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Scene 1
Ravi comes in Devika’s office. He comes in lift, Devika is already there, she sees him and is stunned, he looks at her, both look away, she thinks what he is doing here? Ravi thinks she is in office too? what will i do now? all employees go out of lift, only Ravi and Devika are left in lift. Devika asks Ravi what he is doing here? she comes to him, Devika slips but Ravi holds her in his arms closer to him, Boldo no zara plays, they recalls their past slip and catch moments, they share eyelock, Devika composes herself, they moves away, Devika thinks what happens to me? why i feel weak when Ravi is around? i have to control myself.
Manju asks nivi to tell her the problem, Nivi says i went to Ambika’s house to ask sorry, i couldnt handle her attitude and i challenged her that i

will prove in 7days that she is Devika, tell me what should i do that she accepts that she is Devika, i want to give her so much pain that she shouts and tell everyone that she is Devika, what is her weakness? Manju says her weakness is Ravi, Nivi says you think that i will pain Ravi for Devika? Manju says devika loves Rekha alot, if you torture Rekha then Devika wont be able bear it, she will reach to save Rekha, Nivi hugs her and says you have given brilliant idea, sometimes fools give good ideas too, Rekha is Devika’s weakness and i will take advantage of that, i will win this challenge.
Ravi says i am sorry, Devika says its okay, i think there is some problem. Devika thinks that i dont want to see his face but i fell in his arms, Ravi thinks that she fell in arms who hold her before falling down as your closeness make me remember my love, my heart keep saying that you are my Devika.
Mechanic is checking lift, he says to manager that there is fault in lift, i am trying to repair it.
Devika says to Ravi that why lift is not working? lights go off in lift, she says tehre is some major fault, its so hot here, Ravi says dont worry, i am here, i mean i am here too. Ravi recalls how Devika used to feel suffocated in lifts, Ravi thinks that she can hide her identity but she would react in sameway in difficult situations, i will see your reactions, Devika thinks that we got stuck in lift earlier too and if Ravi remembers it then he will remember how i reacted then, she recalls how she got afraid when Ravi lit lighter, Devika thinks that i have to control my fear, i cant let Ravi know my reality, Ravi thinks that i have got chance so i will use it, i know Devika is afraid of fire, this is time to know her reality, i cant be confused anymore, i have to take her test, if she reacts like earlier then she is Devika, i will make her accept that she is Devika, i want my answers and i will get it. He looks at Devika and starts finding lighter in his pocket, Devika thinks that if he wants to check my reaction by lighting lighter? Devika takes out lighter from her pocket, she lights it and asks Ravi if he finding this? Ravi is shocked. Devika asks what happened? dont be afraid, this is just darkness, these situation happens, we have to face darkness, i hope you are not afraid of dark, Ravi asks if she is not afraid of dark? she says no, darkness is for sometime only, why to be afraid of it? Ravi asks what lighter is doing with her? you smoke? She says no not at all, i dont smoke but i have habit of switching on and off my lamp at house and when i am out of house so i use this lighter, i can concentrate while playing with it, my favorite thing is fire, i love to play with fire, she plays with her lighter, Devika thinks that thank God i didnt get caught, weldone Ambika, Ravi thinks that she is not afraid of fire, she is Ambika only why my heart beat runs faster when i see her? why i feel emotional around her? Devika moves and slips, Ravi holds her, Devika says i think there is major fault in lift. Mechanic says to manager that lift is stuck at 11th floor, there is no ventilation there.
Devika feels suffocated, Ravi asks if she is fine? she says there is no ventilation here, i am feel suffocated, Ravi tries to open lift. Devika falls unconscious, Ravi holds her and asks her to get up, he says Devika wake up, are you fine Devika? Mechanic repairs lift. Lights comeback, Ravi asks her to open eyes. Lift door is opened, Ravi lifts Devika in arms and takes her from there.
Ravi brings Deviak to medical room, he asks guard to bring doctor, guard thinks to call Janki, he leaves. Ravi asks Devika to open her eyes, he says Ambika ji open your eyes, he sprinkles water on her face but she doesnt get up, Ravi wipes her face with this handkerchief, he asks her to open eyes, he says Ambika open your eyes. He recalls time spent with Devika and looks away, he again looks at her and feel emotional, he comes to Devka and kisses her forehead, he moves back and thinks what i am doing? how can i do this?she is not my wife but Ambika Raichand, i did wrong, very wrong.
Manager tells Janki that Devika got unconscious in lift, lift was not working, there was some man Ravi Garewal with her lift, he brought her out of lift, Janki says i have to go to office right now.
Devika wakes up, Ravi says thank God you are unconscious, he makes her get up, Devika touches her forehead, Ravi says i am sorry, i didnt mean it.. Devika says i am sorry, i fell unconscious and you had to bring me out, Ravi thinks that it means she doesnt know that i kissed, her, Ravi gets call from Nivi, she asks where are you Ravi? he says i am in Devika’s office, i mean i am in Ambika’s office, Mr. Luthra asked me to bring some papers, Nivi says what the hell are you doing there? Ravi says i had to take papers, okay? he ends call, Nivi says he could have send someone else, i dont know what Ravi is upto. i dont like this, she gets angry.
Ravi comes to DEvika and says i am sorry, i called you DEvika, she says its okay, he says i have to leave, he leaves.
Ravi comes to manager who gives him deal papers. Ravi says i got papers, now i will match her signs with our marriage certificate signs then i will know if she Devika or Ambika. Ravi starts leaving but strikes with Janki, she says you here? Ravi says Mr. Luthra wanted me to take deal papers thats why i came here, Janki says these papers are not ready, she takes papers from him and says when they will be ready, i will send it to you, you dont need to come, she leaves. Ravi thinks that i got papers after so much difficulty but she took it away, i got so happy to get papers that i didnt see who is coming, did she doubt me that she took my papers? if i had not banged with her then this wouldnt have happened, i dont understand why she took papers from me, it means she doubts me, she is powerful so she can remove these proofs, why everything remains unfinished for me.
Janki comes to Devika and asks if she is fine? Devika says i am fine, i just fainted in lift, Janki says Ravi was with you too? DEvika says yes, he was with me, he took care of me so much, if he cares about me so much then how did he plan to kill me for money and wealth? Janki says you still love him thats why you are not able to see real face, Ravi is doing all this to know your reality, he knows if you are DEvika then youa re big problem for him,

i have told you many times to think from mind not from heart when Ravi is around.
PRECAP- Janki says i have an idea, Devika asks what idea? Janki says only one person can make Nivi believe that you are not Devika but Ambika and that is Devika herself, Devika asks what she means? Janki says you will go to Nivi’s house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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