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Scene 1
Ravi applies Sindoor on Devika’s forehead and caresses her face, he says I love you Devika, she gets emotional and hugs, she says i love you too Ravi.. it turns out to be Ravi’s dream. Ravi is still in dream and saying to himself that i love you Devika, i will always love you, Navi comes there and think he is dreaming about Devika, i will break his dream, she calls Ravi, he comes to consciousness and is bewildered, Navi ask what was he doing? he was talking to himself, Ravi says nothing and leaves from there, Navi thinks that everything is ending for me, i have to stop all this, Saket was saying that i will what i want to see in this marriage, lets see.
Devika is waiting for Ravi and thinks that he said he will comeback in two minutes but he didnt return, Rekha comes and

ask what happened? Devika says i am finding Ravi, Rekha says he must be busy in some work, she says i am thankful to you for arranging this marriage, you have done alot for me, Devika says i didnt do anything, Rekha says Ravi arranged this marriage because of you only, if you werent married to that house or if Ravi wasnt a loving husband then this marriage wouldnt have happened, i am happy that Sakshi is going to your home, you have always helped her as sister, you have done alot for her, Devika says what you have done for me all life, i cant pay that back, Rekha says why you are saying that you have to pay me back? i havent done any favor on you by raising you, you are my daughter, she hugs Devika, Devika thinks that Rekha thinks me as daughter, if Sakshi’s marriage gets broken because of me then she will be most hurt.
Ravi comes to Sakshi and says you are looking very nice as bride, Sakshi ask where is Devika? Ravi says she doesnt think about me, i am finding her but she doesnt care about me, Sakshi says you are lying, i have seen you both are always together, Ravi says no thats not true, Saket is still behind Devika, he challenged me that he will snatch her from me so i challenged him back that i will propose Devika before this marriage and she will accept me, that will be tight slap on his face, Sakshi says Devika is lucky to have you as you love her alot, i will talk to Devika before marriage and will ask her to tell about her heart thing to you too then i will get married only, Ravi says no you dont have to do that, you concentrate on marriage, he leaves, Sakshi says you dont know how pure your love is Ravi for Devika, i will tell Devika about your love and will make her understand.
Devika is tensed, she imagines her duplicate who says to her that you are always crying, Devika says i am stuck, one side is happiness of Rekha and Sakshi and otherside is my mother’s dream. Duplicate says that this is not your property but your mother’s property who trusted you and gave you this property so you can fulfill her dream, go and do it now and you have to be little selfish for yourself, Devika says how can i be selfish with my people? Rekha is like mother to me and Sakshi trusts me so much, if this marriage gets broken then they will be hurt with me, duplicate says that who is more important to you? Rekha who pitted on you and raised you or the mother who died to give you birth, she gave you her property so you can fulfill her dreams, Devika says my mother would understand that i am doing this for my family, i have taken decision to not hurt Rekha and my sister Sakshi, i will not disappoint them, i will not crush their hopes, i wont let any problem fall on them.
Saket comes to Monty, Monty says dont get started with wedding stopping thing again, i have decided i will do this marriage, Saket says when i am asking you to not do this marriage? i have given up on you, you are great that even if Ravi ask you to die, you would die so do this marriage too as per your brother’s order, lets talk something personal, after marriage, you and Sakshi will have marriage night, will you go close to her? you will recall Pallavi as you love her, Monty ask him to stop it, Saket says i just wanna tell you that truth cant not be hidden for much time specially when person is drunk, you kept repeating it so i have preserved it, Monty ask what he is talking about? Saket shows him video in which Monty is drunk and says i cant tell you how much i love you, Pallavi, Monty is shocked.
Manju sees Savitri silently sitting, she thinks that i dont like her to be this silent, i will give her some jerks so that my mood will become good and her mood will be turned off, she comes to Savitri and Dada, she says to Dada that lights are too much dim here, Savitri says your daughter in law shweta booked this hall only, Manju says but decorations were your responsibility, but doesnt matter, we accept people with flaws too like Devika have flaws but we accepted her, she leaves, Savitri fumes in anger and says she is picking our flaws of Devika, she should first see her son Ravi and his flaws.
Ravi comes to Devika and ask why she seem tensed? Sanjay comes and ask them to come and dance, Devika says i will come, you go, he leaves, Ravi says we should go to some isolated place else we wont be able to talk. he brings her to room and finds eyelash on her face, he ask her to wish and blow it, Devika prays and blows eyelash, Ravi ask Devika what she wanted to talk about? Devika says my property.. Shweta comes there and ask them to not romance here, she ask Ravi to come with her to bring gifts from car, he leaves with her, DEvika thinks that i couldnt tell him what Monty’s mother demanded from me, but what he could do? he cannot stop her neither i can see Sakshi or Rekha hurt, so i will tell Monty’s mother that i am ready to give my property to her.

PRECAP- Manju says to Monty’s mother that its about property of 10crores so Devika will take time to take decision, the condition which we have put it infront of her, she would eventually agree to us, dont worry, Devika listens all this, they turn to find Devika and are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It was ravi dream this was expected from this boring show

  2. mary christodoulou

    when this serial will change??it became boring..can the writers do something>??is too sad to see this serial ending..the actors are good but the story isnt.all the time dreaming the romance ??

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