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Scene 1
Devika is cooking in kitchen, servant says if Janki knows then she will scold me, Devika says i got chance to cook because she is not home, servant says halwa smells nice, Devika says i will make you taste once its ready, she think that Chachi made me learn how to cook it, i make it nice too, but she makes it best. She gets call from Rekha, Rekha thinks that thank God she accepted my call, she says Ambika ji its me, Rekha, Devika thinks Chachi? what luck, i was thinking about her only, Rekha says sorry, did is disturb you? Devika says how are you? everyone fine? your health? Rekha says i am fine, i was missing my daughter Devika, thats why i thought about you and thought to call you, do you mind me calling you? Devika says no, not at all, i feel good, you can call me anytime, i always like

your call, i am like your daughter, Rekha says when i listen your voice, i feel like i am talking to my Devika, your voice is same like her thats why i called you, i feel happy to listen that you said, its like you gave me life again, Devika says i have meeting now, i will call you later, she ends call and cries. Rekha says i know you are not Ambika, you are my Devika, you couldnt talk to me, you must be filled with emotions thats why you ended call, why you are hiding your identity from your mother? it must some big reason behind it, she wont be able to see her husband Ravi getting married to other girl, i am helpless, i cant save her life, God you have to do something, dont break her home, do something, Ravi shouldnt marry Nivi, this is wrong, my daughter will be broken, she cries.
Manju comes to her room and says i have decided that i will make Ambika my daughter in law but how? i am afraid to talk to Janki, i have to involve someone in my plan, whom should i trust with this? Shweta comes there and says you are clever, i listened your and Janki’s talk, you are going to ditch Nivi for money now? Manju says i am thinking about whole family, if Ravi gets married to Nivi then we will not get anything and Nivi will insult us more, remember how she threw you out, i have started hating her from that day, we will not get anything, just Nivi’s anger, we will have to become her slave, am i thinking wrong? Shweta says you are right but this is dangerous, i should tell everyone, Manju says just remain silent, we both will get benefit, i got two gold sets, keep one gold set but remain silent, Shweta thinks that idea is not bad, Saket challenged Vikas about getting Ambika, if Ravi marries her then Vikas will win and will be proud, its not bad plan, she asks Manju to bring gold set first, Manju brings it and says select anyone you want, Shweta selects one, Manju tells her plan which is muted, Shweta says if anyone knows this then they will throw us out of house, Manju says if we win then we will be in heaven but we are still in hell, so will be with me in this plan? Shweta recalls how Nivi threw her out of house and Saket challenged Vikas, Shweta says i am ready, Manju says be ready, tomorrow’s day is important for us, its like do or die, will you be with me? Shweta says always.
Devika says to Janki what she reacted like that? Janki nods, Devika hugs her and says i cant believe it, Janki thinks i feel so happy seeing you smile, i did work today to make you happy, Devika says i always knew that Manju was greedy but she was this much fool i didnt know that? Janki says greed was clear in her eyes, our plan is working, now she wont let this plan go from her hands, she will try everything to make you marry Ravi, now we have to be alert, we have to help Manju in her plan as its basically our plan, once she goes for it then she will be in our trap, Devika says i am waiting for tomorrow, when Ravi, Nivi and Saket will see that i married Ravi then they will be shocked, it will be Nivi’s biggest defeat, Ravi will be in shock to see that i married him and Saket’s love story will end too, he wants to marry me and he will get answer tomorrow.
Shweta bring milk for Vikas and says drink it, Vikas says i can drink poison if you make me with love, she says your enemies should drink it, i am so happy, you will win challenge, vikas asks which challenge? Shweta says Saket challenged you that he will marry Ambika, he will lose it, he asks if she is making some plan? Shweta says its gift from my side to you, i can just tell that bomb is going to explode in wedding, dont ask me anything else, he says my wife’s wish is my command, she says you are becoming nice everyday, he says you are becoming pretty everyday, if you are right saying that Saket is going to lose challenge then he will be shocked, he thinks that i am sure Ambika will do something in wedding, she wont let Nivi win so easily.

Scene 2
Its morning, Nivi wakes up and is happy, she says finally this morning came, best morning, today i am getting married to Ravi, i am so happy, this is best morning, she looks at her mehndi and says it has dark color which means our married life will be good, now my love will not be one sided, Ravi will love me too, my name will change too, i will be Mrs. Ravi Garewal, my dream is coming true, i will be with Ravi for life, i cant believe it, now i will not sleep on this bed alone, Ravi will be with me, there will be no space between us now, not even Devika can come between us, i cant wait, my love will become mine, i am such a lucky girl.
Janki comes to Devika’s room and sees her sleeping, she thinks that when heart is happy, smile is shown on face, seems like she is dreaming something good but i have to wake her up, she asks her wake up, Devika says let me sleep, Janki says you never sleep this much, Devik murmurs that i have to go out with Ravi, janki says you can roam around with Ravi after marriage but first you have to marry, she asks her to wake up, Devika wakes up and is flustered, Janki asks what dream of Ravi you were seeing? Devika says nothing like that.. i dont know i was not thinking about anything.. Janki smiles, Devika says in dream Ravi and i was happy, he was happy to marry me, there was no cheating, Janki says this is dream but you know truth, after marrying him, you have to be careful of this that this is only dream, Devika says yes i know, now my fight is going to be more difficult, Janki says i am feeling weird all this, i know i gave this idea but i dont want you to get in pain, i mean will you be able to manage all this? will you be able to live with Ravi and i wont be there too, i am scared, Devika says but i have stopped being scared, i feel so much bad has happened with me that now only good will happen with me, i am waiting for the moment when i give punishment to all enemies, they will get payback of their deeds and they cant do anything against me, Janki says if you are ready then be prepared, we have to be there, Manju can need us, this bride swapping is not easy, we have to pretend that we dont know but we have to help Manju, she will beg for our help, Devika says this help will make her helpless.

PRECAP- Janki says to Manju that did you find any girl to take Nivi’s place? Manju says i have chosen one girl but nothing is final, Janki asks who is that girl? Manju says you dont know her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Ohhh, can’t wait to see nivi’s expression when ambika marries Ravi instead of her. The actress playing nivi is awesome, she does her role so well, you can’t help but applaud her. So I ready for some high voltage drama soon coz all hell will break loose when ambika stabs nivi nice and convincely…..writers, please don’t disappoint!!!!

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