go with him? addy says you stay here, Shweta thinks that i should talk to Saket, what if he does any magic then my points will be raised. Manju says i told Ravi to not go there, they are dangerous but he didnt listen to me, he is mad behind Devika, Parmindar says these goons can even kill Devika.
Ravi says to Dildar that why are you not killing me? you must have killed 27people but from back, for first time someone is asking to shoot him on your face, kill me now, Dildar says leave my gun else i will fire, Dildar says to Devika that make your husband understand else you will become widow today, Ravi grabs Dildar from neck he takes gun from him and points it at him, Ravi says i kept telling you to fire but you didnt, he points gun at dildar and asks other goon to bring water, goon goes.

PRECAP- Ravi points gun at Dildar and says i will kill you if you dont tell me who is your boss. Shweta tells Saket that we have got to know that Devika has runaway from clutches of goons.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    devika is randi
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