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Scene 1
Saket brings Nivi in room and says you are a fool, you were saying that you would do something big here and i should come, why did you call me here to see Ravi and Ambika dancing? Nivi says i wanted to dance with Ravi to make Ambika jealous but Shweta announced their dance, Saket says what you thought that Ambika would see you dancing with Ravi and will divorce him? Nivi says you have any idea? what can i do inbetween so many guests? Saket says they will leave but what about later? i have idea, we will bury Ravi and Ambika’s relation in this house only, we can break their relation in Ambika’s house, Nivi says how? Saket says someone is going to have marriage night tonight, she grabs his collar and says who? Saket you and Ravi will have marriage night tonight, Nivi says me and

Ravi? he says i bought gift for you, he gives her liquid bottle and says drop two drops in Ravi’s drink and then Ravi wont know where he is and what he is doing with whom, he will be intoxicated, remember Ambika should see it, Nivi says this will break this relation, Janki was shouting that this marriage will not break but now she will not want her daughter’s husband who had spend night with other woman. Saket says then you would have to make me reunite with Ambika, she says i will do your work. Janki has listened their talk hiding outside room, she tries to runaway but strikes with vase, Nivi and Saket listens noise. They come outside room but doesnt find anyone there, Saket says someone was listening our talk but lets go, they leave. Janki is hiding behind pillar, She thinks that they are cheap people, if their plan is successful then Ambika will breakdown, if she sees Ravi and Nivi in compromising position, she will not be able to bear it, i wont be able to pacify her that it was Nivi and Saket’s plan, she will believe that and will breakdown, i have to fail their plan.
Ravi is standing close to Devika to take pictures him, she stares him and thinks i would have scolded him if there were not guest here, Ravi says take anger or love out in room later. Ravi meets guests and put hand on Devika’s shoulder, she says i know what you are trying to do, dont try to be smart, i know you are trying to come closer to me, Ravi says we are married, i will come near you only, Devika says this marriage happened against your will and if Nivi knows all this then she wont spare you, Ravi says she is not anywhere near, we can romance easily, Devika says dont irritate me, Ravi says Janki wants people to see that we had nice marriage so we have to act like happy couple. Devika thinks that sometimes he hugs Nivi and other time he flirts with me, he was always flirt. Devika says leave my arm or else you will regret it, Ravi says i want to regret, i have loved, i am in love and you dont get scared in love, Devika moves away from him, she feels conscious and leaves from there.

Scene 2
Devika comes in room and says why Ravi does this with me? he used to be naughty with me like this earlier and in small fights, i started loving him so much, when i look in his eyes even today, i feel that he still loves me and isnt wrong but if i keep thinking that then i will loose again and he will take advantage of me again, i have to take revenge and for that i have to hate him, but when i go near him, i feel like hugging him and telling him how much i love him, i have to control myself, i cant come in his talks. Devika sees Rekha’s gift, she smiles and says she gave it with so much love, she opens it and finds anklet, she gets emotional and says it means Rekha still thinks that i am her laado and not Ambika, i still remember in childhood i used to ask her to give anklet as gift, i had so many anklets, Sakshi used to steal it then Rekha Chachi would scold her, thank you Chachi, this is best gift, i love you.
Nivi pours whole bottle of intoxicating liquid in juice, she says this special drink is for you Ravi. Nivi calls waiter and asks him to give this drink to Ravi, she gives him money, Nivi says if you do my work then you will get more money, waiter says i will do it. Nivi thinks that today my dreams will be completed, i will get my love, once you drink this juice and we spend night together then no attractive girl wont be able to snatch you from me because you have that much respect to never leave me after spending night with me. Waiter is about to give drink to Ravi but Janki stops him and asks him to give drink, he says i cant give you this drink, i will make another one for you, she says give this to me and make another one for him, waiter says but he ordered first, Janki says i will give you double money, she gives him more money and says dont give this drink to anyone, go and throw it away, waiter says okay and goes. Saket have seen all this and thinks that she failed our plan but now i am here and i will show her what Saket Kapoor can do.
Devika sees Nivi tensed and thinks is she waiting for something? i have to find out whats going on in her mind. She comes to Nivi, Nivi gets tensed, Devika asks why you are standing alone? you seem tensed, everything okay? Nivi says yes, i was finding you, where were you? Devika says i was in my room, you are tensed, is there any problem? Nivi thinks that it will be problem for you, you are going to get shocked, Nivi says i was thinking about gift, all are giving you gifts so.. all said and done, my reputation got saved because of you, if you didnt say that to media then my reputation would have crushed, i want to gift you for your favors, Devika says i love gifts, what gift you are giving me? Nivi says it will be big surprise, you would never expect it, you will get it soon, Devika thinks that there is something wrong, i am sure she has made some plan against me, Nivi says you will like that gift, you are my friend so i know your liking, i will give you in style, Devika says i am sure it must be special, Nivi thinks that its special and it will blast bomb, Devika thinks whats her plan?

PRECAP- Saket comes to waiter and says dont your throw away that drink, he shows him gun and says if you dont give it to man(Ravi) then you know what i will do? Saket comes to Janki and says your arrow was about to hit right spot but i came inbetween and changed its direction, Janki glares him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hope Ravi doesn’t drink what the waiter gives. Please end this track soon.

  2. What the helll kmis going on with this writers,?? Nothing but shit.end this crap and bring something new

  3. Devinder.singh uk

    More shit when will this sorry saga end . I mean the serial its crao

  4. Nothing but dragging. Bring the truth out and end this serial. Why in every serial do the bad always shown as winning. How much longer the writers going to show nivi and saket getting away with their plotting?

  5. Devinder.singh uk

    So what is the message in this that evil wins . Ekta not know where to take this current track that why it’s dragging on and on day in day out. Such a week script. So guys don’t do good deeds or be a good person as only evil gets rewarded.

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