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Scene 1
Ravi is in jail, Saket comes there and laughs, Ravi is shocked and comes near him, he angrily looks at Saket.
Devika and Pallavi are going in rickshaw, Devika is sad, Pallavi says to Devika that dont worry nothing will happen to Ravi, Devika thinks that whenever happiness comes in my family, Ravi does something stupid, dont know what he has done now.
Saket says to Ravi that now we have become new relatives, i am Devika’s jeeju(brother in law) and you are my sister’s brother in law, i came to see if you are fine here in new house? if you need anything then tell me, i will take care of it, dont get angry, you do same mistake everytime, why did you challenge Saket again? what happened to your challenge nothing, you know i am devil and devil never lose, you are so good,

you do good everyone but still you are in jail and i am roaming freely, you must be feeling bad, you must be thinking how all this happened, you are not understanding it right? i will tell you, flashback shows how Saket had seen Ravi in hotel, fb ends, Saket says i thought i am exposed but then i made master plan, you know your problem is that you are over confident and i took advantage of that, i sent waiter to you and sent police to you too, when you were beating waiter, he was looking back at me, then i pointed him to run as police was coming there, your game finished, Ravi says you dont deserve to live, you destroyed Monty and Sakshi’s life, Saket says you dont have standard to fight with me, you will remain in jail till my marriage with Sakshi, you cant do anything with me, my darling Devika is coming here, what she will think seeing you in jail? she will be disappointed with you, i am leaving now, if you need anything then tel me as i am MLA, Ravi says you will bear punishment of all this, let me come out then i will punish you, Saket says keep seeing dreams, he leaves.
Devika comes to police station with Pallavi and Sanjay, Devika says i will go inside, we all should not go inside together, she goes in.
Devika comes in police station, Saket sees her and hides, he thinks that if Devika sees me here then she will think that i have arrested Ravi and she will believe Ravi then, he puts cloth on his mouth and starts leaving, he strikes with Devika but leaves.
Pallavi and Sanjay are waiting for Devika outside police station, they see Saket coming out of police station, they come to Saket and ask what he is doing here? Pallavi ask if he couldnt free Ravi? Saket says you are right, Ravi is in problem, i tried to save him but couldnt, you know Ravi was beating waiter, police came and arrested him, Pallavi ask why Ravi was beating waiter? Saket says waiter knew some secret of Ravi and was blackmailing him so Ravi beat him, Sanjay ask how police arrived at venue? Saket says i called him, Sanjay says what? Saket says i am joking i dont know anything, he leaves.
Ravi is sitting in jail, Devika comes to him and is in tears to see him in jail, she recalls how Ravi said that he will set everything right, Ravi looks at her, he comes to her, she looks at him in tears, Ravi tries to hold her hand but the doesnt do it, Devika says why you did it again? what happens to you everytime? why you do this again and again? you did this on honeymoon and now you have shown me this day again, you know what is going on between us still you are giving me pain, you know what is happening with my family, they got happy with this Roka and now they are sad again, their one son in law is in jail, why you do this again and again? now tell me why you are here? Ravi says i cant tell you, Devika says why you cant tell me? if you dont tell me then how will i free you from here? Rvi holds her hand and says that if you have ever felt my truth, my love, if you have ever felt our hearts beat sameway then for that moment take my side today, Devika says i would have taken your side without questioning if you have been true to me, if you have never cheated me, if you have never broken my heart but you never completed on promise, today also you are not telling me truth, i know you did soemthing wrong today too thats why not telling me, i know whatever you have done, it is related to Saket and Sakshi’s marriage which you want to stop, Ravi says even if i have done something to stop their marriage, wont you bring me out of this jail? she says no, Ravi says to Devika that if Sakshi gets married to Saket then she will die everyday, she will have tears everyday, you wont be able to see that, you will hold yourself responsible for all this as you have taken Saket’s guarantee, Rekha will breakdown seeing Sakshi’s state and you will breakdown seeing Rekha and that break me down, thats why i am stopping this marriage, Devika says you are doing all this for me? she puts hand on his hand and says please for me, remove from this way, Ravi says i have stepped up on this way for you and i will keep walking on this path now till i dont prove truth, i love you alot and because of one misunderstanding, you have to bear pain for whole life then i cant let this happen, Devika says what kind of love this? if i am asking you then why dont you move away from this path? Ravi says my love is like this only, Devika says then i am like this too, i will not bring you out of jail, Ravi says its okay, i will not feel bad, he smiles, Devika moves back and turns to go, she turns to look at Ravi then leaves, Ravi thinks that she loves me alot, love is hidden behind her anger and tears, she loves me alot. Devika thinks that he puts me in problem everytime, he doesnt know how much it hurts me, why he does that everytime? Ravi sits in jail and remember their good times spent together, Devika also recalls their good time, Kabhi Na sukoon aye plays.

PRECAP- Navi comes to Saket and slaps him hard, Saket gets angry on her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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