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Scene 1
Ravi is in godown, he searches for Devika but doesnt find anyone there. Ravi comes out of godown, he calls out Devika’s name and gets sad, he sits there sad and hurt. Devika is hurt too on otherside. Ravi recalls how Devika said that she wants him to keep holding her hand for life, Mujhe teri zarorat hai plays. Ravi finds Devika’s bangle.
Dildar says to Navi that police will catch us and will give her death sentence, we cant accept your offer, Navi says i have another offer, i will give you people 2crores and i will kill that girl with my hands but you guys should not stop me, goon says but Saket didnt tell us about it, Dildar asks him to shut up, Navi asks him to give her gun, Dildar asks if she will give cash or cheque? Navi says i will give you cash and rightnow.

says its DEvika’s bangle, it means she is here.
Navi gives 20lacs cash to Dildar and says this is advance, i will remaining amount after work is done, she wears burqa and says that girl knows me so i dont want hear her emotional drama, i just want Ravi to become mine, Dildar says do whatever you want to but do it fast, we will wait for you here, he gives her gun, Navi takes it and recalls how Devika told her that Ravi is her husband and she should not interfere in their life, Navi says my dreams will be fulfilled, i just have to finish Devika.
Pallavi calls Sakshi and says find Devika soon but be careful, Rekha is worried about Devika. Rekha comes there so Palavi ends call, Rekha asks whom you were talking to? i feel tensed all time, Pallavi says Sakshi called me, Devika ranaway from goons, she called Ravi and told him about her abduction place but goons caught her again, Rekha says dont know what Devika must be going through, what Ravi is doing? Pallavi says Ravi, Sakshi and Monty have gone to find Devika, Rekha says what? they shouldnt have gone alone, goons must be dangerous, they should have taken police with them, Pallavi asks her to trust them, dont worry, Rekha cries.
Navi comes to Devika in veil, Devika asks who is she? she says i know you have kidnapped me, i want to go to my family, i want to be with Ravi, please leave me, she cries. She asks who are you? Navi is holding gun, she comes near Devika and points gun at her, Devika says no dont kill me, i never did anything wrong with anyone, dont kill me, Devika falls off from chair, she shouts to save her. Ravi is in jungle and listens Devika’s voice, he says this means i was right, Devika is near here.
Navi sits down and thinks that once she is killed then i will have happiness in my life, she has to die, its good that i am doing this work, it was in her fate to get killed by me, i wont be able to live without Ravi, i might do suicide so its better to kill her, i will kill you Devika. Devika holds her veil and says who are you?
Goon asks Dildar if Navi killed her? Dildar says its cat fight for love, first women will argue then Navi will get angry and will kill her, One goon goes to washroom.
Ravi comes in godown, he searches for Devika. He sees Dildar there, Dildar asks who is he? Ravi says move from my way, he shouts for Devika, Navi who is another room with Devika, moves away from Devika listening Ravi’s voice. Ravi beats Dildar, Devika shouts for Ravi. Ravi beats Dildar. Navi thinks that Ravi is here, i have to kill her, i have to shoot and runaway, she points gun at her and shivers, she thinks that why i am not killing her? Ravi can come here and can catch me anytime, i should finish her, she fires gun. Ravi leaves Dildar. Other goons think to check too. Ravi comes in room and finds Devika alive, Navi is pointing gun at Devika, Ravi says to Devika that dont worry, i am here, he asks Navi who is she? why you are her enemy? Ravi grabs Navi by neck and says tell me why you wanna kill her? i want to see your face, he is about to take off her veil, Navi thinks that she should not see my face, she fights with Ravi, Devika asks Ravi to be careful, she is holding gun, Navi pushes away Ravi. Ravi comes to Devika and says i am here, nothing will happen to you, he open her ties and frees her, he makes her get up, both cry and hug each other tightly, Ravi caresses her face, Devika wipes his tears, Sadqe tere plays, they embraces each other. Ravi sees Navi and grabs her again, he says i will see your face today, he tries to take off her veil, goons come there and tries to free Navi from Ravi’s clutches, Dildar takes iron rod and hits Ravi on head with it, Devika shouts for Ravi, goons beat Ravi, navi runs from there, they tie Devika again, Ravi falls beside Devika.
Navi comes out of godown, she drinks water and says thank God i was saved today, what if Ravi had seen me today? my plan would have failed, i would have lost Ravi, my hopes would have been shattered. Goon comes to navi and says leave from here, Ravi has come here, he could have informed police, what if you are caught? we will handle everything, leave from here.
Ravi lies beside Devika and is highly injured, Devika calls out for Ravi, Ravi touches her face, Devika cries, Saans aayi plays.

PRECAP- Navi sees marks on her neck and says if anyone sees me with these marks then they will doubt me. Dildar points gun at Ravi, Devika is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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