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Scene 1
Devika throws up. She says oh God I didn’t eat anything improper. Am I? She smiles. She says this will be a new beginning for us. But I shouldn’t be this excited let me check first.
Monty says to Vicky you don’t know anything about construction and you made this mistake. Vicky something happened I checked so well. Monty says you don’t know anything at all. This is your over confidence. Thank God I checked the file. You had ruin the business otherwise. Vicky says but I didn’t make any mistake. And what are you talking like? I am your brother. Monty says I know way more than you. I will show you your worth. Vicky says shut up. Mind your language. Sakshi comes and says what happened? Vicky says look at the way he is talking. He is misbehaving because his

mental boss is coming out. Sakshi says monty come with me. She takes him from there.

Janki says to Devika are you okay? Devika says I am pregnant. Janki hugs her and says this is such a good news. I am so happy. I will be a granny. Did you tell Ravi? Devika says not yet. I just tested. You are the first person I shared it with. Janki says let me tell Ravi but no you should tell him. Let me send him here. Devika says he has to wait for this good news. Today is his success party. If I tell him we won’t celebrate he will only take care of him. I want him to enjoy the party after that I will him. Janki says I will hide it till the party. I know Ravi waited for this moment for so long. That moment is here finally. Janki hugs her.

Scene 2
Rekha says to Palavi why you look worried? Palavi says I wanted to talk about something. Why are we here? We should go back to our house. We came here because you were not well but you are fine now we should go back. Rekha says did someone say anything? Palavi says no. Just that own house is own. Rekha says you are right but you know Ravi and Devika. I talked to them before but they don’t let me go. Anyway I will talk to Devika again.
Servant says to Rekha nivi was entering the house. They come to hall.

Nivi enters the house. Everyone is in hall. Ravi is mad. Devika controls him. Nivi says hello everyone. How are you all? Monty says welcome madam. I am so happy to see you back. He stands next to her. Nivi says thank you. She says so this is the new house? Very beautiful. A lot of positive energy. I know you are all shocked to see me here but I was missing you all. Monty says how are you now? Nivi says I am much better. I have changed completely. I am not the old Nivi. The one who harmed people I am not the same person. In the asylum I spent a lot of time alone. I reflected upon things I did in past. Their therapies helped me change perception about life. That is why I wanted to say I regret what I did. I am sorry for hurting all of you so much. Hi Ravi. Hi devika. I want to apologize you two first. I did really wrong. She says sorry to everyone. She hugs Manju and says I really missed you. You were always there for me. When were you released? Manju says one and a half months before. DEvika got me out.
Nivi says I knew Ambika was Devika. I am glad you didn’t die. It saved me from a sin too. I am very happy. Nivi says to Rekha you live here too? I am sure Ravi would have forced you for Devika’s happiness.
Vicky says when you know we live here happily why are you here? To ruin our happiness? Nivi says I know you have hatred in heart for me. And so does everyone else. I didn’t give you a reason to think good of me. I am not here to hurt people anymore. I will leave.
I have been released for my sister’s wedding. I heard Ravi got award for his success. I had to congratulate him. Right or wrong I always loved Ravi. I will attend the party and then I will leave. Nivi says to Devika please forgive me. I have nothing against you now. Devika says you can’t do any harm to me anymore. God gave me such a good present sometime ago that no one can take. Ravi wonders what is she talking about?
Nivi says I am sure you guys have to do preparations. I won’t disturb anyone.

Ravi asks Devika what were you talking about? She says don’t know you know? You know it. He says what present? He says your award. Your success. And I am very happy my husband is so brilliant. He says yes but.. are you sure? she says isn’t it big for me? I am very excited about the party. I want to make this day special for you and it will be. He says of course. I have a pretty and intelligent wife. The party has to be good. He hugs her.

Manju says this Nivi changed? How can she? She was sounding so different? She used to talk so rudly but so different now. Sakshi says yes how can someone change in two months? I am sure she has another face behind this. Janki we can’t trust her. Don’t know what intentions she has. Rekha says maybe she is not lying. She might have changed. She was sounding remorseful. Janki says we can’t trust her. But anyway lets prepare for the party.

Devika gets ready in green sari. She looks at some dolls. She recalls Ravi saying that we have a baby and she should look like you. Devika says thank you so much Ravi for giving me this happy. this is such a beautiful feeling. I can’t wait for the moment I tell you this. I can’t yet but after party I will. I am so happy we will share this happiness.

Precap-Janki says to Monty I can see you are not happy with Ravi’s success. You better change on right time or you will pay for it. I will get you in jail otherwise. You will stay there forever.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hoping nothing happens to Ravi/devika by monty or nivi.

  2. Please punish this Monty. He should be ashamed of himself. Nivi, Manju and even Shweta changed and became good people, so why can’t he change, if he really wants success like Ravi then he should work like Ravi. Be envying someone’s success, you won’t get any success, Janki please do what you said as Monty is the only negative energy in that house, I mean it’s the limits, he should be ashamed of himself, foolish idiot. Devika was so happy when she realized that she is becoming q mother, excellent developments, I just hope that whatever Nivi said about herself is true

  3. Monty is jealous of hs brada I wish he can get punished for his evil deeds

  4. Janki must just throw monty out of the house and hs job mst fnshd so that h wll start afresh

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