Kalash 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Manju calls Navi and says ravi is so mad at me. Please I am sorry, I was so mad. Navi says its okay. It doesn’t matter. Navi says I am driving i will talk to you later,
Sakshi says to monti no one is here. He says you stay here and if you find something inform us.
Monti says to ravi nothing is there. Ravi says where is sakshi? he says she is on that road. Monti says call on the number she called from? Ravi says I already did, we don’t have much time.
Navi sees ravi and monti. She says he is so close I can’t go from this way. I have to get there before him and kill devika. Ravi can’t reach there. She changes the route. sakshi is there. She says why I feel like I have seen this car before? I saw it outside house. Anyway. Sakshi says no one is there.

Ravi says go to that side. Call me if you find something. sakshi says its valentine, I hope they celebrate it together. Monti says its perfect timing tomorrow. He has done so much for me.
Ravi says I really miss you devika. I will find you today.

A man comes in, the goon says who are you? The other says Dildar bhai. He is the greatest goon of chandigarh. He says king of crimes. Don’t call me a goon again. The goon says I am sorry my tongue slipped. He touches his feet and asks for pardon. He says forgive me like your child. Dildar says I don’t have a heart. I just have a stone there. The goon says you are on heights because of that. The goon asks how are you here? Dildar says why am I a no-entry? The other says no you are welcomes. Dildar says like this?They birng him a chair. Dildar says deepak we dont’ have any room for idiots. MNA has asked to keep a look here. Go bring me something to drink.
Deepak brings him drink. Saket calls dildar and asks are you there? Take everything under your control and don’t make any mistake. He looks at devika and says everything is fine there. Saket says you have to take care of this girl. Protect her. If luthra tries to harm her, let me know. Dildar says don’t worry about it.

Dildar comes in. Devika says who are you? He holds her chair. He sits there and picks her bangle. He says what is this madam? Why have you thrown it away? This is not a good thing. You should wear it because our boss wants so. Devika says who boss? He takes out a pistol. He says don’t worry. I am your new body guard. I will protect you. devika says who is your boss. Dildar laughs. he says body gaurd, not idiot. Wait a little you will know everything. you are lucky that our boss loves you otherwise, people use women and throw them away. Its better for you to forget your husband and live with my boss. He goes out.
Devika cries. She says who is their boss? Why is he doing this to me? What have I done? I don’t know ravi will reach here or not. Please come ravi. i am giving up. Please come and save me.

Ravi asks a man is there a jungle nearby? He says yea. and there is godown too. Ravi repeats devika’s name. Devika hears it and says ravi is near.
Navi comes in. dildar stops her and says how are you luthra? She says who are you? He says I am their new boss. You can’t have more information. Luthra says i don’t have time. Tell me who never misses a target? Dildar points it at her. Navi says you have to kill the girl inside. SHe contacted her husband. He might be here any moment. Dildar says we will kill him. You better go home. Navi says tell me who will kill her? Dildar says we cant even touch her thats boss’ order. Navi says your boss is blind. He cant understand if she gets recovered we will all be jailed. Dildar says I am faithful to my boss. Navi says all right. She says tell me your worth? 20 lac? 50 lac? 1 crore? Tell me. 2 crore?

Ravi is looking for devika in jungle. He sees the shed. He says someone must be here. Devika says why I felt like ravi called me? Ravi says why I feel like she is near?

Precap-Ravi finds a bangle. Devika says please don’t kill me. Its navi in a veil.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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