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Scene 1
Devika ask Navi what right you have on Ravi? you are his boss and we respect you but you cant involve in his personal life, what feelings you have for Ravi that you are worrying about him so much? tell me, Navi thinks i am caught, what should i tell her now, Navi says Ravi is my employee, he is disturbed and doesnt concentrate on work and it creates problem for me, Devika says Ravi is not only employee in your company, if some other employee takes leave then you go to their homes to scold their wives? Navi says Ravi is important employee, i had meeting with contractor today but Ravi didnt come so i got angry, i am not interested in your personal life but if my business suffer because of this then i will not bear it, Ravi is important for my company, thats all, she leaves, Devika says why

i am feeling like Navi was lying to me, she is hiding something, why she behaves like this? when i asked about Ravi, her face faded away, if she feels for Ravi? and Ravi knows it too? she gets tensed. Navi comes out and thinks that DEvika is not that stupid, i couldnt control my anger, she was questioning me as if she has doubt on me, i managed it today but i have to be careful from now on. Manju stops Navi and thanks her for freeing Ravi, she ask Navi to stay for sometime, Navi thinks who can bear her, she says i have some work, she leaves.
Ravi is on road and recalls how he asked waiters of hotel about Charan(saket’s waiter) but nobody knew about him, Ravi thinks that Charan is only witness in Saket’s plan, if he takes my side then Saket’s real face will come out but how will i find him? he sees Charan there, he holds him by collar, Charan says dont beat me again, Ravi ask to tell him what happened in party that night? Charan says i was fool to destroy those kids lives, because of that Saket, i am on road, Saket lured me for money but i dont have anything now, Ravi ask will he repeat it later? waiter says just find job and house for me, i will say everything, Ravi says i will manage place for you, Ravi thinks that Saket will not saved for much time.
Savitri thinks to call Manju and gloat about her victory, she calls Manju and ask her about life? Manju says everything is going good, pundit asked to be saved from evil eye, Savitrri says you need it most as your nephew has runaway and your son is in jail, you are bearing things you did, Manju your family is disrespected in whole society, Saket is marrying your grandaughter because he feels sad for you, you should leave city, she ends call, Savitri thinks that i will not leave her.

Scene 2
Devika recalls Navi’s words and says Navi was lying, why will she involve in Ravi’s life? she isnt ashamed of eyeing married man, door knocks, DEvika gets happy thinking its Ravi, she looks at door, Ravi comes in, Ravi finds teddy bear which he gifted to Devika, Devika gets shy and moves away, Ravi holds her hand, Ankhon hi Ankhon plays, Ravi looks at Devika and hugs her, she is surprised but smiles then, Ravi feels peace in hugging her, Ravi says to Devika that thanks for not helping me as then i wouldnt know someone else loves me too, the one who saved me from jail, she ask who? Ravi thinks whose name should i take? he says i am talking about Navi, she freed me, first she gave me job and now she is solving my personal problems, i used to be sad that no one loves me but now there is someone who loves me and takes care of me, Devika is shocked and breaks hug, Devika ask Ravi who said this to him? Navi? he says yes, Devika says she is liar, Ravi says no she is my angel, what a lady, she looks so good, the clothes she wears are awesome, her attitude is great, when she starts speaking, everyone just keep looking at her, you know about her smile? when she smiles, she makes new relation with heart and you know she freed me from jail, Devika is stunned, Ravi says you are my wife but left me in jail but Navi got to know about me and freed me immediately, when she calls my name, bell rings in my heart, Devika gets angry and says i did mistake to free you from jail, you are praising navi? you are not ashamed? you are married and saying all this to your wife? you are telling about care she does for you? then go to her, she will take care of you, next time if you go in jail then i will not save, infact i will not even come to see you then i will who Navi will come to save you, Ravi smiles and says i wanted to listen that you bailed me and told inspector to not tell me this, whatever i said rightnow was not for Navi but for me, you love me alot, you destroyed your designs so i get that job and today you hate me so much still you freed me, Devika says and what about Navi? he says i took her name just to see you jealous, just to see if you still feel for me, if you still love me, Devika is embarrassed and thinks i am fool to fall in his trap everytime, why did i tell him about my heart, Ravi smiles and hugs her, Devika is reluctant but hugs him back, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, Ravi says i know Devika situations have made us against each other, you want Sakshi to get married and i want this marriage to not happen but i am happy that our relation is not strained much that we cant hug each other, you think you hate me but truth is you just hide your love for me, you never expressed your love but i can feel your love, he says to Devika that you were missing me so much last night that you slept on my place on bed and hugged my teddy bear, Devika says actually.. Ravi stops her and says you know your silence says everything, he hugs her back, Banjaraa song plays, Devika hugs him tightly and feels peace but she gets conscious and leaves from there.
Navi comes to Saket, Saket ask did you meet and hug Ravi? Navi says you are fool, i am destroyed because of you, if i had not listened to you and had gone to police station to free him then he would have been with me rightnow but you know who freed Ravi? its Devika who freed him, now they are close again, this all happened because of your overconfidence, i should have freed Ravi and shouldnt have listened to you fool, if i dont get my Ravi then i will destroy your image in whole city then no one will even give you servant’s job and you know i am capable of this, Saket says dont worry, they fire we have put between Ravi and Devika will destroy their relation, Devika is good bahu kind of girl thats why she freed her husband from jail, i will go there and see what they are upto, i will inform you, Navi says dont lie to me, its your last chance, Saket nods.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Saket that i will be standing infront of you in your way, Saket says i have found way, once i get married to Sakshi then i will be so cruel with her that she will die, Devika comes there too and listens something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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