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Scene 1
Shweta comes in kitchen and says to Jyoti that i will make coffee for Vikas, it makes mood romantic. Manju comes there and asks Jyoti to make tea for her. Manju says to Shweta that i want to talk something important, she asks Jyoti to leave, Jyoti says but tea? Manju asks her to leave, she leaves. Manju asks Shweta if she thought anything? Shweta says about what? Manju says about swapping brides, Shweta says we will make Nivi drink diarrhea medicine, she will remain in washroom and we can hit Ambika with stick to make her sit in mandap, Manju says give some reasonable idea, i will take necklace back from you, Shweta says atleast i am giving ideas, your mind is empty, Manju says how dare you talk to me like this?.. Manju says we should not fight, think something, Shweta says dont threaten

me about gold necklace again, she thinks some idea.
Nivi comes to Ravi’s room and sees him sleeping, she smiles at him and is about to wake him up but sees Devika’s photo in his mobile, she thinks dont know when he will stop thinking about her, how did he get Devika’s photo? i burned all memories of Devika, she recalls how she burned Devika and Ravi’s room and she killed Devika, she thinks that Devika didnt leave us even after dying but once i marry Ravi then Ravi wont be missing you Devika, you will be out of his life, she deletes Devika’s picture and puts his phone under pillow, she wakes him up and says i was feeling like meeting you today, its good morning, we are getting married, we are going to become one now, she shows him mehndi and says people say that when husband loves you then mehndi is dark but in my case, its my love for you but i am sure that you will love after marriage. Manju comes and asks Nivi to start getting ready, she says yes and leaves. Ravi says i cant forget memories of Devika, he checks his phone and says how did Devika’s photo got deleted.
Shweta says to Manju that we should plan everything nicely. Janki and Ambika comes there. Manju says you are most important guests of wedding. She asks janki what will she drink? Janki says no need, we had breakfast. Nivi comes there shouting about Jyoti, she sees Ambika and hugs her, she says you got ready and came but i am still not ready like its your wedding not mine, Janki thinks she said what is going to happen. Nivi says i am not still ready, Devika says i knew you would be stressed thats why i came to help you, i wil control everything now, Nivi says you are so sweet, you are most important in this wedding, DEvika thinks that you are right, without me this wedding cant happen, Nivi takes her with her.
Saket is sleeping in his room. Servant comes and asks Saket to get up. Saket says why you are waking me up? Servant says your alarm is buzzing again and again, Saket says bring lemonade for me. he says Ambika must have reached there by no, Ambika has to say yes to my proposal, she cant say no then i will have answer for Vikas but i cant do much as he is brother in law. He looks at Ambika’s photo in mobile and says you are my love, my life, everything, just say yes and i will give you all happiness, dont break my heart today.
Nivi brings Devika in room and says i am so stressed but now seeing you i am less stressed, its first time i am going to be bride, wedding changes whole life of person, Devika says why you are taking stress? you dont have to go other house and adjust, Nivi says its actually Ravi, you are my best friend, i can share it with you, you know how much i love Ravi, he loves me too and cares about me but he keeps distance from me, i am scared that will i be able to end that gap, its Devika. Devika recalls how Ravi told her that he is marrying Nivi just to make her jealous, how he pleaded her to come. Nivi says they lived together and had moments, i am sure he must think about Devika, i am just scared that will he give me that place? Devika says you are worrying about person you killed yourself, and about Ravi, i am sure he loves you, if he had place for Devika then he wouldnt be ready to marry you, and for other problems, i will be there for you, i will always solve your problems, be happy now, its your wedding, i will make you ready today, you will be so beautiful that Ravi wont be able to see and think about anyone else, Nivi says you are so nice but where is your Mehndi? why didnt you apply it? you have to apply it, i will bring my bridal dress, she goes. DEvika thinks that you will never be my friend but you dont know much big enemy i am of yours, you can never win over Devika.

Scene 2
Jyoti brings juice for janki, Janki says no need for formalities, Manju says you are like Goddess for us, Janki says i am lucky to be with you, nobody goes with money after death, its all about humanity, she drinks juice and looks around, she says its sangeet decoration, right? why didnt you change it? Manju says Nivi’s financial situation is not good thats why, Janki thinks that dont know what Manju thought about my idea, how to ask infront of Shweta. Manju says i thought about bride swapping, i am ready to do it, Shweta is part of our plan, Shweta goes to bring sweets, Janki says to Manju that did you find any girl to take Nivi’s place? Manju says i have chosen one girl but nothing is final, Janki asks who is that girl? Manju says you dont know her, janki gets tensed and thinks what if Manju found another girl? she must be lying, she couldnt find another but i have to confirm that its Ambika only.
Ravi comes to Nivi’s room and says my sherwani’s button is not tucking, Devika turns, he is lost seeing her, he says i didnt know Nivi had guest, i am sorry, he starts to leave but Devika holds his arm and says i am not normal guest, i am best friend of your would be wife, you are looking nice, how did button break? i will tuck it, Ravi says no, she doesnt listen, Ravi thinks what happened to her? how come she is happy? her mother told me that she was sad, what is happening, Devika says dont be shy from me now. She comes closer and starts tucking his button with needle and thread, they look in each others eyes, Banjare ko ghar plays, Ravi is looking at her, Devika comes closer and cuts thread with her teeth, Ravi catches his breath.

PRECAP- Rose petals are showered on Devika. She sees I love you written on mirror. Saket comes and gifts her necklace, Devika sees Ravi coming there and says wow beautiful, she takes necklace from him, Ravi looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice waiting for ambika and ravis marriage

  2. Nice episode but I dnt know when ambika will know the truth that Ravi is gud person

    1. Devinder.singh uk

      Probably after 10. Yrs of marriage she will find put the truth lol!!!!! Hate it when amibika talks out loud her thoughts like mama has called I am worried bla blah pls shut up u are a.weasel who can’t think without maa’s input and that same expression you keep its so boring. Trying to be brave its pathetic. Weasel weasel weasel!!!!!!!!

    2. Devinder.singh uk

      Probably after 10. Yrs of marriage she will find put the truth lol!!!!! Hate it when amibika talks out loud her thoughts like mama has called I am worried bla blah pls shut up u are a.weasel who can’t think without maa’s input and that same expression you keep its so boring. Trying to be brave its pathetic. Weasel weasel weasel!!!!!!!! You are not capable of taking revenge love.

  3. Cant wait till Ravi andDevika gets married, that will be an episode to watch

  4. Don’t tell me they will marry for the third time..kuch dum nahi raha story mein..not moving forward but rotating around. Get them together throw nivi in jail..let saket add more misery once they get children.. graduate then to Family level from just this bhaji Pala

  5. Well, the upcoming episodes will be worth watching…..it’s going to be….. Hell hath no fury…..when a woman is cheated on by best friend!!! I know the actress playing nivi will do an awesome job but I’m not looking forward to seeing ambika’s expression coz she doesn’t have an expression……period!!!! I was looking at her when she was talking on the sofa with nivi and after the conversation,the makeup was so flawless, it gave her a wooden look…..no offense intended. I wish I could keep makeup on like her…. Wow! Nice gray sari though, love it.

  6. my mom thinks that Janki devi might be Mata Rani taking a human form…so I dont know if she can right or wrong

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