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Scene 1
Rekha calls Sakshi and asks why are you not making me talk to Devika? Sakshi cries and says Devika is no more, she is gone and will never comeback, Rekha shouts and says this is not time to joke, i am telling to make me talk to Devika, Sakshi tells her everything about how Devika fell from cliff, Rekha drops call and faints, Pallavi comes to her and asks her to wake up.
Ravi comes to mandir and looks at Ambe Maa’s idol, he looks away and recalls how Devika said that Ambe Maa changed fate and she has eye on everyone even if you dont look at her, Ravi looks at Ambe Maa. he comes to idol and says how can you do this Maa with Devika? she takes you as her mother, she always said that she never saw her mother but if she had mother then it would be like you, she shared her happiness, sadness,

everything with you, she had faith that you will help her in every possible but why did you break her faith? why didnt you solve her problem? why didnt you save her? why did you let such accident happen to her? i am not holding your responsible, i know there are many in world who pray to you, you have to help everyone, maybe you moved focus from Devika for sometime and this happened but i cant live without Devika, i love her alot, please return her to me, whose kach kach i will listen to? whose love i will live on? she had so much faith on you, for that faith, make me meet Devika, please help me and make me meet Devika, dont take my life from me, if anything happens to her then people will lose faith in you, nobody will pray to you, he cries and pleads to Ambe Maa. Nivi comes there and asks Ravi to control himself, he cant lose hope like this, Ravi hugs her and cries, Nivi gets happy and hugs him back, she looks at Ambe Maa and thinks that i have started trusting you, you have take my side and i know Devika wont return, thank you Mata Rani for making Devika away from Ravi’s life.
Janki Devik brings Devika to her house, doctor checks her and says to Janki that Devika will be fine and will become conscious but we cant say anything about her memory as after falling from such height, people tend to lose memory otherwise she will become fine soon, doctor leaves. Janki says thank God she is fine, soon she will be conscious.
Ravi comes to police station, inspector says its been 3days, we are finding your wife, i think she is no more, dont waste our time, if we get any link then we will tell you, he says we have found a mangalsutra near mountains, he shows it to Ravi, Ravi says its Devika’s. inspector says it means she banged with mountain and some animal took her to jungle, this means she is dead, Ravi says she cant die else i will die too, inspector says control and accept this fact, Ravi weeps.
Janki prays to Ambe Maa and says thank you for giving me another daughter, doctors are saying that she has lost her memory, its good, i dont want her to remember her past, if she tried to do suicide then she should not remember anything, i will give her so much love that she will livea good life, if this happens then the way i have accepted her as my daughter, she will accept me as my mother too, she will be pained by remembering past and i dont want my daughter to be pained.
Nivi meets Ravi and asks him to control himself, he has to forget Devika, Ravi says enough, dont say a work against my Devika, how can you say that i will forget Devika? if you dont know what Devika is for me then you have no right to talk about her, dont talk about her anymore, i have respected you as friend even after knowing that you like me but you have no right to as me to forget Devika, i dont wanna talk to you, he leaves. Manju comes to Nivi and says i am sorry, he is angered, Nivi says i liked it, the more he break then more he will come closer to me and i will get chance to console him.

Scene 2
Devika is lying unconscious on bed. She wakes up and looks around, she looks at Ambe maa’s idol, she gets up and says which place is this? how i came here? her head hurts, she recalls how Saket said that he wont let be of anyone, how Manju said that she is with Saket and Nivi too, she recalls how Saket, Nivi and Manju followed her and threw her off cliff, how Nivi said that Ravi made all plan of kidnapping for getting her property, how Ravi called nivi and said that dont tell Devika about our real plan, let Devika think that we have come here for prayer only, how Ravi saw her falling from cliff. She cries and says why Ravi? where did your love go? Devika says i loved you so much, i loved you more than my life but you have back stabbed me in such a way that even my soul is hurt too, why Ravi why? she cries.
Nivi calls client and says i cant come, i am busy, she ends call. Saket comes there and says to Nivi that are you mad? if you cant make plan then why you try? why didnt you give money to detective? if you had given him money then Devika would not know about anything, Nivi says Devika is dead because of all this, Saket says i loved Devika, i never wanted to kill her, i am feeling guilty for killing her, you have got Ravi but what did i get? Nivi says as if you have got Devika if she was alive, Saket says atleast i had hope that i would get her someday, Manju comes there and ask them to lower their tones else any one can know that they are behind killing Devika.
Devika recalls how Ravi made her sign property papers, she says Ravi was seeing me falling from cliff, he didnt do anything, he made me sign those papers by luring me talks, this means he was involved with Nivi, all wanted me to die, how can he cheat me like this? why Ravi why? she cries.

PRECAP- Ravi comes in mandir and says i have to come to again, only you can make me meet my Devika, please make her meet me. Janki says to Devika that now you are my daughter so tell your mother who has given you so much pain? Devika says my husband, Janki is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  4. Please can I make devils belief that Ravi had nothing to do with this it’s getting really boring now because they always fighting again

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