Kalash 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Devika says why he not back? Well why should i care? I called him, he didnt even call back. She pretends to sleep. Ravi comes in. He says she is asleep. devika looks at him and says why is he trembling? Did he drink. He takes his shirt off. Devika says in heart how shameless is he. Why is he coming towards me. Ravi sits there. He says i have hurt you so much devika. There is so much tension on your face even while sleeping. I am sorry devika what i have done. And i am sorry for what you think i have done that i didn’t. Whatever you said is right. I am the worst man on this planet. This is why i punished myself. I couldn’t convince anyone, i lost. I tried to make everything all right but i couldn’t do anything. I always try to make you smile but i fail. I know you are mad

at me. I was sitting alone. i wasn’t able to pick your call. I promised you i will make everything okay. Please forgive me. I am really sorry. I know you are asleep and not listening but its okay. i am sorry. Devika says in heart i wish i could open my eyes and see his eyes. He stands up and trips. Devika says ravi. She picks him up and lays him on bed.

Rekha is worried in her room. Shikhar comes and says sakshi is our daughter. We have to ease her pain. She says i am really worried for be her too. He says bee ji doesn’t care about anything. Bauji comes in and says i want the same as you want. the time ravi said about proposal i wanted to say yes. Shikar says yes there is no other opinion. Rekha says what about beeji? He says i will handle her. You both talk to ravi’s family.

Scene 2
Next morning, devika does the pooja. Ravi wakes up and says why does my head hurt. He says i dont remember anything. He says my shirt? Devika says i took it off. Why do you drink when you can’t control yourself. He says i was worried. i am sorry if i misbehaved. She gives him tea and says you will feel better. ravi wonders why she isn’t mad. She says what tension are you talking about? you were worried about money the day before yesterday. What happened last night. She dusts the shelf. its hurts her eyes. Ravi cleans her eyes.

Beeji does the pooja. Bauji asks shikhar and rekha to leave. beeji comes and sees them. She where are you both going? Bauji says i told you. He says i asked them to ask you but they didn’t ask you. Beeji says where are they going? Bauji says why didn’t you ask her. Shikhar was taking her to hospital. And i wanted to take to for insurance. bee ji says in heart but i had to go meet saket. Bee ji says shikhar take rekha with you. Rekha and shikhar leave.

Sia asks palavi how is sakshi? She says my parents have gone to monti’s house. Everything will be okay. Palavi drops a paper. Areeb sees it. He tries to stop them. Sia says we dont talk to people like you. He says i was just returning this. And tell your friend some manners.
Ravi says i can’t lose. this is about sakshi’s life. But what should i do? He says i should talk to chachi. She will understand. She must be worried for sakshi. I will convince her that is monit and sakshi get married everything will be okay. Devika comes in. he says i shouldn’t call in front of her.

Precap-ravi asks navi would you like tea? She says sure.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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