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Scene 1
Saket comes to Navi and says the way you were dancing with me, it didnt seem like you were not enjoying it, Navi says i will call my dad then you will get call from home minister, Saket says no dont call him, i am leaving, he leaves.
DEvika comes to Ravi who is smiling to himself, she ask what has happened to you? you were staring me, Ravi says that means you were looking me too? DEvika says yes, i was coming to you so i was looking at you only, Ravi says why did You come to me? you cant stay away from me, Devika says Rekha told me that you wanted to say something so she sent me to you, Ravi thinks that even Rekha can read my face that i wanna say something to Devika but she cant understand it, Devika ask Ravi if he wants to say something, he says its useless as if i say anything

to you then you will bicker with me in home, Sakshi has a wish but let it be, Devika ask what did Sakshi say? Ravi says dont get angry, Devika says i will not be angry so tell me, Ravi says Sakshi said that i and you should give dance performance, Devika says what nonsense, i wont do anything, Ravi says i thought you would fulfill your sister’s wish, Devika ask if you are saying truth that Sakshi said it? Ravi says you can ask Sakshi, Devika says ok i am ready to dance with you for Sakshi, Ravi says but i dont wanna dance with you, Devika says you were behind me that i should dance with you and now saying no, Ravi says i kept asking you to dance with me but you said no and now you are ready to dance with me for your sister, i am hurt so, i have self respect too so i wont dance, Devika ask what i have to do that you will agree to dance with me?m Ravi asys propose me infront of all to dance with you, it will heal my wounds, you can do it for your sister, think about it, he leaves, DEvika he is very clever but i will make him agree to dance with me.
Sia comes back home and starts finding files, she doesnt find it and thinks to call Navi, she calls Navi, Navi ask what happened, Sia says i checked everywhere but there is no file in your room, you remember where you left the papers, Navi says maybe i have forgotten them in office, Sia says you should have confirmed it first, i left my party for this file, i can even go back as venue is away from house, Navi says we will go for party then i comeback, Sia says i am going to sleep dont know when you will comeback, she ends call. Navi ask Manju where is Ravi and DEvika? Manju says they are practicing for dance performance, this is surprise, Navi is stunned, Manju leaves.
Devika is finding Ravi, he is standing behind her, she says dont know where is he, Ravi thinks that she has decided to dance with me, i should show her some ego, he finds Saket and thinks that everything will happen infront of Saket only, DEvika finds Ravi talking to someone, she says he is showing, Sakshi wants this dance performance and i cant hurt her, she passes Saket and goes to Ravi, Navi sees this too, Devika comes to Ravi, extends her hand and ask Mr. Ravi will you dance with me? Ravi holds her hand and says Mrs. Ravi, i will dance with you, Saket and Navi fumes in anger seeing this.
Ravi and Devika come on dance stage, they closely start dancing on Tu zarori sa hai.. mujhe zinda rehne ke lye song, Saket and Navi are jealous, DEvika goes away from Ravi but Ravi pulls her back, both share eyelock as Ravi comes close to DEvika and dances, DEvika is in Ravi’s arms and is lost in feelings, all clap for them, Saket gets angry and recalls Ravi’s challenge that he wil propose Devika soon, he says if DEvika is attracted towards Ravi? this cant happen. Navi says to herself that i should be dancing with Ravi but Devika proposed him for dance, as much as i know about their relation, DEvika doesnt like Ravi at all but then why did she propose Ravi for dance? maybe Devika has started feeling for Ravi, this cant happen. Saket says to himself that i cant let Devika and Ravi come close to each other, i have to do something big to separate them. Navi thinks that i have to do something that their relation get strained.
Ravi comes to Devika and says you dance really wel, when you dance really good then why you were saying no? Devika says i didnt dance for you, i danced for my sister, you got chance to flirt, you were pulling me closer, Ravi says it was requirement of dance, DEvika says you are flirt, i know what is in your heart, you are shameless, Ravi says you keep calling me shameless, find some new name for me, Rekha comes there and says you both are looking so good together, i am very happy today as you both danced really well, Rekha says to Ravi and Devika that all guests were saying you both love each other alot, Ravi says we will keep loving each other like this, right Devika? Devika fakely smiles, Rekha says my blessings are with you both, she leaves, Ravi says Rekha knows about me alot, DEvika stares him, Ravi says you switch expresson so fast, Devika says i make face when stale person is infront of me, Ravi says you are calling your chachi Rekha a stale person, Devika says i am calling you stale.

PRECAP- Rekha says that all wives keep this fast for their husbands, Ravi says mean Devika will keep fast for me too, Rekha says yes she will fast and will do all rituals for you. Ravi says to Saket that i will forgive you for your every mistake, just forget my wife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. writers just cant help themselves – they just let a story line go on and on instead of ending it. they will go on and on for months , years. just show devika saket’s real chera!!!!!!!!!!!! dont drag it on and on boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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