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Scene 1
Saket comes in office, he finds Ravi there and ask what you are doing here? Ravi says i work here, Saket ask who is this Amit? how dare he give job to Devika, call him, Ravi recalls how he requested Amit to give job to Devika, he says if he meets Amit and Amit tells him that i forced him to give job to Devika then he will make my life hell, Ravi says Amit doesnt know Devika, someone else must have requested him, Saket says i have to ask him, you just call Amit, Ravi thinks he is a dog will not listen to me, Saket says i will never allow Devika to do job, just call Amit, Ravi smiles and says you should know that all work under chief minister in political parties, you also work under him and our office’s boss Rakesh luthara has relation with chief minister, he shows him their picture together

and says if you do fighting here then Rakesh will complain to chisf minister and chief minister will fire you from his party, sAket says you are right, i should leave. Ravi thinks that DEvika’s appointment should get canceled but my name should come in all this, he is leaving when he finds Devika coming in office, some office guys talk to Devika and says you will work under us, he shakes hands with Devika, Saket is angry seeing this, guy says dont worry till i am in office, Saket comes there so guys leave being afraid, Devika ask you here? Saket says i came here to make arrangements for you, if someone tease you here then just call me, i will set them, you sit with girls, Devika thinks why he is treating me like a child, Saket says i know you are not comfortable around boys, she says thank you for helping me out, he says dont be formal with me, he leaves.
Savitri gives Devika and Saket’s kundli to pundit and ask him to find engagement date soon, Pundit checks it and says there is destruction in her kundli, Savitri says we know that, thats why asking to find date soon.
Saket comes to Ravi and says that boys of your office are roaming around DEvika, can you do me favor, just protect her, keep her with you only, just dont let her talk to anyone, Ravi says i cant do this, i dont like her at all, Sqaket says thats why asking you, i trust you, Ravi says i am sorry to say but she is mad girl, i dont like her type of girls, she starts giving speech on Ambe Maa and doesnt stop, she loves to irritate me, i cant bear her for a second, if people see me with her then they wil ask me what happened to my standard in girls, SAket says its just for sometime, i will marry her soon and then i will not let her work, till then you keep eye on her and if anyone talks to her then beat him, i know you will do it, thanks, he leaves, Ravi is tensed.

Scene 2
Vikas is watching match, Shweta says you dont have any work. Pundit says to Savitri that i forgot panchaan in my house, SAvitri says i will come with you to your house, you just bring some date out for engagement. they come on street, Anuja is going from there, she thinks what Savitri is doing with Pundit, she listens to Savitri saying to pundit that i want marriage date of my grand daughter as soon as possible and you know the reason why i am in hurry, he says i know, Anuja says i have to listen to them. SAvitri goes in Pundit’s house, police man comes to Anuja and ask what were you doing, she says nothing, my coin fell, i was finding it only, police man says something is fishy.
Ravi thinks why Saket made me her boday guard, he looks at Devika and thinks that i thought to be away from her, Devika thinks why he is looking at me, he must be upto something, i have to be away from him, he is cheap, i will avoid him but will have to keep eye on him, he can trap me. Ravi thinks that she is a mad girl, can trap me in anything, i have to keep my secrets safe from her and know all her secrets, they both glances at each other, she leaves.
Ravi comes to receptionist, he ask to send Devika, she ask do you like her? he says not at all, the goon who came here is her fiance and my relative, so he asked me to keep eye on her, Receptionist says to Ravi that will you do engagement with me? Ravi says have you gone mad, i will not marriage till i dont reach to high level in my profession, just forget about marrying me, she is hurt, he ask to call Devika.
Receptionist comes to Devika and says Ravi has called you, she says be away from that guy, she smirks and leaves, Devika says was she giving me warning? why he is calling me in his cabin? i have to go as he is my boss. she comes in cabin and ask did you call me, Ravi says to Devika that this is Amit Sir’s office, he wants to renovate it, you do it and supervise everything here, he will return in 2 days, i have other works too and keep in mind, i dont want any mistake, i will come and cheack, he leaves, Devika says he is acting like my boss, has he forgotten that i have given him this job, i will renovate it in such a way that Amit sir will make me senior of him.

PRECAP- RAvi comes in Amit’s cabin and find Devika painting office, he ask whats happening here, Devika falls from stool and paint falls on her head, he starts laughing on her, she gets sprain in her feet.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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