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Scene 1
Monty comes to Nivi and asks what she is upto? Nivi says you will see in party, she leaves, Monty thinks what is going to happen tonight? this is interesting, i am not going to miss party.
Party starts, Shweta says to Manju that you are looking nice, Gurvindar eyes boys in party, Manju asks her to calm down, she leaves. Ravi is in party, Manju comes to him and asys you have done preparations now enjoy party, Ravi says i am standing on entrance to welcome everyone, she says okay, she leaves. Ravi looks at entrance. Nivi comes in party and says Soraj hasnt come till now. Shweta comes to Nivi and says Ambika will come sure, you have made good plan, Nivi says i know you are trying to butter me but i am not going to tell you anything. Monty comes in party and thinks what is going to happen

in this party? Ravi looks around and thinks how much will i have to wait? come now, he feels something and turns around. He sees Devika coming in party with Janki, he gets elated, Nivi is happy to see them too, Devika looks at Ravi and looks away. Lights go off in party, all look around. Nivi comes forward, spot light is on Devika and Janki, Nivi says they are our special guests, Janki Raichan and her lovely daughter Ambika Raichand, my company is reaching new heights because of them, give them round of applause, all clap for them. Ravi comes to Janki and Devika and ask them to come in. Nivi sees killer Soraj in waiter’s avatar, he says you must be astonished to see me here. Nivi comes to him and says this getup is good, i couldnt even recognize you, Soraj says i have come here and nobody will recognize me, now you accept that i am good? Nivi says when you will do my work then i will accept it, i will show you face of person whom you have to kill, she shows him Devika and says you have to kill her, Soraj says she is beautiful, i dont like to check out, i am going to kill her, he leaves. Nivi hides behind pillar, Soraj comes to Janki and Devika and asks if they need drink? they say no. Soraj comes behind Devik and thinks that she has good smell, i will love to kill her, Ravi thinks why waiter is standing close to Devika? he asks waiter to leave from there, Soraj goes, Soraj thinks that game has started now, her fragrance is good, this prey is special, Nivi thinks how Soraj is going to kill her?
Soraj comes in kitchen and thinks that how should i kill her? i need to think about something, he looks around and thinks that i have got an idea, this is going to be different, nobody would have seen murder like this earlier, i will praised in my gang, he asks cook to give me oil pan, a big pan and oil should be hot, very much heated. Nivi comes and asks Soraj what he is going to do? Soraj says now your fiance is not going to look at her face, i am going to throw hot oil on Devika’s face, her face will be damaged, Nivi says your mind works good but i dont believe till you dont do my work, Soraj says your work will be done but i need your help, you have to bring her to spot where i will tell you then i will do my work, Nivi says i will bring her where you want me to then do my work, he says it will be done, he leaves, Nivi is tensed.
Devika and Janki sits in party. Host says there are many beautiful girls and boys in party, someone must be hiding their feelings, we are giving you chance to express your feelings through dance so lets get ready. All couples starts dancing, Shweta and Vikas dance together, Devika looks at Ravi emotionally, Janki asks Devika what happened? she says nothing, Devika recalls how she used to dance with Ravi closely, she looks at him. Ravi comes to Devika and extends his hand, he asks if she will dance with him? Devika gets tensed, Nivi is angry seeing this, Devika gives her hand in Ravi’s hand without thinking much, she goes with him, Janki is surprised. Ravi brings Devika to center stage and dances with her on song Janam Janam, he puts her hand his shoulder and pulls her closer, all look at them, Ravi and Devika closely dances with each other, Nivi says to Manju that how dare she closely dance with Ravi? i feel like.. Manju says let her dance, this is last dance of her life, Nivi calms down listening this. Janki thinks that what should i do with this girl? she bowed to her heart again, i have lost words to make her explain. Ravi and Devika are lost in each other, Devika is enjoying dancing with him, Ravi lifts Devika and dances with her, he puts her down, they share eyelock, Devika leaves from there, Ravi thinks what happened to her? she left dance in middle?
Devika comes in corner and thinks why i keep repeating same mistake? why i cant hold back my feelings when Ravi is around? i came here to spoil this party not to entertain them by dancing with Ravi. Soraj nods Nivi to come with him. Nivi goes. Nivi sees Devika standing in corner, she deliberately throws drink on her and says i am sorry, you go to washroom, Devika leaves, Nivi thinks that Ambika is going to her death herself, she leaves. Ravi comes there and looks around, he thinks where did Ambika ji go? did she feel same what i felt while dancing with her? what feelings she have? i have to know this. Devika is walking in corridor, she thinks that how will i take revenge from Ravi like this? Maa keep trying to make me understand but i have no control over my feelings, i am ashamed of it, She tries to go in room but its locked, she stands outside room, Nivi is looking at her hiding behind vase, Soraj comes from behind, he has hot oil pan in his hand, he is approaching Devika with it.

PRECAP- Nivi holds vase and sees silhouette in her room, its all dark there, she says today i will not spare you Devika, i will finish you Devika and will end your drama, she comes near Devika, she cant see her face in dark, Devika moves and falls out of window, Nivi sees Devika lying on ground dead, she is not able to see her face, she says Devika/Ambika died by falling off window, my work is already done, she gets happy.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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