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Scene 1
Saket goes to beat groom, Ravi stops him and takes off his sehra, Devika is stunned to see Ravi is groom, all are shocked, Ravi looks at Devika, he goes to Rekha and says i dont know what you are thinking about me but i have faith in you, you have loved Devika like your daughter so you deserve this, he gives his Sehra to her, he comes to Saket and says marriage is done, you can speak as much you want but think before you speak as DEvika is now my wife, Saket says this marriage is not done, its fraud, nobody will believe this marriage.
Navi comes out of venue to talk to her dad, she is not signal, she calls again and ask her to come to london, she says what about project? he ask her to come soon, she says you take care of yourself, i will take first flight and come there, she ends call

and thinks why is he calling me to london urgently? i have to leave, she thinks about Ravi then thinks that he is here only, i will meet after coming back,she leaves.
Saket says to Savitri that he cheated you, he has cheated everyone, he showed his real face, Savitri comes to Rekha and says did you listen? she ask Sakshi that you find this man good, you both trusted him so much, you took his side, you denied me but took his side and what he did? he has destroyed our respect, Rekha comes to Ravi and ask what you did? this is marriage of Devika not some game, why did you do this? you could have talked to me, you have cheated us why? Ravi says Saket plays with girls, he wanted to control Devika after marriage, you don’t know about him, he is cheap man, I tried to tell everyone about him but no one listened to me, I didn’t have any proof and which I had, he removed them, so I had to take this step, I could let Devika’s life be spoiled, Manju thinks that wow my son did great work, now DEvika’s crores property will be ours I was trying to hitch him with Navi but he made great plan, he is my son after all, Ravi says Saket is devil, all his habits are of devil, eh can do anything to get what he wants, Saket ask him to stop all rubbish, you repeat same story everytime, tell everyone what real story is which you told me before making me faint, he says to Savitri that Ravi wanted Devika’s property so he married her, all are stunned, Saket says Ravi told me that he doesn’t love DEvika and only wants her property, I told him that I love Devika, he said there is nothing called love and Devika can give him property when I didn’t listen to him, he made faint and married her, he has cheated everyone, Navi comes there and ask someone what is happening here? girl tells that Ravi married DEvika, Navi thinks that he loves me, he proposed me lthen why did he marry her? I have to talk to him, she gets dad’s call, she thinks there is some confusion, I will talk to him later, now I have to go to dad, she looks at Ravi and leaves.

Scene 2
Ravi ask Saket to stop rubbish,why I am even talking to you, Ravi comes to Devika and says trust me, I married you top save you, this man is cheap ,his hands are full of blood, I tried to tel you before, Saket pushes him and says to DEvika that everyone knows lwhat Ananya told, I am innocent, Ravi ask him to stop it, Saket says you can beat me but truth is that you have cheated them, Ravi says I have only one reason to marry DEvika and that is I wanted to save her life from him, Savitri ask him to stop it, Savitri says to Ravi that your tricks will not work infront of me, i knew you are cheap but i never thought you will stoop so low, your whole family is cheap, you played with DEvika, you said you are her friend, you helped her as you had wrong intentions for her, i did mistake by keeping silent, you have tarnished our respect, Ravi sys you are thinking wrong, i have nothing to do with her property, Savitri says you mean to say you dont know about her property, Ravi says i have no interest in her property, Savitri comes to Manju and says why you are silent now? you showed off Navi to everyone and your son was behind my daughter, Manju says we havent done anything wrong, Saket says Ravi was there when you told everyone about DEvika getting property, Ravi got to know about it and planned things, he was waiting for chance and got it on marriage, he says to Devika that you have to trust me, he is behind your property, he cheated you, he made me unconscious and took my clothes and came as groom, Ravi says yes i took your clothes but now i will tell truth, that girl was not his cousin but Gf and she was pregnant with his child, he promised to marry her, he kidnapped her so that she cannot stop it, lher name was Ananya, l went to save her and lhe.. he recalls how Saket said that Vikas car was used to crush Ananya, he stops, Saket says what will you say that some car crushed her so that she cant come here? you wanna say that I killed her, Ravi says yes, Saket says my cousin is in London, where is her body if she is dead? this marriage is illegal, you have cheated her, now I will marry Devika and It will be real marriage, he takes Sehara and says to DEvika that I wont let you be with this cheap, he holds Devika’s hand and drags her to Mandap, Ravi stops him and says stop your drama, Savitri ask Ravi who are you stop him? this marriage is illegal, you have cheated us so I don’t accept this marriage, DEvika ask why Ravi? why you did this with me? you didn’t think about our friendship, you are my best friend, I trusted you so much, how can you do this with me? Ravi says I will explain everything, what was my helplessness, I will tell everything but not now, Saket says this man Is not worth your friendship, he didn’t even ask you if you want to marry him or not, he had no interest in all this, all he wanted was to cheat you, he has broken your trust, he says to Ravi don’t stop me, you have tried to snatch my love, I feel like killing you, you will see me if you come inbetween me and DEvika now, Pallavi ask Rekha why are you silent? cant you all see DEvika? what happens to girl when she have to witness all this in her marriage, nobody cares for her, all are silently watching it but you love her, do something, if we don’t do anything now so don’t know what will happen to DEvika. Saket says this marriage will happen again, Devika is stunned.

PRECAP- Saket says what are you saying, if Bidai happens then.. Savitri says nothing like this will happen, I am not fool, I wont let Bidai happen, you just be calm, we will think how to get free from this fake marriage.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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