Kalash 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Devika says to herself that i am an idiot, Ravi is right, i ahve started to live in darkness so i cant see light, i have made assumptions in heart and keep doubting people, i doubted Ravi and he never answered me back, i was so wrong about Ravi, Today Rekha had happiness in her eyes because of Ravi, why he is doing all this? is he a good man or he wants to win my trust again? reason can be anything but he has done alot for me, i should be happy that no one will point fingers at Sakshi now, i will thank him and will say sorry too, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, she is engrossed in her thoughts, Ravi comes in room and finds her lost in thought, he sits beside her, she finds him and ask what are you doing, he says what you were doing, you were looking blankly at somewhere so i started staring

sameway, i thought you must be talking to Devi maa or you were thinking something, i was confused, you wanna say something? she says no, he says ok and goes to check files, Devika thinks why it is so difficult to accept mistake? if i say sorry to him then he wont leave me, he will take my class, she comes to Ravi and starts reading book, Ravi thinks why she is behaving weirdly? oh she wanna say sorry to me, she can fight with me for hours but cant say small sorry, he finds DEvika holding book up;side down, he says what technology this book have? DEvika says its great book, Ravi says thats why you are holding it upside down, it has become your habit to think and hold everything upside down, DEvika puts book and is about to leave, Ravi holds her hand and pulls her closer, he says you wanna say sorry and Thank you to me right? you think alot about small things but i dont need your sorry or thank you now, when you will have trust on me, then i will want your thank you or sorry, he leaves from there, Sadqe tere plays.

Scene 2
Savitri comes back home, she is happy and thinks that Saket has handled Monty, now nothing to worry, dada ask where are you coming from? Savitri says i have many work to do, Pallavi comes back from college, Savitri ask which college is open till this time? pallavi says exams are near so i had extra classes, Savitri says i hope you are not liar like Sakshi, you are her sister, i cant trust you, Pallavi cries and leaves, dada says what were you saying to her? Savitri says she can do anything like Sakshi too, i am in good mood so dont spoil it, she leaves.
Shekhar says to Rekha that all problems are solved now, if you take tension now then i will complain to DEvika, Rekha says still a important thing is left, we have to talk to Savitri too, its very difficult to make her agree, you want me to not take any tension so take this responsibility on yourself, you have to talk to her, Ravi comes to Rekha and Shekahr and says you told me such a great news and i didnt make you have sweets, i have brought sweets for you, do eat it, he ask if some tension? shekhar says we dont know how to talk to Savitri, Ravi says i will talk to her, Rekha says no i dont want you to get insulted, we will talk to her, Ravi says ok and leaves.
REkha and Shekhar comes back home, Rekha gives sweets to Dada, she says everything is finalized, i asked Monty, Monty agreed for marriage, Ravi has made all this possible, we are lucky to have son in law like Ravi, Shekhar says he more than a son, Savitri comes and says so this was your plan? Dada says try to understand, we didnt have any other way, Savitri says you keep quite, she comes to Rekha and says your heart is very weak but you have so much guts, Rekha says you are mistaken, we were going to tell you, SAvitri says what were you going to tell me? i told Ravi clearly that this marriage cant happen then how dare you go to their house and accept their proposal, who are you to decide it? you have spoiled Devika’s life and now want Sakshi’s life to be destroyed too? Devika is not your real daughter but how can you do this with your own daughter? dada says enough, what are you saying that Rekha is not good mother? truth is you are not a good mother, if you were a good mother then Shekhar would have been with you not with his wife, whatever happened with DEvika was becfause of you, this is all happening to our house because of your mistakes, what you want that Sakshi lives a dead life? all life you have kept forcing us to follow your orders, this marriage will happen.
Sakshi comes there and is stunned to listen about marriage, she denies to marry Monty, Rekha scolds her, Rekha says to Sakshi that you have put our values, our upbringing everything on stake, Rekha says let me end this matter today itself, she takes knife and is about to stab herself, Dada stops her, she cries and says let me die, Sakshi cries seeing all this.

PRECAP- Devika comes to Ravi and says Rekha has tried to do suicide, take me to house, i wanna talk to her, Ravi says lets go, he sit on bike, DEvika is hesitant but sit behind him on bike.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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