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Scene 1
Ravi is calling Rekha, he finds DEvika there and ends call, DEvika ask why did you end call? with whome you were talking? Ravi says no, i was checking phone, DEvika says dotn lie to me, Monty’s lawyer calls Ravi, he thinks if talk to lawyer infront of her then she will get more angry, DEvika ask why you are not picking call now, he says i dont want to pick, Devika takes call, lawyer says Monty will be saved from drugs case but what is equation of Monty and Sakshi, i wanna talk to you, DEvika ends call, Ravi ask what did he say? DEvika says he said what you wanted to hear, you will talk to him later so dont ask me, she leaves.
Monty is in market, Saket comes there and says i wanna talk to you, Monty says i know you wanna talk for your good only, i dont wanna talk to you, Saket

says you love Pallavi right? Monty ask how you know it, Saket says it doesnt matter, what you are doing? you are doing mistake of your life, you love someone else and marrying someone else, Monty says who are you to interfere, Saket says i am just saying that you are being fooled, they are asking you to sacrifice, you said yes for marriage as Ravi asked you, you are thinking that what Sakshi must be going through and all but why you are sacrificing your love? i have seen Pallavi has love for you, think what Pallavi must be thinking right now, if you had confessed your love to Pallavi then she must be with you right now, go and ask her if she loves you or not, now its upto you if you wanna love of your life or sacrificed life, Monty says if Pallavi loves me then i will give chance to my love for sure.
Navi comes to Manju’s house and says i wanna talk to Monty about case, Manju says he out, he will comeback, Navi says i will wait now, she thinks she is here to see Ravi only, Ravi comes there, she stares him, Ravi ask Navi to have tea, she finds DEvika there with Tea, Navi says i was thinking about case so didnt see her, Shekhar and Rekha comes there, all are stunned to see them.
Savitri comes to meet Saket, Saket says i have talked to Monty, he will not say yes for marriage now, Savitri says i know you are working hard but Manjuu and Ravi can force him to marry, Saket says i have got Monty’s big secret, he will not go against me, Savitri ask which secret? Saket says leave it for now.
Ravi ask Rekha and Shekhar to come in, they come in and sit, Shekhar says i have come to talk something important, all think why did they come here, Rekha says thing is important so we came here to talk, Sakshi and Monty’s relation is acceptable to us, we are ready to do this marriage, Manju ask what? Rekha says Ravi came to us last night with Monty’s marriage proposal for Sakshi, we thought about it, we decided that Ravi was right, we have to solve this problem and this is best solution, Ravi says you are saying truth? i was thinking to call you but then cut it as i was worried what you might think, DEvika recalls how she doubted Ravi when he was calling Rekha, Shekhar says we were little skeptical as Savitri insulted you, Ravi says dont worry about it, i have not felt bad, Rekha says i dont have any son but you are like my son, you have solved our problem, you have taken our pain, Ravi says i am your son and its my responsibility, Navi says this is great idea, if this marriage happens then case will be closed, Rekha ask but Monty is agreed with this marriage? marriage is about whole life, i wanna talk to Monty before taking things forward, Monty comes back home and thinks to talk Ravi, he says i will tell him that i love Pallavi, he recalls how Saket said that you should have confessed your to Pallavi, he says i will tell truth to Ravi now, then when things will be fine, i wil propose Pallavi.
Ravi says to Rekha that i have talked to Monty, he agreed for marriage, Manju thinks som much was happening in house and i didnt know it, Rekah says even then i wanna talk to Monty, Monty comes there, Ravi says tell them that you have agreed for this marriage, Monty is silent and thinks that i thought i will say no for marriage but if i say no now then Ravi will be insulted, if i tell truth now then it wont be good, Rekha says to Monty that you dont have to worry, you can say anything what you want, Monty says i was thinking that if Sakshi will say yes for marriage or not, i have already said yes for marriage, Rekah says dont worry about Sakshi, she will do what i want, are you happy with this marriage? Monty nods, Ravi hugs Monty, Rekha says to Ravi that i am proud of you, i pray that all mothers get son like you, Shekhar says she is right, we are proud of you, Manju is not happy with all this.
Manju brings Ravi in room and says what you are doing? Monty is my nephew but like my son, you did all this and didnt tell me anything, Ravi says i did all this to save respect of everyone, Manju says but you could have told me, Ravi says i didnt tell this marriage proposal to anyone, not even DEvika, problem was very big, DEvika’s family was worried, SAkshi was about to do suicide, Devika was broken and i couldnt see her family breaking so i did this, Manju says but that SAvitri? i cant join one more relation with her, Ravi says your fight with her doesnt matter but Monty and Sakshi’s life is more important, agree for this marriage, Devika listens all this hiding behind curtain, she comes to her room and recalls how she shouted and doubted Ravi, how he said sorry to her.

PRECAP- Ravi is close to DEvika, he says i dont need your sorry or thank you for now, when you will trust me then say these sweet words, i will like then then only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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