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Scene 1
Ravi thinks to silently go and sleep in room, i will surrender, Devika finds him in room and says what you said? Surrender? what crime i did? Ravi says i was not talking to you, Devika says then with whom ? were you talking to walls? Ravi says i will sleep, DEvika what is this honeymoon drama, i am not going anywhere with you, Ravi says even i am not interested, DEvika says you like to roam with girls, Ravi says i have just helped them, they used to cry on my shoulders, DEvika says i am not fool, i know why girls cry on guy’s shoulder, Ravi says then tell me why you were crying on Saket’s shoulders? DEvika looks at him and says you were stalking me? you saw me putting my head on shoulder but didnt see my pain, i cant talk to my or your family and you were with your ex.. your mom

is thinking to how to get my property, Ravi says i am telling you again i dont need your property and i have problem with Saket not you, DEvika says dont act sweet, you are doing all this as you didnt get property till now, you have male ego so you cant see me with other guy but you can have many girlfriends, Ravi says i am sleeping and i will not say anything as you always think that i do wrong, leave this blabbering for honeymoon, he lies on sofa to sleep, Devika sit on bed and her hairs get stuck in bed, she says every bad thing happens with me in this house, Ravi comes to help her she says dont, he shouts shut up, comes closer to her, and pulls her hair stands from bed, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, she lies on bed, he glances at her, she gives him a look, he gets up from bed and goes to sleep on sofa and keep looking at her.

Scene 2
Rekha thinks that Ravi and DEvika will spend time together and will understand each other, Sakshi thinks i have to keep that devil Saket away from DEvika, Rekha ask what happened to you? Sakshi says nothing, you are bestest mom, Rekha says from the time DEvika has gone, you are changed, you are not mischievous anymore, Sakshi says i have to fill DEvika’s space now, you did right by sending her on honeymoon, i was thinking to go with them, Rekha says are yu mad, they didnt get time to spend together and now you will disturb them, Sakshi says i was joking.
Ravi is calling his colleague, Ravi says i am taking leave, colleague says that you must be going on honeymoon, enjoy there, Ravi ends call, Ravi says i will have torture there, i will have to bear there too, DEvika comes in and listens, Ravi says she is staring me as she will eat me, DEvika says you do all this to irritate me, she shows him diary and says why did you put it near mandir? you must have not done God’s pooja in life that why you are so cold, keep away from my God, Ravi says she started again, Ravi says i will put bell near mandir and will put board that people like me cant enter, DEvika says be silent, Ravi says dont get angry on me but on God as everything is happening because of him, DEvika does aarti, Ravi thinks she looks nice when silent.
Addy says to Ravi that if you find any nice girl on honeymoon then tell me, i will come there to explore romantic nature, Ravi says leave it, everything ends after marriage, Devika and Manju comes there, Manju says to Ravi that take care of her, i have listened that its cold there, also dont leave her anywhere, she ask DEvika that if Ravi tease you then call me, Vikas says lets leave, you are getting late, Devika and Ravi leaves.

Scene 3
Addy ask bike’s key from Monty, Monty ask where are you going? Addy says i am going on date, Monty says you came last night only, Addy says i met her on way, you need to be quick, Monty says but this much speed is also not good, Addy says if you wanna enjoy love game then dont think about right and wrong.
Ravi and DEvika are in car, Ravi ask driver to drive fast, DEvika says no keep driving like this, Ravi says if we go there at night then we will not get room, DEvika says first let us reach, they both fight, driver smiles at them, Ravi thinks that i have to keep my tongue shut, this honeymoon is destruction for me, i am first person who is afraid of honeymoon, DEvika thinks he must have some plans for honeymoon, i should tell him how to behave with me but how to say infront of driver, she writes message in mobile and ask Ravi to read it, she writes that take 2 rooms there as i dont want to share with you, he writes and gives it to her, he writes that i also dont want to live with wild cat, DEvika fumes and writes something and gives it to him, she writes that now you know if you cross limits then what will happen to you, if you irritate me then you will see, he replies, he writes that i will get down here only as wild animals will be good company then you, DEvika fumes in anger, driver stops car and says eat something as we will not get something for 2 3 hours, Ravi ask you wanna eat anything? she says no, Ravi says we will not get anything, you will eat my mind but it will not end your hunger, DEvika says dont think about me, i said i dont wanna eat, Ravi says ok as you wish, i am going, he leaves, Devika says Ambe Maa how will spend this time, i cant spend minute with him and now i will be with him, he is irritating, stupid, i will close hotel room and will open it when we will be leaving only, Ravi buys some apple and comes back in car, he says very tasty apply.

Scene 4
Shweta says i didnt go to honeymoon but see DEvika, i pray that they never return, Saket calls her, she says for what you come in function? you didnt do anything, they left or honeymoon, she says Kasoli, Saket says i have sent tickets for you and Vikas for Shimla, he ends call, Shweta gets happy, Saket turns his car and leaves for Kasoli.

PRECAP- DEvika and Ravi are sleeping, DEvika has her head on Ravi’s shoulder, Saket sees this from his car and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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