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Scene 1
Devika’s father says to Ravi that she is part of my heart, I request to never lessen love for her, take care of her such that she forgets her housel, forget and forgive me, all are in tears, Devika thinks he feels for me so much, this is best gift in marriage, thanks,Ravi thinks I promise I will keep Devika, she will not have any tears, I will remove all problems of her, all her tensions will go away with my love, Ravi holds Devika’s hand.
Pallavi ask Sakshi to steal groom’s shoes, Sakshi thinks if they steal shoes then they will bicker with Ravi and I don’t know if he has money with him, Sakshi says I have no interest in stealing Saket’s shoes, he insult those who follow all rituals, I did some mischief in engagement and he did insult, if you disturb him

marriage then he will get angry on you, don’t you have self respect? if you wanna go then go, Pallavi says you are right, Saket doesn’t like it so we should let it be.

Scene 2
Pundit says Kanyadan is done, now Groom’s mother come and apply Tikka on groom, Sakshi and monty gets tensed, Gayetri comes forward, removes sehra a little, tries to apply tikka but her her hand gets burned with diya, shweta ask her to come, she will apply balm, Sakshi says I will apply tikka, she comes forward, DEvika is confused with her, Sakshi applies tikka to Ravi.
Navi is sitting and imagines Ravi coming and sitting beside her, RAvi ask what are you looking at? Navi says these marriage rituals are powerful, these mantras make marriage powerful, Ravi says marriage bring people more closer, after marriage two people are joined by heart, Navi says where were you? she turns to find someone other guy there, Navi gets confused, the guy says I like you, you can call me, Navi takes number and tries to call him, he says my wife is here, don’t call now, Navi says I am just giving miscall, she calls police station and says someone is teasing me.
Pundit ask them to get up for pheras, Ravi get up holding DEvika’s hand, she looks at him, he leaves her hand, Pundit says 1st promise is that you accept her as your wife and will be with her, will give her happiness, Ravi thinks yes DEvika I will keep you and will keep every problem away from you, they take 1st phera, Pundit says 2nd promise that you will protect her, Ravi thinks that I promise Devika I wont let anything happen to you, Devika is still searching for Ravi, Pundit says 3rd promise is that you will make her family yours and will respect them, Ravi thinks I take them as my own but will they accept me? Pundit says 4th promise is that you will keep her trust and will never cheat her, Ravi thinks that I will keep your trust intact, just believe me once, they take 4th phera, Sakshi is all happy for them, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, Devika recalls her time spent with Ravi.
Saket wakes up in room and thinks how come I am here? why my clothes are changed, what about my marriage?
Pundit says now bride will come forward, Devika comes infront, her dupatta falls but Ravi holds it and puts back on her shoulder, Sadqe tere plays, Pundit says now bride will promise me that his house is hers now, his family is hers now, she will fulfill her responsibilities, Devika thinks that’s I am fulfilling my duties and will continue to do so as its my fate, they take phera, Pundit says next promise that she will be his strength in pain and happiness, DEvika says I will do it as ambe maa want, I just want permission to fulfill my mother’s dream, they take 6th phera, Pundit says last promise that bride will always respect his life and will give my life, my body ands soul to you, Devika thinks I am giving my life, my body has no life in it and soul is lost somewhere else, I will go where my fate takes me, they take last phera, DEvika recalls how Sakshi said that Ravi was proposing her, Sakshi gets happy with last phera.

Scene 3
Saket wakes up and goes out of room. Sakshi gives thumbs up to Monty, Savitri sees it. Navi gets call and leaves. Pundit gives mangalsutra to Ravi, he puts in DEvika’s neck, Rekha is about to fall going down from mandap but Ravi holds her, she gets happy seeing his support and thanks him.
Saket is going down and says don’t know what is happening, nobody called me, Sanjay comes there and says if you are here? then who is in mandap with Devika? Saket says what? he goes down.
Pundit ask Ravi to put sindoor in her forehead, Ravi puts sindoor in her forehead, Pundit says marriage is done, they are husband and wife now, take blessing from elders, Sakshi thanks God, DEvika is not happy. Ravi and DEvika are taking blessings from elders, Saket comes there and says this marriage cannot happen, all are shocked to see him, Gayetri says if you are here? then who is groom? Savitri says whom DEvika married? all look at groom.

PRECAP- Saket says to Savitri that Ravi is calling me devil and what he did? he married Devika as he want her crores property, Devika is shocked.<

Update Credit to: Atiba

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