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Scene 1
Saket says to Nivi that i am not thinking bad about your friend, i love her, i want to marry her, i will give her happiness, think once if i get married to Ambika then Ravi wont have option but you, even if then you want to lose your love for your friend then go to police and tell them about me, i just want to suggest to not break your life for your friend, Nivi recalls how Ravi was close to Ambika. Saket says i will fool police but think we have done so much for or loves, we have even murdered, you got Ravi but now when i am getting my love then you are doing this? i didnt expect this from you. Nivi says you are right, i can do anything for Ambika but i cant lose my love for her, i cant do that, Saket says good tomorrow your tension will end, Nivi says i wont stop you, if you wanna marry

Ambika then go ahead, he says i will keep Ambika happy, she thanks him and leaves. Saket smirks.
Ravi comes to Nivi’s room and doesnt find her there. He says where she can do at night? He says Nivi is Saket’s friend, we can find Saket’s truth using Nivi, i am Saket has done kidnapping.
Janki calls inspector and says what are you doing? i am dying of tension and you are not finding her, if you cant do it then tell me i will find other solution, inspector says we are doing everything, trust us, we are working. Janki says kidnapper Saket was infront of you but you left him. Inspector says we cant arrest him without proofs, once that van is found then we will find your daughter too and we will spare Saket too. Janki says i dont care, i want my daughter, i will come tomorrow, i want your SP there, i want to talk to him, she ends call. Janki says where are you Ambika?
Ravi is calling Nivi, he says why she is not picking my call? whats the matter? dis she go to meet Saket? He recalls how he told her that Saket was involved in kidnapping. He says maybe she went to talk to Saket but why at this time of night? i will wait for her. Nivi comes there. Nivi says you didnt sleep? Ravi says i was waiting for you, where did you go at night? Nivi says i had meeting with client, i didnt want to go but it was important, i am going to take rest, she leaves. Ravi thinks. Driver comes to Ravi and says she forgot her phone in car. Ravi says did you go out of city with her? he says no we went to Saket’s house, Ravi says you can go. He says why Nivi lied to me? why she said that she went to meet client? is she involved in kidnapping with Saket?
Ravi comes to Nivi and says i want to talk to you, she says what? he says i want to ask where did you go at night? she says i told you that i went to meet client, he asks are you sure? who is this client to have dinner as this time? Nivi says its new client, you dont know, Ravi this new client is Saket Kapoor? why did you lie to me that you went to meet client? he gives her phone and says driver gave it to me and he told me that you went to meet Saket, why did you lie to me, did you and Saket kidnapped Ambika? Nivi says have you gone crazy, how can you think? Ravi says why did you lie to me? you went to meet Saket? Nivi says how can you be stupid? i did meet Saket, i lied to you because if i had told truth to you then you would have gone with me and you both dont like each other, Saket wouldnt tell me anything if you were with me? i thought to go without you, its because of Ambika, i wanted to know if Saket was involved in this kidnapping or not.

Scene 2
Saket is lying on his bed and says i cant sleep, what to do? dont know how this night will pass. He looks at other side of his bed empty and recalls how he used to flirt with Devika. He says finally time has come, my love will be with me, its time to not be alone, my life is going to change from tomorrow, he hugs pillow and says from tomorrow my Devika will be with me, lets sleep, i will get good dreams.
Ravi is in his room and looking at Devika’s pictures in his mobile. Devika is in godown and tensed too. Banjar hai plays. Ravi recalls their moments with Devika and Ambika both, how Devika said that they are tied together for births, she wont leave him easily. He recalls meeting Ambika, his moments with her. Devika cries and misses Ravi too. Ravi says no Ambika, i cant bear this space now, i have lived year in pain without her, i love Devika alot, Ambe Maa i cant live without her, end this game and give her back to me, he cries.
Devika says Ambe Maa why you are doing this? you know how Saket is then why you are doing this? i cant marry him, i cant marry anyone because i am of one person only and i will remain his. Please take me out of here, she cries and screams.
Its morning. Saket wakes up to alarm, he says its my marriage today, i cant sleep more. He gets up and calls goon.
Goons are sleeping, Saket calls them. Goon wakes up and picks call and greets him, Saket says what were you doing? Goon says nothing, we didnt sleep whole night, Saket asks if Devika ate anything? Goon says Devika is sleeping but she didnt eat anything, Saket says give he tea, i am coming there, be careful today, if you find anyone there then shoot person without thinking, he ends call and says i have to buy wedding dress.
Goon comes to Devika and says everything will be fine after marriage, Devika says shut up, he says we just came to ask if you need anything, we are brother in law after all, Devika says you cant be related to me, your boss cant attain me because i am of someone else and will remain his, goon says we dont understand what you are saying but our boss is coming to marry you, be ready, we have work, they leave. Devika says where are you Maa? find me and save me, i am tensed here, there is no hope, i thought Ravi would save me but i dont think Ravi would save me this time, Maa if you dont come then Saket will marry me forcefully, before anything bad happens, please save me Maa.

PRECAP- Saket frees Devika from ties, Devika slaps him. Saket says you can tear your wedding dress in pieces but remember i will break your dignity in same number of pieces too, so think what you want to do, i am waiting, he leaves room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Tooooo much draggging….. why this show at good scences run like horse and during all these type of scences run like tortorise or even more slower…

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