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Scene 1
Ravi and devika make each other wear the garland. Everyone claps for them.
Monty says what should i do? Sakshi says what is written in letter? Palavi says talking much? Talk after wedding. Come with me. sakshi says palavi wait a minute. Sakshi asks what is written? Palavi says he doesn’t want to say in front of me. He says go i will talk later. Palavi takes sakshi with her.

Chachi says to devika this all is not required. No one knows if wedding will happen or not? Whom will you console after the wedding is broken. Devika says dont say that chachi ji. This property is not mine. Chachi says for the old thing you will ruin your sister’s life? Everyone would be heartbroken after this wedding will break. Tell me you want property or your sister’s happiness? I dont

have much time. decide and tell me.

Saket says why this monty is not leaving ravi.
Navi comes to saket and says what you know about me? Let me see how powerful your spying is? And if that was a joke you will have to pay for it. He says no it wasn’t a joke. but i like beating about the bush. The solution I have is beneficial to both of us. The dream you are seeing is also my dream. We both want same thing. WI think i and devika look good together. I think you will look even better with ravi. I dont know why are you both not together. We both want ravi and devika to separate. He leaves. navi says he is irritating but we have similar goals. He can help me out. but what his plan is?

Devika comes to ravi and says i want to talk to you about something. She says chachi.. He says oh i forgot I have to receive pandit ji. I will talk to you later.

Saket says to monty you can’t raise voice for you love. What will you do now? Tell everyone that you wont do this wedding? Everyone will be heartbroken. Monty says your persuaded me. Saket says go marry her all tension over. And after wedding sakshi will be yours. You still have time to think about it.

Ravi comes and puts hands on Devika’s eyes. He says dont open your eyes unless I ask. He sprinkles petals on her. She says can I open eyes now? He says no wait a minute. Ravi hugs her form back. he says I want to say something. She says say it. He says wait a minute. Ravi comes with a box and says open your eyes now. He has sindur in hands. He says i want to fill your hairline so you accept me and my love forever. She nods. He fills devika’s hairline. Ravi says i love you devika. She hugs him and says i love you too.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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