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Scene 1
Savitri is afraid of ghost, Manju makes her more afraid and then comes out, she laughs on Savitri.
Navi sees Saket was dancing with her and says how dare you touche me, you thought that its dark, all are wearing masks so you can take advantage of me, Saket says you are thinking wrong, Navi says anyone can say that you dont respect girls seeing your eyes, Ravi ask what happened? Navi says i cant tell you how he was touching me while dancing, Manju says we didnt invite him, he is MLA so he thinks that he can go anywhere, Navi says MLA my foot, i am not afraid of anyone, only one call and this seat will be snatched, he doesnt know who i am, Navi says i am Navidita Luthra, Rakesh’s daughter, your election funds are given by my dad only, Saket says i am sorry, i thought you were someone

else thats why i danced with you, Ravi ask whom you thought she was? Saket points at a girl and says i wanted to dance with her, Ravi says its good that you have a girl in your life, Saket thinks that DEvika will think bad about me, he says there is nothing like this between me and that girl, he leaves, Navi angrily leaves too.
Pallavi is finding Sia, she says if Sia has left for home then i will not talk to her, Addy comes there, she ask what are you doing here? Addy says i dont have dance partner so i came here, i am all alone, what are you doing here? Pallavi says i am finding my friend Sia, did you see her? Addy says i keep safe distance from her, i dont know how a sweet girl like you can be her friend, she needs small reason to fight, Pallavi says she isnt like this, Addy says give autograph as i havent seen a sweet girl like you, Pallavi says i am not a star, Addy says some people matters more than a star or celebrity, Pallavi smiles shyly, she ask him to come inside, she leaves, Addy smiles.
Navi thinks that everything was fine but that cheap Saket came inbetween, i couldnt recognize that it wasnt Ravi, Saket sees her standing alone, he thinks if she complain to party then i will be gone, he comes to Navi and says i am sorry, i should have asked first before dancing with you, i was dancing with you as i thought you were someone else but you were dancing happily too, so were you expecting someone else dancing with you? Navi says ofcourse not, Saket says you were getting close to me, you were trying to feel me, whats the matter? Navi slaps him, Ravi sees this and leaves, Navi says to Saket that what you think i was enjoying your touch? dont you dare talk cheap with me, dont ever come infront of me ever, she leaves, he finds Navi talking to Ravi and thinks she was so angry with me and now smiling and talking with Ravi, what if she was expecting Ravi to dance with her? if she wanted to dance with Ravi then i have to go deep in this matter, Ravi comes to Saket and says oh so you got slap? i told you many times that stop your dirty mind, Saket says i will answer you back on time, Ravi says i am telling you to become nice man, Saket says i have problem that i cant give my toys to anyone in childhood, Devika is most precious toy of mine but you snatched it, now i will take her back from you, till then i wont sit quietly, Ravi says dont take my wife’s name with your filthy mouth, if you dont medn your ways then you will keep getting slap, the girl who slapped you is daughter of Rakesh Luthra, its your goodluck that she has not brought body guards with her else she would have sent you to hospital, Saket says i have body guards too, Devika hates you, she will not come near you ever, Ravi says for your information, DEvika now knows who is right and who is wrong, she doesnt fight with me, nor she doesnt get miffed with me, Saket says but that doesnt mean that she loves you, she wants this marriage to happen but it doesnt happen then she will hate you again, Devika had no love for you, i just have to accelerate things and she will hate you more, Ravi says i accept your challenge, i will change Devika’s hatred into love, i will propose her before this marriage and she will accept me, Saket says i will separate you both else i will change my name, Ravi says i have thought new name for you, that is jerk, Saket says i am that, think something new.
Pallavi comes to Monty and Sakshi and ask if they are enjoying, she holds Monty’s hands and says to keep Sakshi happy, Monty leaves from there, Pallavi ask Sakshi what happened to him? Sakshi says dont know.
Rekha says to Devika that i am so happy that everything happened so nicely, now Haldi is remaining then marriage will happen, Sakshi will leave too, DEvika says Sakshi si coming to my house, i will take care of her, Rekha says i am not worried as she and Ravi are with her, Ravi listens their convo and thinks that i have taken life’s biggest challenge, dont know if DEvika will understand my love, i love her and this distance between us is killing me, i dont wanna stay away from you, Rekha finds Ravi there and says to Devika that Ravi loves you alot, he is always with you to protect you, it seems like he wants to talk to you, he is standing behind you, i think he wanna talk to you, go and talk to him, DEvika says i will talk later, Rekha says you are lucky to get love, dont irritate him so much that he gets angry, you go and talk to him, she leaves, Sadqe tere play, Ravi thinks that i need smal sign that will boost my confidence, DEvika turns and looks at him.

PRECAP- Ravi and Devika romantically dances on tu zarori hai song, Navi and Saket are jealous seeing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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