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Scene 1
Navi says to Manju that how dare you talk about my marriage, atleast think about my status, i knew you are bringing me here just to show off, i thought i will help you out as you helped me that night but you.. what if this news reaches my office, i am feeling disgusted, Manju looks down, navi ask why did you do this? Manju says i didnt do anything, that Savitri is taking revenge of me, Navi says why did you bring me in all this? its your problem and if you think i will forgive you then forget it, you and your son only know how to insult people, Manju says i am sorry for all this, Ravi doesnt know all this, dont be angry with him, Navi says why not? my name is attached with his name and the way he shows attitude, i simply hate it, now you see what i doe, she leaves, Savitri smirks listening all

Ananya is going home, she is in car, she recalls how Saket was with Devika, car stops, she ask driver why did you stop? driver comes out of car, he ask her to come out, she says i am not ordinary relative of Saket, if he gets to know about this behavior of yours then your job will be gone, driver goes in corner, Ananya thinks hi act doesnt seem good, she comes out and ask driver to get in car and drop her to her home, she says i will call Saket, driver turns and its Ravi, he ask whats your relation with Saket? Ravi takes off his beard and turban, Ananya is shocked seeing him, Ananya recalls how Saket said to her that dont come infront of this guy, Ananya says i told everyone that i am his relative, Ravi says i listened everything when you were talking to Saket in room, ananya says when you know everything then why you are asking me? Ravi says i didnt listen whole convo, tell me why did you take Saket’s side, i know you are not his relative, tell me why did you lie to everyone, he says i will not force you but you are hurting yourself, i thought i will save your life, you know how Saket is and still you took his side, you are destroying two lives, DEvika is very good friend of mine and i cant let life be spoiled, do you want DEvika to get married to Saket? Ananya says i wont let that happen, Ravi says then help me, why you are afraid, Saket is using you, i have seen him with many girls, Ananay says that was his past and i have no issues with it, Ravi says what about present? you want to become his past too? you want to become his ex-gf, what you think that Saket will fulfill his promise, he just play with girls, i know him very well, Saket cant be trusted, he will throw you out of his life too, Ananya says he cant throw me out like that. Ravi says Saket is like this only, he uses girls and you are taking his side, soon he will get married to Devika, he want to win over her, he is obsessed to get her, he will give her position of his wife then what will you do? Ananya says he cant ditch me, he has already given me position of gf, wife and mother of his child, Ravi is shocked, Ananya says i am mother of child, you understand why he cant leave me? she gets conscious.

Scene 2
Manju stops Navi and sys Savitri did this deliberately, she wanted you to get miffed, i am really sorry, you can scold me but Ravi is not at fault, Navi says leave me else i will forget that you are elder and tell your son to not show his face to me else it will be bad for him, she leaves, Manju says i will not leave this Savitri.
Devika says Savitri should have not done this, she could have asked Ravi first, i am afraid what if navi throws him out of job, this job is important for him and also Navi is very short tempered, Rekha recalls navi dancing with Ravi and says maybe they have some relation, Devika says no else Ravi would have told me, Savitri has done this to irritate Manju, i am sure its not like that, Rekha sys how yu are sure? maybe Ravi has feelings for her, Devika says Ravi is not like that, he cant love someone so easily, i know he is friendly but his heart will be of one girl only, if it was like that then he would have told me, Rekha says maybe he has someone n heart and he doesnt want to share it, i am worried that Savitri again started fight, this is not good way, Devika says i am worried and Ravi is not here too, he would have handled everything, Manju will not sit quietly, this fight will get more serious now.
Manju comes to Savitri and says how dare you announce all this without asking me? i had to listen so much, Savitri says everyone has to pay for their deeds, you are bearing this only, i told you to not misbehave with me, you deserve all this insult, Manju says you couldnt bear that my son got such a rich girl thats why you destroyed it, Savitri says your son destroyed my grand daughter’s mehndi so i had to revenge him, now your son will not get that girl nor his job will remain, i am feeling peace now, Manju says just wait and watch what i do now, Manju says to people that this family is very cheap and greedy, they have not paid for food you all are eatingm my son has done all these arrangement, Savitri ask her to stop it, Manju says she has done this relation as Saket is rich, Savitri can beg for money too, Savitri shouts how dare you call me beggar, both start fighting like cheap women, they are separated by others.

Scene 3
Ravi says to Ananya that whatever you said, is it true? Ananya says i want to leave, Ravi says he is playing with you, he is fooling you, if you had told truth today then Devika would have been freed from him but you saved him, what you want? why you are destroying your life, DEvika’s life and your child’s life, i want to save all you three, what you are doing is wrong, think once, Ananya says i cant go against Saket, i want to give him one more chance, Ravi says he is lying, he promised you so that you can leave Sangeet, he will not break this marriage but i ca break it, you have to help me, trust me, i will handle everything, Ananya says i am sorry, Saket has promised me that he will break this marriage, and if i dont trust him then he will not be with me, who will give name to my child then? i cant take that risk, Ravi says you are taking risk by not telling truth, Ananya says maybe his promise is true? i want to trust him, he has promised me that he will stop Haldi, Ravi says you dont know Saket, he must be planning how to remove you from his till tomorrow, dont let him do that, come with me and tell truth, Ananya says no wait for one day, Ananya sit in car and leaves from there.
Ravi says dont know why DEvika cant see all this, he destroyed Ananya’s life and now he will destroy Devika’s life, her family is mad behind Saket and she is doing marriage for their sake. Devika is finding Ravi in function, she says maybe he got sad that he was proved wrong once again, so he left, its good he left as i cant see him embarrassed infront of all, i hope nothing affects his job, i know this job is important for him, i should talk to Navi as my dadi did all this, i will tell her to not take Ravi’s resignation and also say sorry to her.
Saket thinks that tomorrow is Haldi then marriage will happen then Devika will be mine forever, he smiles evilly, he says i have to handle this Ananya, once marriage is done then i will end chapter of Ananya.
Ravi says that i know reality of Saket, i cant let my friend’s life be spoiled, i cant wait for ananya, i have to find her and have to bring Saket’s truth out, i cant see her life be spoiled.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Devika that you are my friend but you have hidden many things from me, Devika says what? Ravi says isnt it true that something is changed in you? you feel something else, yo do things which you have not done before, Devika ask how do you know? Ravi says i know many girls going from this phase but i cant understand that after knowing everything, how can you fall in love? Devika tensely looks at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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