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Scene 1
Ravi says to Devika that eat something, Devika says i dont wanna eat anything, she drinks water, Ravi teases that apple is great, he says i am sleeping, she dozes off, DEvika looks at apple and takes it stealithly, she starts eating it, Ravi looks at her and smiles, Ankhon hi ankhon main plays, Sakshi calls Ravi and ask about his drive, Ravi says i have no control on this drive, i can be dragged anywhere, Sakshi says you are on honeymoon, you should romance, RAvi says you like all this alot, Sakshi says i can talk with you only like this, DEvika is boring, Raci says she is very boring, Sakshi says say politely else Devika can listen, Sakshi says give call to DEvika, Ravi ask DEvika to talk to Sakshi, Devika thinks that if i open mouth then Ravi will see apple in my mouth, she nods, Ravi says

she doesnt wanna talk, Sakshi says how come, put phone on speaker, Ravi does, Sakshi says you got married and now you dont like to talk to me, i wil complain to Rekha, Devika says no, Ravi sees apple in her mouth, Ravi says oh this was the thing, Sakshi says you dont wanna talk to me, Devika says nothing like that, Ravi saysher ego was at stake, Sakshi ask DEvika was Ravi kissing you that you couldnt talk to me, DEvika shuts her up and ends call, Ravi teases DEvika that you ate all my apples, DEvika says dont eat my mind, she starts coughing, Ravi gets worried and makes her drink water, she looks at him, he is concerned, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, both looks away, DEvika turns to look at him, he turns towards her but she looks away, DEvika sleeps, Ravi thinks that i wish you understand my love, i have given my life to you, you are everything for me, dont know when you will understand my love, DEvika sleeps on Ravi’s shoulder, Ravi looks at her and sleeps too, Saket is following Ravi and DEvika.

Scene 2
Navi is confused to call or not, Sia comes and ask wht you argue with dad, Navi says i dont wanna go to India, why he forcing me, Sia says you went to India as per your will, he wants you to complete project, Navi says i dont wanna talk about it, Sia says what happened in India that you cant tell me, Navi says its my personal matter, i dont want any 3rd person to ask about it, Sia says so now i am 3rd person for you, hurt me and dad, its good, Navi says sorry, nothing happened in India, its just that i dont like India, people are not good there, they are selfish and hurt people, Sia says nothing more? she says yes, Navi says dont feel bad about my words, i need sometime and i will be fine, she leaves, Sia takes Navi’s phone and finds Ravi’s contact in it, she thinks who is Ravi?
Ravi and Devika reach hotel, she says you are finding rooms in every hotel but cant find a single room, Ravi says i told you that if we reach late here then we will not get room, Devika says i will go with you, you maybe lying that we are not getting room, Ravi says cant you see i am tensed and running here and there to g3et room and you are saying that i am lying, DEvika says i dont believe you, she goes in hotel and ask for 2 rooms, receptionist says that we have only one room, DEvika says no we need 2 rooms, Ravi says are you mad, we will not get even single room, he takes that room, DEvika says how dare you? Ravi says behave here, fight with me in room, he takes her to room.
Saket says to a girl that Ravi and DEvika will stay here, i have booked all other rooms, you know what you have to do, girl says i need money, i will do your work but if i get caught then please help me, Saket says dont worry, be careful that man is clever, he gives her advance money and says i will give you remaining money after work but no mistake should happen, girl leaves.
DEvika says to Ravi that i will not stay in room with you, Ravi says first see room then decide or you wanna stay night on road? DEvika says i know you wanna take advantage of situation, i wont let you succeed, Ravi says i will stay out of room, you can leave from here but dont call me when goons follow you, he leaves, DEvika goes too.
Ravi and DEvika come in room, there is only single bed, she says i will not live here with you, Ravi says i am leaving as i cant listen your kach kach, Ravi says to devika that lock room’s door else you will keep thinking that i might comeback to room and sleep beside you, he leaves, DEvika says dont know how i will live with this wild man, she opens her suitcase to find Ravi’s boxers in it, she is shocked.

PRECAP- Saket says to Ravi that i will enjoy honeymoon with DEvika not you, Ravi angrily looks at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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