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Scene 1
RAvi comes in Amit’s cabin and find Devika painting office, he ask whats happening here, Devika turns to see him, loses balance and falls from stool and paint falls on her head, he starts laughing on her, she gets sprain in her feet, Ravi says you got sprain, Devika says this all happened because fo you, you shouted and i got dis balanced, now all will laugh on me, he says they will laguh when you will go out, let me check you feet, she says dont touch me, he shouts to shut up, he lifts her in arms, she ask what are you doing, leave me, he makes her sit on couch and moves her feet, she ask what are you doing? he ask her to see, she checks and her sprain is gone, she looks at him, Sadqe tere plays, he leaves. Devika comes in washroom to wash her painted hairs, she recalls how Ravi was ordering

her to work fast, then how he helped her to get off sprain, she says he is confusing guy, he has double personality, girls dont know her mind thats why she comes in her charm but i know his real personality, she prays to Ambe Maa to not involve her way with Ravi’s, she thinks maybe Ravi is doing all this because i didnt pay him fare of auto which he paid on my behalf, i will return his 50rs.
Savitri comes out of Pundit’s house, she finds Anuja there, Savitri says you must be shocked to see me out of jail, you alleged me for stealing but i have sources, i am respectable person, Anuja find Police man there, she says Savitri ji you are a good person, but you shouldnt do anything which makes you go to police station, you complete your work then we will talk, Savitri ask are you in sense, talking so nicely? police man leaves from there, Anuja says shut up, you are cheap lady, savitri says you are mad, i have work, she leaves from there.

Scene 2
Devika comes out of washroom, her clothes are wet so she turns off AC as she is getting cold, Ravi comes there and says why it is hot today, someone has closed AC? he finds Devika drying her hairs and remote of Ac with her, he says to her that if you feel cold then bring sweater with you, we all feel hot, he turns on Ac, he finds Deviak shivering in cold, he thinks her clothes are wet because of washing paint, its her punishment to get cold, he decreases temperature more and leaves.
Saket is free and thinks to take Devika out, he says i will talk romantically with her, will tell her that how i am going crazy for her, how i keep thinking abotu her, if she feels same? if she doesnt then i will tell her that i want love in return of love.
Devika thinks Ravi doesnt have humanity at all, doing all this for 50rs, she ask girl where is RAvi, she says he is in conference.
Devika comes in conference room, Ravi is not there, girl ask her to check designs, Devika thinks that i will put his 50rs here and leave, she finds magazine there which she bought and left in Ravi’s car, she says this is same amagize, she find peacock feather too in it which she had put, Ravi comes there, she hides peacock feather, he ask what you stole from my desk? she says nothing, he says what is in your hand then? he gets closer to her to check whats in her hand, he finds peacock feather, Devika’s necklace get entangled in RAvi’s shirt’s button, they both look at each other, share an eyelock, he thinks that she was taking her peacock feather and i called her stealer.
Anuja ask Pundit what savitri was saying to you? she says she was talking about her grand daughter’s marriage, i thought to ask your son’s hand for her, she is very nice girl, Anuja says have you gone mad, we are good family and they are very cheap people, Pundit says no, with Ajay’s marriage, they have got much gold jewelry which they ill give to Devika and also i got to know they have property of 10 lacs which is in Devika’s name, which her groom will get, aslo Devika is totally opposite to Savitri, she is very shy and nice girl, Anuja is stunned listening 20 lacs, she thinks our life would become good if we get 10 lacs by marrying Ravi to her, she ask who is marrying Devika? Pundit says i don know his name, Anuja thinks now i first have to find who is groom of DEvika.

Scene 3
Ravi’s friend sherry comes in conference room, he says you? i am so happy to see you, she says i got to know one dashing guy Ravi works here so i knew you must be here, she hugs him, Devika doesnt like it, she leaves. she says i dont know i am feeling bad, receptionist says you are jealous, she says me jealous for Ravi? are you mad.
Ravi ask sherry when you are marrying rithvik? she says dont know, she says i am working here as marketing head, its good that i will have your company, Ravi says i will bring coffee for you. Deviak is at reception, Ravi comes there too, they both look at each other, Devika leaves from there, he says its good she left, DEvika thinks he is a disgusting person, i will not talk to him, will tell him anything through reception.
Devika comes back home, Pallavi ask how was your day, Devika says dont even ask me how was it, it was bad because of that Ravi., you know what he did, she tell her about paint and AC thing, Pallavi says i didnt know he is mischievous, Devika says to Pallavi that leave it, he is very low level guy, this is all his facades, i know him well, he thinks he is hero, i got flu because of him. RAvi is going back to home and recalls how he called Devika stealer, he says i alleged her unnecessarily, if i torture her like this then she will complain to Saket and he is mad, i made her get cold in Ac, how can i treat girl like this, i know she is mad women but i will ignore her from now on, he thinks to say sorry to her.
Ravi calls Devika, Devika picks up, she says you? how you got this number, dont even dare to call me, i will complain to police, she ends call, he says she is mad women, i called her to say sorry and she always is rude, i will never call her again, Devika thinks why did he call me?

PRECAP- Pallavi says to Devika that Saket was not seeing you in nice way, Devika says are you mad, Saket is not that bad. atleast he is nice then that Ravi, you know he went to office before me to check if everything is fine for me there, he is good person.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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