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Scene 1
Manju gets to know about Ravi in jail and Devika not freeing him, Manju says to Devika that i am seeing from the time you have got your property, you are not respecting anyone, not me, not Ravi, you could have freed Ravi, you could have asked Saket afterall he is your relative now and if you didnt want ask his help then you could have atleast told us, we would have done something for Ravi, Devika doesnt answer her and leaves.
Saket comes to Savitri’s house with shagun, Savitri is happy to see it, Rekha brings tea for him, she leaves, Savitri ask Saket about his mother, if she is happy with this relation? he says yes, she ask whats the matter of Ravi’s arrest? will he come out? Saket says he will not come out, he has beaten poor waiter, if you want then i can bring him out,

he is our family member afterall, Savitri says you dont take tension, you dont have to do anything, he is a goon and deserves this only, let him be there, Rekha listens all this.
Navi says now Ravi will understand that how much he needs me, he will leave that stupid Devika and will come to me, my dream will come true and it will very nice, i am coming Ravi. Navi comes in police station and says to inspector how dare they arrest Ravi Garewal? she says he is my employee, bring him out else i will do your transfer from here, inspector says Ravi has already gotten bail, Navi says what? inspector says his wife came with bail papers, she also told that Ravi should not know that she has done his bail.
Ravi is in rickshaw, he thinks that i know its Devika who has done my bail, she can say anything but somewhere deep down in her heart, she has trust for me, Ravi finds Monty going in market, Ravi runs behind him but Monty hides, Ravi thinks what to do, i am losing in every game but i dont wanna lose to Saket, i have to talk to that waiter.
Navi comes in Ravi’s house, Manju welcomes her and says i am sorry that Ravi has not come to office, he is in jail, Navi says Ravi is freed, he is out of jail, Manju says i knew you will free Ravi, you are an angel, Navi goes to meet Devika, Manju thinks that she is really nice girl, she likes Ravi, i was fool to make Ravi marry Devika, i could have set him with Navi, Parmindar taunts her and says you are saying as if Ravi asked you before getting married to Devika, dont taunt me about Monty, first see your son.
Ravi comes to same hotel and ask about waiter Charan who helped Saket, receptionist tells him that Charan doesnt work here anymore, Ravi goes to find clue about him.

Scene 2
Devika says to herself that i dont know Ravi if you are cheating me or truly love me but i cant separate myself from you now, i am tied in your ove, Devika cries and says to Ravi’s picture that why so much space has come inbetween us? Navi comes there and sees this, Navi says to Devika that what she wants? one side she is playing game and otherside she is making herself look innocent, what you want? why are you doing this with Ravi? why dont you decide once and for all that you like Ravi or you hate him, one side you show that you dont care about Ravi and otherside you show that Ravi is everything for you, have you ever thought how much it hurt others? with your drama, you are hurting people, Devika says what are you saying? Navi says dont act innocent, i know you know everything, Devika says i dont, Navi says so listen, why didnt you free Ravi last night? he needed you but you left him and today morning, you freed him, why feelings changed overnight? you wanna put him in your debt? why you are doing this with Ravi? Ravi is so nice, he has good heart and cares for everyone, he is smart and intelligent, why are you playing with his feelings? Devika thinks who is she to scold me for Ravi? Devika says to Ravi that who are you to talk about my personal matters? its between me and my husband, you have no right, Navi says i have no right? i have every right on Ravi.

PRECAP- Devika says to Ravi that next time, if you go in jail then i will not free you, i will not even come to meet you, Ravi thanks her for expressing her feelings. Navi tells Saket that Devika has freed Ravi from jail.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what the hell this serial is going on…
    balaji always makes non sense a serials….all are just same only difference is characters ….compare meri aashiqui tum se hi and kalash…same story there is so doubts in between….ufffff…..
    flop flop flop flop….
    public ko bebkuf bnana band karo kux naya dikhao….

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