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Scene 1
Ravi is driving car, he says that its all so confusing.
Ravi comes to his room and says Devika i miss you alot, if you were with me then we would have fulfilled your mother’s dream together, i miss you when i see Ambika’s face, if it was not about your mother’s dream then i would have left Nivi long back, i love you alot Devika, that Ambika enjoy interfering in others life but she doesnt know that she makes me remind of Devika, i am not wrong Devika, i love you alot, if it was no about your dream then i would have died Devika too, i am doing all this for your dream Devika. Nivi comes there and says why did you go to Ambika’s office? you think that she is Devika thats why you keep going there, remember one thing that i have changed my ways, everything for your love,

after coming so ahead, i wont let you go after any other girl, you can backstab me, you have to love me, Ravi says enough, there is no love between us, we had deal, i dont backstab anyone, i loved Devika and i still love her, i lied to you that i went there for office work, i just went there to know reality for Ambika, i wanted to know how powerful they are, if she i Devika or not, if you cant trust me that much then leave it, Nivi hugs him and says i am sorry, i feel jealous when you are with other girl, forgive me.
Devika recalls how she got stuck in lift with Ravi, how Janki said that Ravi is doing all this to find her reality, Janki comes there and thinks that she must be thinking about Ravi again, Janki says to Devika that you are thinking about how Ravi took care of you? Devika says yes i should not think about it but i keep thinking about it, i still have hope that still Ravi might love Devika, he came to my office just to see me, he keep trying to prove that i am Devika, maybe he planned lift thing just to make me remember how we got stuck in lift earlier too, Janki says i wish things were so easy, i wish you get your love but Ravi didnt come there for you, he came to get papers so that he can compare your handwritting with Devika’s handwritting, if he would have got those papers then our truth would have come out, i took papers from him else he would have found out truth, you need to leave this hope, Devika says you are right, this hope for love took me to death earlier too, i wont have any hope now, Janki says think about Nivi, she must be planning something to prove that you are Devika, i thought that when we will free her from jail then she will think that you are Ambika and not Devika but she is clever, Devika says we have to plan something big, Janki says i have an idea, Devika asks what idea? Janki says only one person can make Nivi believe that you are not Devika but Ambika and that is Devika herself, Devika asks what she means? Janki says you will go to Nivi’s house as Devika’s ghost, Devikais shocked.
Ravi is sleeping. Nivi covers him with blanket and thinks that Ravi is confused if she Devika or Ambika but i dont have doubt that you are Devika only, i will prove it soon, you will become fun stock now, you have done grave mitake by coming back in my life, i have an ace card in my hand, let this night end then i will give you such a shock that you will tell your reality yourself.
Pallavi says to Rekha that today is last day of submitting fees, i know you are working hard to make ends for house, Rekha says you are so nice girl, you are doing job then studying too, you dont demand for anything, you have so much patience, i knew that you would need money thats why i saved it, its in my locker, go and take it for fees, Pallavi says you are best mom, she leaves. Door knocks, Rekha opens door, its Nivi on door, Rekha recalls how she threw them out of house, Rekha asks what are you doing here? Nivi says will you not call me in? Rekha says what you want to say, Nivi says i have brought such a good news for you that you will be stunned, Rekha says i know what good news you would give to me, your engagement must be happening again right? i dont understand how Ravi can get engaged to girl like you, you misbehave with everyone, Nivi thinks that i feel i breaking her face but i need her against Devika so i have to calm down, Nivi says this is not about my engagement, i wanted to share this news with you, Rekha says what news? Nivi says news is that Devika has comeback, Rekha gets elated listening this, she says what? she gets up and says my Devika is alive? Nivi says she has comeback, she is alive, i saw her with my eyes, your love has brought her back, Rekha says you are saying truth? i will comeback. Rekha comes in mandir, she prays to Ambe Maa and says thank you, i knew you cant be that much cruel with me, you kept Devika alive, i kept telling everyone that Devika is alive but no one listened to me, i cant thank you enough, Nivi listens all this and thinks that she has become my pawn now, she cant even think in dream that she is going to be my side in this fight against Devika. Rekha comes to Nivi and says where is Devika? i want to meet her, Nivi says i will take you but change your clothes, Rekha says i cant waste time to meet my Devika, these clothes doesnt matter but emotions matter, Nivi thinks that i will see how much acting Devika can do now, i am bringing emotional bomb Devika, will see how you react, she leaves with Rekha.
Ravi is driving car and thinks that if Janki had doubt on me thats why she took papers from me? why they are doing all this with me? He is about to strike with another car. Its Devika in another car. Devika says to driver that who is this mad man who is recklessly driving. She comes out of car and says to Ravi that are you mad to drive like this? Ravi says i was thinking something. Devika asks Ravi what he was thinking while driving? this is not his road, there are other cars on road too, what was he thinking? Ravi says actually i was thinking about you only, Devika is stunned.

PRECAP- Devika says to Ravi that your mind has started thinking wrong only. what did you say that fate want us to be together? we can be at one place but we cant share anything, she leaves from there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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