Kalash 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Devika asks Pallavi to not let Sakshi sleep. Rekha asks Sakshi to open her eyes, Ravi is driving fast.
Nivi says i cant believe how our plan always fail? what fate this Ambika have? why she is not dying? Saket says you have ill fate and my plans are failing because of your ill fate, Nivi says nothing happened because of me, it happened bcause of me, i am sorry to include you in my plans, your contract killers are useless, you were praising Raghav so much, said he is sharp shooter, wow his aim was so good that he shot Sakshi, Janki is waiting for Raghav to wake up and he will tell her everything. Vikas comes there, Nivi gets tensed and thinks if he listened our talks? Vikas asks why you both are so tensed? is it because you are thinking what if shooter wakes up? Nivi says what do you

mean? Vikas says let shooter wake up then you will know, why Saket has not left till now? are you waiting for shooter too? Saket says dont say rubbish, there is no Shweta to save you now, Nivi says i asked Sakwt to stay here for business discussion, go away, Vikas says you both will be going to jail soon, remember nothing should happen to Sakshi and that shooter doesnt wake up, he leaves. Saket says he will trap us.
Sakshi is brought to hospital. Rekha pleads doctor to treat Sakshi, he goes to operation theatre with Sakshi. Devika hugs Rekha and says nothing will happen to Sakshi. Ravi hugs Pallavi and says nothing will happen to her, Devika sadly looks at him and recalls how Sakshi reunited with her family, she thinks all were happy but soon everything turned to pain, i will give pain to person who have done this to Sakshi.
Nivi says to Saket that Ambika should not get to know that we are responsible for Sakshi’s condition, she would not spare us, i know her.
Vikas says to Janki that soon this shooter will become conscious then he will have to tell truth. Mont asks Vikas to put cream on his wound. Nivi comes there and asks if he woke up? Monty says no, it seems like he is injured, Nivi says why give importance to him? we should focus on Sakshi, she got shot and is in hospital and we are here? we all should go to hospital, i am worried for Sakshi. Janki says all can go to hospital but i will stay here and wait for shooter to wake up to know his reason behind shooting, he is professional killer and must have reason behind all this. Vikas says Monty why dont you and Nivi go to hospital, Nivi says i get anxiety from hospitals, i cant stay there, i am not going. Janki says you were saying we all should go and now saying you cant go? Nivi says i am saying that you all should to go to hospital and i will stay with shooter, Vikas says arent you scared of him or do you know him from before? Nivi says what rubbish? Nivi gets call and goes. Janki says to Monty that Sakshi needs you, you should go. Monty says all are with her there, if i dont go then it wont matter, Vikas says are you mad? she is your wife, and is fighting for life, you should go, Monty leaves. Vikas says to Janki that we should call doctor, janki says we have to be patient, once we know Sakshi is alright then we will see what to do with this shooter, till then we will keep an eye on him, Vikas nods.
Sakshi’s operation is going on. All are waiting outside OT. Devika comes to mandir of hospital and prays for Sakshi. Ravi comes there and prays to lord too, Devika turns and sees Ravi praying too, she is amazed, Ravi turns and looks at her, she gets emotional, Ravi wipes her tears, Devika hugs him and cries silently while he consoles, Ravi caresses her face and says dont cry, i cant see you breaking down, i will breakdown too, nothing will happen to Sakshi, i am here, and believe in God, he wont let anything happen to Sakshi, DEvika says what was her fault? i am responsible for all this, if anything happens to her then i wont be able to forgive myself, it was my idea to bring her to party, i thought i would make her meet you, Rekha and Pallavi and see her condition now, but i am saying truth that i didnt know about all that, shooter came to kill me but Sakshi got shot, its all my fault, Ravi says you know nobody did so much for Sakshi, you served her day and night and made her fine, you gave happiness to Rekha and Pallavi, dont breakdown, Devika says i should have died, i should have got shot, Ravi hugs hr and says dont say this, if anything happens to you then i will die too, i love you a lot, i cant bear your pain, i wont be able to live without you, promise me that you wont say this again, she nods, Ravi says i promise that i will protect, i am sure that someone wants to separate us, someone doesnt like our happiness but i promise you that i will find that person soon and kill them but dont ever say that you will leave me because then i wont be able to live with myself, he hugs her and says i love you a lot.

Scene 2
Saket comes to Nivi, Nivi says where were you? he says calling someone, Nivi says you take situations lightly, we are in trouble but you are thinking about calls? Saket says you think i am fool? i have more mind than you, i was trying to find solution of this problem, i talked with inspector, you keep blaming me, solution is that we have to make Raghav get arrested then we will be safe. Nivi says i cant convince Janki to handover him to police, Saket says convince Janki anyhow, if Raghav wakes up then we are dead, i am living convince Janki and call me, he leaves.
Ravi gets call, Devika break hug, Ravi says Janki maa is calling. Devika takes call. Janki asks how is Sakshi? Devika says her operation is going on, if anything happens to Sakshi then i wont be able to forgive myself, you come here, i need you, Janki says i cant come, you have to be strong, Ravi is there too, he will help you, Sakshi will be fine. Devika says why you cant come here? Janki says the shooter who shot Sakshi is in our trap, we are waiting for him to wake up so he can tell who was behind this plan, Vikas caught him and shooter fell and got hit, he is unconscious now, we are waiting for him to become conscious, Devika says dont let him go, ask him who is behind all this that happened with Sakshi, Janki says i am handling, you take care of Rekha and Pallavi, Devika says yes and ends call.

PRECAP- Janki says to Nivi that why you dont want to know who is behind that shooting? why you are so tensed? i am doubting you now seeing your reaction i will decide what we will do with this shooter not you, Nivi is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I love ur serioul Mai to sirf tume he dekhta hu meri devika kaash Mai Ravi hota

  2. Thanks so much Atiba. This is the type of update we wall want from you. Seriously thanks a lot. We didn’t want the update that we being given in your name for the past few days. Coming back to episode, overall I’ll rate it 80%. It was nice to see Janki answering Nivi back. Saket and Nivi will never get into contact with Raghav because Janki and Vikas will never let them take Raghav with police. I really hope that Raghav gains consciousness by Monday, they shouldn’t drag his getting consciousness. Ravi and Devika’s romance and consolation in hospital was nice. Sakshi will be fine, nothing will happen to her. Again Monty started with his nonsense. If he carries on like this then he should just divorce Sakshi because this is now becoming nonsense. Let’s see what happens, can’t wait for Nivi and Saket to get exposed,, after that they should just show romance of Ravi and Devika with family happiness for atleast 2 months. Thereafter they should showcase a 17 year leap showing Ravi and Devika’s children in college, and then their journey of facing evil should start, come on guys, please comment, lets form our own group like others, who agrees?

  3. I agree with you, Mohammed 🙂 they should what Devika/Ravi’s will be like in the future. 🙂 let’s form a whatsapp group! 😀

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